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    Well it took me a few days but nevertheless here's what I got.
    1st Off, many THANKS to Rob & Donna, owners of I'm Game up in Chino for taking a chance and sponsoring the City Championship at their store. Turn out wasn't as high as we had hoped for but for those that did show we had one heck of a time. Thanks also to Chris who acted as the T.O for this event, local guy did great! Prize support was excellent, I think everyone left with no less then 5-6 packs.
    To keep this short since I don't have the deck list this time(was Head Judge For this One) the
    Chandler Crew who traveled the 2-2.5 hrs up to the event swept the field. If memory serves me correct,
    1st, 2nd, & 3rd in every age group. it made the trip well worth it for all of them, but man was it COLD!!!
    Patricia once again handled all the imput and got the pairings(she loves working with that tournament operator program) :eek:
    And last but not least thanks to Ken & Cathy(Yellow Cab has nothing on them) for being my ride to the event once again and for also helping out where ever needed, you 2 are GREAT.
    And now for those who made the Tourney what it was:
    forgetting 1 but it will come to me.
    THANK YOU 1 and all :D
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