Cheating players?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by MudkipPrime, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. MudkipPrime

    MudkipPrime New Member

    Ok, there are these 2 kids in my area (they are twins) so we call them the male twins (get it?) anyways they are not the greatest players, but one uses vilegar and the other machamp. so usually in a match they would lose, (bad luck i guess) But now they win every time! im like Whaaaa? how are they getting so good. AND I WAS HAPPY FOR THEM! until this. every game they say NO CUT okay? im like k whatever,(note that we never played in a premier ranked match). and they get EPIC starts, and they win . im like cheaters? nawwww. but now im even more suspicious, in a CoL draft they shuffled their deck under the table and slid one card on top. the father of a player told him dont do that again in a calm voice, the twin said "i didnt do anything" and the father said "i saw you" so i cut his deck. then won. then i play the other twin. he does the same thing and i cut. then twin. (okay this isnt part of it, but in drafts if my opponent cuts my deck i usually win. they are like STOP MIND STACKING!) also mind stacking is a term that we used after getting an epic start after cut.

    right now i dont want to tell them that stop cheating cause they are nice people, ut i told my friends to look out for them. so what should i do?

  2. Happiny13

    Happiny13 Active Member

    Are they just not informed or kind of out of it if you know what I mean? Or are they actually cheating and using cuteness as a cover up? I'd tell the judge to sit down and talk with them. It's not worth them being disqualified in a tournament like states because nobody would approach them.
  3. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    This one kid at my league he cheats some times when he's not winning i see him take cards out of his discard pile in to his hand i said take that back.

    You need to tell the person who runs the league that they cheat in there games and when ever they play aginst a person tell them.
  4. z-man

    z-man New Member

    Eh. What I would do is inform a judge and get them to active judge their tables. Instant success cannot be equated to cheating. It would be odd, though, to see them move from consistent back tables to consistent front tables. That is fine that they don't like playing cut. Many pros don't play cut for many reasons. Points are the biggest thing.

    Don't be in their face, though. Slip a note to a judge saying to watch the player. Don't say what to watch. If the judge comes to the same conclusion, then serious suspicion can be cast upon them. After that, call judge when somebody cheats against you. Problem is, it usually turns into a "he said she said" situation where, unless one player has a bad record, the judge has to make a call entirely on instinct.

    From a psychological point of view, the behavior you described does suggest cheating. Getting defensive and calling other players more than usual is some pretty good evidence for cheaters. This behavior could be attributed to other factors (for example, when a friend of mine asks me what I'm doing while I'm playing a game, I'll answer "cheating").

    Once again, I'd say you should give a judge a hint to watch them, and mind your business until it directly affects you. If they are cheating... it will eventually catch up to them... Karma works like that ;D Always keep a practice of watching your opponent during tournament and cut at every chance you get. It isn't rude to cut. If a friend asks you why you're doing it, just respond that you're making a habit of it for tournament games. Also, always make a habit of offering your deck for cuts. It is just the polite thing to do :) If the opponent doesn't offer, remind them that you are allowed to. If they refuse, red alarms should go off and you should call a judge ASAP. If they do something after shuffle without letting you cut, remind them and if it happens again, call judge. Hope this helped :)
  5. Jupiter

    Jupiter New Member

    They're probably stacking their decks if they're scared of cuts.

    I tested deck stacking with a Machamp deck a while ago. When I stacked the deck, I'd win with a donk. If I didn't stack, it'll be a regular game. It's actually a big hassle considering you'd have to re-stack after every match.

    I think z-man has the best suggestion. Just inform the judge that they have sketchy behavior.
  6. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    PLEASE let the judge or league leader know about this.

    i usually try and have a short discussion of tourney etiquette at league prior to big events like states. i go over things like how one MUST present their deck to be cut at the beginning of a match, review game setup/start procedures, keep their hand above the table, how they need to call a judge RIGHT THEN instead of trying to get something 'fixed' after the game is over and the match slip signed/turned in, etc.

    reminding ALL players at league about these rules will help shut this type of behavior down; i like to phrase it as 'if you don't do this, your opponent will think you're trying to cheat' with juniors and/or new players.

    hope this helps!
  7. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold Active Member

    Cheating can be a serious problem in certain areas, mostly again certain people. Generally players who cheat do develop a reputation that will follow them. The best thing you can do as a player is be as proactive as you can in making judges aware of the problem. Make sure that penalties against players who you suspect are cheating are recorded and sent to P!P. If you happen to play against a player you suspect is cheating, there are several things you can do that I always recommend to players that I coach.

