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  1. England66

    England66 New Member

    I am looking for a REVERSE! ONLY Tv Reporter from EX Dragon set.

    Must be mint!

    I am looking for other cards too BUT I AM MAINLY LOOKING FOR Tv Reporter M RVH EX DRAGON

    Pokegym rules apply

    Here is what I have for trade:

    Uxie LA LP
    Flygon lv x
    Scizor Prime
    Gliscor lv x (played)
    DCE HGSS x2
    Junk Arm x2
    Houndoom Prime
    Lugia SL7 COL
    JPN Pokemon Collector
    Crobat G x2
    Unown R RVH
    Gengar SF
    Machamp sf x2
    Dark Energy rvh col
    Sableye SF x3
    Bebe's x2
    Seeker x3
    Call Energy
    Lookers rvh
    Super scoop up rvh
    Warp Energy sf rvh
    Ponts x5
    Twins x2
    Pokemon Comm x2
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  2. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    Rarest Card in the set Good Luck! I have two :p
  3. England66

    England66 New Member

    Trade me them then!! LOL
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