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Discussion in 'Archive' started by ScythKing, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    We had 14 show. That's after I released my judges to participate. Far less than I hoped for. We had fun - I always strive for that and I didn't allow my disappointment to color my day. I waited til later for that and I wanted to let that blue feeling fade a bit before posting.
    I'm not interested in any sort of finger pointing or blame assigning, but I would like some feedback from anyone that was in range of this event to detail their reasons for not showing up. I am willing to make changes within reason to accomodate the players because without the OP Pokemon will die and I'm not ready for that. It may be as simple as being too close to a holiday weekend, gas prices were too high, no ride, hated the GBA part - whatever. But people I need to know and PUI needs to know why these events failed. Yes - you heard right - failed. I won't even argue that point. Anyone that had over 30 can count it a success (Heidi, Phil) but 8, 10, 14 - for a premier event is a failure as it obviously attracted few if any new players and darned few of the core players. I had 3 new players so I guess that ain't bad. But I was "missing" at least 16 players that are in the area within a 2 hour drive. That ain't good. So pony up people. Tell us TO's why. No holds barred - no such thing as a dumb reason.
  2. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="

    My friend I'm sorry that your showing was not what you had hoped it would be. I know how hard you have worked to put this tournament together for the players in your area. I know your disappointed, but wait till after the Sandstorm Prerelease tournament. A lot of people might still show up for it. It will be after the holiday weekend, and most of the kids will be back in school. Just dont give up the ship yet. :thumb:
  3. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr New Member

    ScythKing don't feel bad about the numbers. I think there were several factors why the numbers are low. We had a low turnout (13 total, 10 & under - 4, 11-14 - 7, 15+ - 2). We actually had three players come up from Columbia, SC. We normally have 30-40 for premier events in NC. I promoted the event on Fri & Sat and was actually surprised to get 10 (not counting SC). I got the impression that some parents were not willing to pay $15 per child. Also we did not have any players that only play GB. Everyone played both formats.
    The plus is you were able to run the event. I was informed by the store employees that they were running the event and did not want my help. As a result it did not start until 1.5 hours later, then the first round was treated like Magic (best 2 of 3 games), then they paired everybody for 2nd round and then re-paired when the store owner found out how the first round was done. Also they reversed the results on the first round to where they threw out the 2nd/3rd game and in at least one case changed the winner, then re-paired everyone. They also did not go over any of the Nintendo rules with the players. To sum it up it was a horrible day and experience. Needless to say we will be looking elsewhere if this location gets the Sandstorm Pre-Release.
    Keep your chin up because it sounds like you did everything right!!!
    I bet you will get a better turnout for the Sandstorm Pre-Release since it isn't a mixed format.
  4. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    ScythKing - In Mass we had around 40 show but very surprisingly only 4 kids showed for the 10 and under. Remember the game that is geared for 10 and under??

    There are many possible factors for your low turnout but globally I feel that the following would apply to the R&S challenge format:

    1- Advertising during Pokemon T.V. show. This would have secured a greater turnout for all the Challenges. Certainly cost would have been a factor in running T.V. ads that may have not justified this.

    2- Lack of players that play both Game Boy and TCG. This in my opinion is the biggest factor in low turnouts across the country. Again advertising may have been helpful here. Certainly sales for the Gameboy games exceedingly outsells the cards. One would think that there are more GB players out there. However they are more casual players and less likely to ....

    3- Spend 15 dollars for a tourney. Taking the Challenge that I attended for examply. We had a 40 player turnout at 15 dollars a pop. This is $600 dollars worth of boosters that were sold. Im not sure how much Prize support actually costs. MAybe this was enough just to break even. But for the most part the $15 dollar fee was a bit much for the casual player to participate in.

    4- Last but not least. This has been debated over and over again. Saturation of the game market. Look at any Top 10 list and the hottest game right now is Yugioh. The latest Inquest mag. has Pokemon as the #5 rated card game. Granted this list only rates cards. There still is MAge Knight, Heroclix, other Miniature gaming out there. I think we all know that Pokemon is here to stay with the T.V. show, GameBoy, TCG, etc. Now is the time to capture the market with all the new generation of Pokemaniacs.

