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  1. Dark Kafra

    Dark Kafra New Member

    4x Gible
    2x gabite
    4x garchomp
    3x skitty CG
    2x delcatty
    1x delcatty ex
    2x smeargle
    18 pokemon

    4x rare candy
    2x bebes search
    3x roseannes research
    2x night maintenance
    2x prof oaks
    4x Celios Network
    4x Tv reporter
    3x drake’s stadium
    2x stones project/ strength charms
    26 trainers

    Water 2
    Fire 2
    Ground 3
    Electric 2
    Grass 2
    Psychic 3
    Dark 1
    Boost 2


    as you can see alot of enrgy manipulation. I want this to run fast thats where my Chomp comes in. If it goes to later game I hope for my Delcatty/ex to come in to clean the field.

    I want to add a Mew * into my deck should I just take out one of my smeargles and add mew* in? Also do suggest me using 2 stones or 2 strength charms instead?
Thread Status:
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