Check out my electric deck!!!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Megamachamp, Jan 7, 2004.

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  1. Megamachamp

    Megamachamp New Member

    Hi, here is my electric deck: :lightning :lightning


    (3) Pikachu
    (2) Raichu ex
    (1) Electrike
    (1) Manetric
    (1) Elekid
    (1) Mareep
    (1) Flaaffy
    (2) Voltorb
    (3) Magnemite
    (1) Magneton
    (1) Chinchou


    (1) Energy Search
    (2) Energy Restore
    (2) Energy Retrieval
    (4) Potion
    (4) Super Potion
    (1) Switch
    (4) Recycle
    (1) Gold Berry
    (2) Pluspower
    (1) Gust of Wind
    (1) Pokedex
    (1) Bill
    (1) Defender
    (1) Double Full Heal
    (1) Poke Ball
    (1) Revive


    (9) :lightning
    (2) Rainbow Energy

    Thanks for looking at this Deck. :thumb: :thumb:
  2. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    Here are my suggestions.

    First, let's focus on just a couple of the Pokemon lines. I'd suggest sticking with the Raichu ex line and perhaps going four Pikachus and three Raichu exs. Raichu ex is a great card if can find a way to get more than one energy on him a turn, so let's try to keep cards that will allow you to do that. The Sandstorm Elekid works well for that and also the Dragon Magneton. The earlier Elekid's "Playful Punch" power is also great, so try to sneak one of those in too, if you can. He'll let you do a bit of damage if you're not fully charged on any of your other Pokes or if you need him to attack from the bench. I also like Expedition Electabuzz's ability to draw an energy from the deck in one turn and then place it and do damage the next. Finally, in unlimited, Cleffa is always nice to have around for draw power.

    Next, with your trainers, you need to focus there a bit too. The trainer engine is often one of personal preference, but I'd go with Gold Berries to keep your big guys out a bit longer, as you want to avoid someone knocking out Raichu ex while you're trying to get him powered up again. Focus Band is a handy card with exs, as it can help you avoid a two-card prize draw for one more turn if you need to. Energy Switch might be nice here, too, or Fisherman or Seer to help you get to those energies. In unlimited, you almost need to have one of the Professors (Elm or Oak) or Copycat around to help with draw power. Other good cards to consider here are Energy Removal and Computer Search.

    Finally, I don't see the need for the Rainbow energies, so just stick with electrics. However, this deck will burn through them quickly, especially if you don't have Magneton, so I'd up the count to around 20.

    Hope this helps.
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