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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by weebl, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. weebl

    weebl New Member

    Pokemon x 33
    Entei ex Aq/Ma 91 1
    Kingdra ex Dragon 92 1
    Lapras ex Ru/Sa 99 1
    Latias ex Dragon 93 1
    Salamence Dragon 10 1
    Salamence Dragon 19 3
    Shelgon Dragon 20 2
    Bagon Dragon 23 1
    Camerupt Dragon 24 3
    Seadra Dragon 39 1
    Seadra Dragon 40 2
    Shelgon Dragon 41 2
    Bagon Dragon 49 2
    Bagon Dragon 50 1
    Horsea Dragon 58 4
    Numel Dragon 69 4

    Trainer x 6
    Copycat 1
    Lady Outing 1
    TV reporter 1
    Potion 1
    Pokeball 2

    Energy x 24
    Multi 1
    Fire 11
    Water 12

    I haven't got anymore pokemon-ex that will fit in my deck and i'm not taking any out. They all seem to pop up in every battle anyway.
  2. Hedgefoxidna

    Hedgefoxidna New Member

    To much pokemon, not enough energys, TO MUCH EXs, if they manage to knock out 3 EXs= you lose.
  3. mozartrules

    mozartrules New Member

    You need a lot more trainers and far less Pokemon in order to have a competitive deck. Aim for something like 20-22 Pokemon, 18 energy and 20-22 trainers. This means that some of your evolution lines have to go.

    I would suggest that you base your deck on Salamence since you have the cards needed to play a full line. That would in my opinion mean that Latias is surplus to requirements, but you can keep it if you really want to. I know that you don't want to remove the EX Pokemon, but Kingdra has to go since there is no way for us to get room in the deck for the evolution line (and it isn't worth it anyway when you only have one Kingdra). You can keep Entei (I wouldn't) since that at least takes only a single slot, it will at least give you a good card to take down Aggron EX or Sceptile EX.

    I would then suggest the universal 4 Dunsparce to get your basics out faster. This leaves us at 18 Pokemon so we just have space for a 2/2 evolution like as a secondary attacker. I would pick either Arcanice or Sharpedo because of the power (useful when you use Dunsparce's Strike and Run), but you can use Camerupt if you really want to. Remember that you can discard a Multi energy for the extra damage with Sharpedo.

    22 Pokemon:
    4 Bagon (make sure not to use one with colorless weakness)
    4 Shelgon (same comment, you can choose to play some Rare Candu instead)
    4 Salamence (your 3 holo, 1 rare setup is fine)
    1 Latias EX (you could pick something much better for this deck!)
    1 Entei EX
    4 Dunsparce (most people play these which is why your Bagons shouldn't have colorless weakness)
    2/2 RS Sharpedo, SS Arcanine, SS Camerupt, SS Magneton

    18 Energy
    I don't think you need to play Multi here (but one is OK). Divide the rest between water and fire, but add a couple of electric if you go for Magneton. It may at first look like Magneton makes your energy situation worse because you need electric, but the energy trade power more than makes up for this.

    20 Trainers
    Pick around 9 card drawing trainers (like Copycat, Professor Oak's reserach, Desert Shaman, TV Reporter), 4 search trainers (like Professor Elm's Breeding), 4 switch/warp point and 3 misc. trainers (Stadium, Potion).

    This is still not quite a tournament quality deck, but it will play a lot more consistent (and faster) than your original deck. I understand your desire to play all your EX Pokemon, but they really cannot be played together well and I would advise you to remove Latios from the list above and put something else in (Lapras is probably the worst EX Pokemon from RS, MA Suicune EX would be sligthly better).
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