    First of all, always shuffle and count their deck at the beginning of a match. This is perfectly acceptable under the rules, and the only thing they can do after you shuffle their deck is perform a single cut. The best way to do this is a six pile shuffle, as it is simple to do for younger players without big hands, and allows you to make sure their deck is exactly 60 cards.

    Other things you can do are make sure the player keeps their hands/arms above the table at all times. A certain notorious player in the seniors division was once known to keep extra cards under his leg as he sat and casually slip them into his hand.

    If you feel a player is trying to pull a fast one by playing extremely fast and trying to intentionally confuse you, or manipulate the game in any way, call a judge!
  8. Organic

    Organic New Member

    my league owner where I play was joking last night at my league about me *cheating* because Ive won our only two tournaments. I give my opponent the choice of if I use a coin or dice, and then explain everything i do... they can also cut my deck each time. It's lol.

    Just ask to cut their deck and let your friends know to be weary. And then just be sure to pay attention in the match. Youre the person to blame if they put their whole discard in their hand and you don't realize it. haha
  9. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    If i think my opponent stacked their deck i go as far as to shuffle it and then let them make a cut.
  10. DonphanAtoZ

    DonphanAtoZ New Member

    Are you always allowed to six pile shuffle your opponent's deck at the beginning of a match, or do only some judges allow it?
  11. some mpst people cant do 6 pile shuffle in 1:30 and then 30 second set up.
  12. ChaosJim

    ChaosJim Member

    Pile Shuffle Races.
    It will make you better at shuffling. I can pile twice, shuffle regularly, and set up, in 2 minutes. Under normal circumstances, the average player should be able to sufficiently randomize.
  13. z-man

    z-man New Member

    THIS. I do 8 pile shuffles 3 times (lucky numbers ftw) before all of my games. I generally try to outspeed anyone doing 6 pile shuffles for practice. Plus, it is a fun game at league to see who is really the very best... like no one ever was.
  14. Zander Yurami

    Zander Yurami New Member

    I have seen this way too many times.


    If you cant win without cheating, then stop playing.
  15. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    Well, there's nothing really faster about 6 piles than 8 imo... still the same number of cards.

    And there is no excuse for refusing to present one's deck for cutting in a tournament match. It's one of the most basic courtesies ought every player by their opponent.
  16. Raen

    Raen New Member

    Box, it's not only a basic courtesy, but it's also required by the rules.

    In other words: If someone isn't letting you cut, they're probably cheating.
  17. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga Active Member

    Pile shuffling may be too time consuming, but you are definitely allowed to shuffle your opponent's deck in lieu of cutting. A couple brief riffle or strip shuffles is enough to defeat virtually any attempt to stack a deck. Just be careful when handling your opponent's cards.
  18. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb New Member

    Not allowing your opponent to cut = cheating.

    Case closed.
  19. gallade

    gallade New Member

    One thing I have seen, just a note for you guys, is that if you shuffle, they can cut. Now this is a fair rule, but it is REALLY easy to cut into holo (read lvx/prime/your good card you got in holofoil) cards. It is easy to consistently do it, i have tried a few times (don't worry, just in top cut XD)
  20. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb New Member

    So, I think it's been made pretty clear that what they're doing is cheating, and it's pretty obvious that if they're opening with the nuts every turn that they're stacking. You definitely need to make this clear to your league leaders, judges at events, etc. As this is plain cheating and against the rules.

    What I would recommend is just to remember that you are always allowed to cut your opponents deck after they view the contents of it. I'd even recommend shuffling (and not pile shuffling) your opponents deck if you suspect them of foul play (and obviously calling a judge). They have the right to cut after your shuffle, and it is possible to cut to foils, but it's much less of an issue than purely stacking the deck (although if you think your opponent is cutting to foils, again, call a judge).
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