Claws of Life.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by UkeleleMilo, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Pokemon: 17

    2-2 Scizor Prime (3-3 if i take out Lanturn Prime tech)
    2-2 Electivire FB lv X
    4 Skarmory CL (or original prints of...)
    1-1 Dodrio (for trainer lock decks)
    1 Azelf
    1-1 Lanturn Prime (really a tech for its water type... against fire. :p)

    T/S/S: 31

    2 Pokemon Collector
    2 Palmer's Contribution
    4 Seeker
    2 Twins
    4 Switch
    4 Bebe's Search
    2 Expert Belts
    2 Pokemon Communication
    2 Cyrus's Conspiracy
    2 Pokegear 3.0
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Bench Shield
    2 PONT
    1 Cynthia's Feelings
    1 BTS (Needs to go... What should I replace it with? A Uxie? :eek:)
    2 VS Seeker

    Energy: 9

    4 Special Metal
    2 Steel (basic)
    2 Lightning
    1 DCE

    Ok. Strategy talk!
    -Start with Skarmory (ideally... ) and search out (or bench immediately?) a Scyther to metal coat the special metals onto the Scyther/Scizor. Get an Electivire FB to the bench. By t2 or t3, I should have a good amount of energy on Scizor, an Electivire FB on the bench, and possibly a Lanturn set up.
    Once this is set up (by t3 or 4 at the latest) The Scizor should be reducing 30 or 40 damage because of special metals, and doing 90-110 (110-130 w/ e belt) and a switch or 2 in hand.
    retreat (or skarmory dies... either is productive :p) So you can send up Electivire and Level him up, Switch out for Scizor. :)
    Tank it up! (reduction of 30 damage per hit, w/ 120 health. and doing 30+ 60to80... that's just the specials! if i have DCE... it's OVER) But, make sure to get a Scyther/Scizor #2 on bench though. Cause when this 1st one dies, you can ELECTIVIRE FB X's power to get the 3 special metals back onto it. :) or 2 and a DCE or anything really...
    But. If they send up a Blaziken, I'll switch out for a Lanturn Prime (that will be in the final stages of setting up) and wreak havoc on it w/ it's optional water type. :D

    That's it.
    OH! almost forgot the most important part!!!
    Claws= Scizor.
    Jaws of life= Electivire's electricity :)

    Please help w/ anything you find wrong/not perfect!
  2. lucasm

    lucasm New Member

    This is a good deck but u should definetly get rid of BTS because it is pointless since this deck ony has stage 1 pokemon. Switch it for uxie. Take out Bench shield since u can always use super scoop up and take out 1 palmers u will only need one. also u should do a 4-4 scizor line because i think two just is not enough because if both die it will be kinda hard to win. add me as a friend we can work on more decks together if u want send me a message too.
    Ty, lucasm
  3. Clearea Vystein

    Clearea Vystein Active Member

    Switch one Palmer for one Conspiracy.

    4 Switch for 4 Warp Points.

    2 Pokegears and a Bench Shield for 2 Uxies and a BTS.

    1 Cynthia's for a third BTS.

    Warp Points will be better than Switch. You should be OHKO'ing things anyways. Disrupt them by dragging up things they need and making them put back attack-sponges.

    You will need BTS. Your basics will be picked off if you can't evolve from the get-go.

    I would try to find space for some Energy Exchangers and Rescue Energy. If any Pokemon are K.O.'d, they can go back into the deck with Palmer's, but you'll have to search them out again. Which is also why BTS is crucial, so you can have a speedy set-up/recovery.

    Energy Exchangers will also grab Special Metals and your single DCE. Just toss back a basic energy that you got with the Conspiracy.
  4. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    I know I need more scizors... but idk what I'd take out for them.
    I also took out the Lanturn Prime for another 2 Steel Energies (1 of them I want to change to a DCE... that would be the only one i currently have)

    I play tested this deck for the first time today: Here are the results
    -Vs a Machamp deck (SF/Prime) 1-1. First one he donked me (lame) Because I only had my set-up skarmory out and I couldn't run into any searches. Second one we both did bad, but I OHKO'd his machamp on turn like... 7 (he couldn't get energies so I took the time to stock up my Scizor :p) And then he couldn't recover.

    -Vs a Tangrowth CL deck. I lost. I just had TERRIBLE set-ups. Idk what happened... I just couldn't set up or do ANYTHING. I wasn't drawing any hand-refreshers or search cards, or scizor prime... it was lame. When I had a chance to make a come-back it was already too late. :(

    -Vs a Swampert Deck. Lost 1 because of bad set-ups and won one because it worked alright.

    I just had TERRIBLE set-ups... and that needed to change. Uxie would benefit me ALOT :p

    ---------- Post added 03/03/2011 at 09:23 PM ----------

    I would LIKE to take out my switches... but I would rather just add the warp points... and WP is about to go out i think :( (and i don't have any lolz :p)

    I agree with this one. Except I don't think I need a BTS. I would rather put in another VS seeker or something... That would give this deck more late game recovery and whatnot.

    I think I should just take the Cynthia's out for another PONT. BTS shouldn't really be needed in this deck... :eek:

    What should I take out for a 3rd (and 4th?) Scizor line?
  5. lucasm

    lucasm New Member

    Hey friend send me a message now so we can work on this deck or make a new one. I can also post some of my decks here so u can get some ideas ok. Ty
  6. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    so. I edited my deck to look like this.


    3-3 Scizor Prime ...1 proxy )':
    2-2 Electivire FB lv X (lolz. 1 FB proxy. have both X's though...)
    4 Skarmory
    2 Uxie
    1 Azelf


    3 Switch
    4 Warp Point (ALL proxied... ugh)
    2 Palmers Contribution (1 Proxy)
    2 Expert Belt (1 proxy)
    4 Bebe's Search
    2 Cyrus's Conspiracy (both proxy)
    2 Pokemon Collector
    1 Luxury Ball
    2 Pokemon Communication
    4 Seeker (2 proxy)
    2 twins
    2 VS seeker (both proxy)
    2 PONT

    4 Special Metal
    3 Steel (basic)
    1 Lightning
    2 DCE (both proxy)

    This has a better start. and I wanted not to depend on Warp Point because its going out of format REALLY soon... so, I decided to only take out 1 of them for the Scizor Prime 3rd chain. I also took out the BTS, Dodrio (it wasn't doing anything much...) and the Lanturn for consistency... If I find I'm running into ALOT of Donphan or something (even alot of blaziken tech) then I'll add it. :p but I haven't been to League yet... (*sirens* NOOB! NOOB!)
  7. Shayminator

    Shayminator New Member

    I agree, BTS is pointless

    -1 BTS
    +1 Uxie

    Also, why only one DCE? I say add more,

    -4 Switch
    +2 Warp Points
    +2 DCE
  8. Garchomp#140

    Garchomp#140 New Member

    I would add 1 Shaymin UL for Celebration Wind. It could come in handy...

    ---------- Post added 04/20/2011 at 07:51 PM ----------

    Also, is Azelf really necessary? It's the only 1-Pokemon tech you have. Also, it eats up a bench space. I would go -1 Azelf and +1 Alph Lithograph LOOK AT YOUR FACE DOWN PRIZE CARDS!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2011
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