City Championships in MN?

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by lucy-chu, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. lucy-chu

    lucy-chu New Member

    I'm newish to Pokemon & am considering playing in the upcoming city championships. I've never played in Pokemon OP. Wanted to at GenCon but was busy playing Star Wars Miniatures & other stuff & didn't get around to it. Anyone here from MN?
  2. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    i am but what do acctually want to know...
  3. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    i am from MN i believe they will be at the following stores Dreamers cards and games (st louis park), Outpost 2000 and beyond (coon rapids), outpost 2000 and beyond (brooklyn park), the source comics and games (ST PAUL i think????)
  4. lucy-chu

    lucy-chu New Member

    I don't know. What are the age groups like? I'm 32. Will I be out of place?
  5. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    you really wouldn't be out of place. there are plenty of people well into their 30's or late 20's. Masters(15+) ussually gets like 25 people i think. Everybody is really nice for the most part. I would deffinatly go if you have the chance
  6. lucy-chu

    lucy-chu New Member

    Thanks. I'm going to try. My main focus competitively is Star Wars Miniatures but I really love Pokemon.

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    I viewed the decklist sheet for the championships & I'm confused about something. Under the Pokemon portion it asks for the set but under the trainer/supporter/stadium section it does not. Energy either. So Pokemon must be from the current modified format list but the rest?
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  7. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    I think you will be ok as far as fitting in. Im 37 and I know there are some older than me. As far as the decklist goes, the reason that there is set requirement on pokemon and not on trainers is because many of the trainers have been reprinted in several set, some in current modified and some not. You are still able to use the old trainers as long as the reprint is exactly the same in text. Examples are Copycat, switch potion, energy search, pokeball,etc. One example of a card that has been reprinted but is not legal to use in old form is Steven's Advice. Reason being is there is a slight text difference. Look me up on Sunday in St. Louis Park if you decide to go. I am very easy to find in a crowd. Look for a guy pulling luggage full of cards behind him.

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