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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Stigma, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Stigma

    Stigma New Member

    Hello everyone.
    I am allowed to get one booster box. One.
    Now, I already got a box of secret wonders [no LV X :(]
    So which box do you think I should get? I sort of want a secret wonders but I dunno. My only 2 LV Xs are magmortar and darkrai.
    What should I pick? (MT, SW, GE)
  2. Blue Zangoose

    Blue Zangoose New Member

    Wait until Majestic Dawn... That will hopefully be a box worth getting.

    Edit: Ya, like NidoPrince said, you could also get GE if your at a loss of claydols/pachi/trade bait.
  3. NidoPrince

    NidoPrince New Member

    it depends on the cards you have and the cards you need. if you're just gonna get a box, get GE. people still need cards from it.
  4. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Well, what are you looking for?

    MT has the famous Magmortar Lv.X, Blissey, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion

    SW has the hated Gardevoir, Gardevoir Lv.X, Gallade, Banette and Magmortar.

    GE has the wonderful Pachirisu and Claydol, along with Magmortar's new partner, Blaziken.

    Whatever you want to build. I've named some of the better cards in each set, but there are some other good cards. So yeah.
  5. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    choice a japanense box. with this you got all the lv x of this edition (you buy the 2 box for that), 1 rare holo per pack and 2 rares per pack. Never fall.

    Japanense box are very good and the american box are a bad bussiness.

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