Close Combat and Buffer Piece

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    I attached a Buffer Piece to my Lucario LvX and used Close Combat on my last turn. My opponent attacks Lucario lvX with an attack with a base damage of 10 and there is no weakness or resistance to calculate.

    1) In the Supreme Victors rulebook (DP era), how much damage would Lucario LvX take?
    a) 0: 10 - 20 = 0 and you stop there because you have reached 0.
    b) 20: 10 - 20 = -10, then -10 + 30 = 20. Can you go into negatives during calculation?
    c) 30: 10 - 20 = 0, then 0 + 30 = 30. If this is true, my Buffer Piece got denied 10 damage.

    Machamp LvX with No Guard Poke-Body would also apply this calculation.

    2) If playing by the Team Up rulebook (there is a more recent card with Close Combat but I forgot what it is), which merged steps e and f into step 5, would the answer be the same? Do step 5 in order as written to get the same result. Or did putting the steps together make the calculation different? Everything together becomes 10 - 20 + 30 = ? Or because it all happens within the same step, does the Lucario lvX player (the Lucario LvX is beng affected by 2 effects at the same time) get to choose the order to apply them and then choose to take more or less damage?
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