    All in all I felt that the challenge went well. I personally liked the GameBoy aspect of it.
  5. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member


    Thanks for the vote of confidences guys - I feel I did everything right too. But I'm not looking to blame anyone - least of all myself. I seriously want to know why we built it and they did not come to paraphrase a famous line. I think the answers hold the key to what this game needs. The prize support was the best I've seen in a long while. But did they want/expect trips? What was it? People have been clamoring all summer - I mean outright getting hostile *demanding* that Nintendo get their OP off the ground. Some of it even thinly-veiled threats such as "if they don't get the OP program underway soon they will lose players." Well, they got it going - and BEFORE WotC was officially done with it. So where are these players?
  6. Skywolf1

    Skywolf1 New Member


    I understand and sympathize with your position here. Las Vegas, only had 14 for our R&S challenge.

    I agree with all the factors that were mentioned. Additionally, I had about a week to get the information out to the masses. With that, I was grateful for the turnout I got for the event.

    I feel that many people are still "on the fence" when it comes to how Nintendo is going to handle OP.

    YGO is on top now, however, YGO is showing signs of stress in this area now, as compared to even six months before.

    We as supporters, just have to get the word out that Pokemon is still a very viable product, and not "dead" like some think it may be.

    Take Care, and keep up the great work.

  7. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    John ran a top notch, professional, event. He handed out thousnads of flyers. He had the very best room in the convention hall, right up front. Lots of room, plenty of staff, for those who didn't come up from Atlanta, you missed a chance for a great event. My son and I drove 8 hours from New Orleans for the event, as it was the closest one to us, but we still came. One of the reasons we drove that far was the fact that John was running it, and not the War room. I might've gone to Heidi's if that was the case, or not at all. Still, it was fun, and well run, John put his A game on. With that said, these are my ideas, for what it's worth: Gameboy is OK, but as no more than a side event. Gameboy players are not interested in playing TCG , and parents will not drive long distance to pay $15 and sit and watch a tournament! The same could be said of TCG players. If an event was in their home town, they might come. Of course, expections have to be more realistic. If the best turnout was 47, when you reserved space for 150, well that's only 30%of what you were hoping for. And that was the best turnout. One had 8! ( 5%) Pokemon does not need to have it's TO's expend large amounts of their own money to have a successful event. Any of these could have been run at most card shops or Books a Million. These places have insurance, and are already set up to run these types of events. So we can have more events, in more places, with much less cost, ( really, all that is needed is some prize support), and we will have more players,
    with pokemon getting more exposure, meaning all of us will benefit. Of course, events like the STS qulaifier and challenge series, with big time prizes ( trips) will need these kinds of venue. The big prizes will draw out the bigger numbers. And the prizes wern't shoddy for these events by any means, but not the preimer event prizes that were given in the past. The money that is saved in rent could be used for advertising! Pokemon commericals during the Yu Gi Oh show..... and mention the prizes, 'cause everyone knows Yu Gi has none. Yes, Yu Gi is fading, and there is where we can get some converts.
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  8. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member


    Hey - I even took a tip from King Ra-Ra and had Pokemon trivia for prizes. I had fun looking them up. Did you guys know that Granbul is a Fairy Pokemon? LOL! We had the Gamecube set up on an 8 foot screen (thanks Chrisbo) with feature matches, etc. *sigh*
  9. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    Yeah, you got me with that Granbul question! A fairy pokemon???pffttt...who knew..... :p And yes, the big screen was cool. It was even fun getting waylayed so everyone could see. I am really a baaaad gameboy player. :lol:
  10. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="

    We still haven't heard from why the Nashville, Kentucky, Carolina, and Atlanta people didn't show up, have we? We were expecting them. I'm sure they all had their reasons, but I would just like to hear them.

    I still had great fun meeting Rocketman, teaching the new people how to play, socializing, and even won the 15+ after being "unleashed" :D. Of course, Gameboy is my forte and I happened to draft a very helpful Magmar EX.

    Hopefully, our numbers will double (or triple?) for the Sandstorm pre-release with out the Gameboy to get in the way. Come on guys! It's great fun!

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