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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member


    Most of these needs are for a good cause as I do not want to get them at a high rate. Only at a low rate.

    I only buy at these rates:
    10c for commons
    25c for uncommons
    50c for rares
    $1-$2.50 for holos
    $15 MAX for Lv.X and TSD. SORRY.

    The cause is to help and support the Pokemon TCG league in Auckland, New Zealand to get back on their feet with a large variety of cards. I am sure many of you know the four World Competitiors in Hawaii whom came from NZ - Danny Chang, Jeffrey Young, David Yan and Simon Jiang. These guys would not make it to Worlds, or even Nationals if wasnt for my full-time support and assistance in providing much needed cards for their decks.
    Most of the Auckland players have limited access to alot of the cards, especially in most of the sets in our Modified HP-on format.

    What I would like most of you to is to provide me the much needed cards to get the NZ community back on its feet in time for their City Championships, which will be in Feburary. Why me and I live in Australia? I was the guy who had been providing them 80% of their much needed cards for the players for the 2007 New Zealand Nationals and the 2007 World Championships.

    Anyways, here is the list of what we need.
    Note: All of them must be normal versions ONLY please.

    4x Honchkrow X
    4x Gardevoir X
    3x Lucario X
    3x Torterra X
    4x Infernape X
    3x Empoleon X
    4x Magmortar X
    4x Electivire X
    4x Delcatty ex
    4x Time Space Distortion

    =Grass Pokemon=
    3x Grotle
    12x Kricketune MT
    12x Kricketot MT
    4x Torterra DP
    1x Exeggutor MT
    1x Ariados MT
    3x Meganium MT
    4x Roserade DP
    12x Budew DP
    4x Celebi MT
    3x Venusaur SW
    3x Jumpluff SW

    =Fire Pokemon=
    7x Arcanine SW
    3x Charizard SW
    4x Entei SW
    3x Ho-oh SW
    16x Chimchar
    12x Monferno
    12x Infernape DP
    2x Magmortar MT
    8x Magmortar SW
    3x Ninetales MT
    8x Typhlosion MT

    =Water Pokemon=
    10x Empoleon DP
    10x Prinplup DP
    15x Piplup DP
    4x Palkia DP
    4x Manaphy DP
    2x Gyarados MT
    4x Feraligatr MT
    4x Blastoise SW
    2x Golduck SW
    8x Weavile SW
    4x Suicune SW
    4x Gastrodon ES SW

    =Lightning Pokemon=
    8x Electivire DP
    4x Pikachu MT
    4x Raichu MT
    4x Manectric MT
    6x Electrode SW
    4x Ampharos SW
    2x Minun SW
    3x Plusle SW
    8x Electivire SW

    =Psychic Pokemon=
    16x ralts
    12x kirlia
    8x Mismagius DP
    4x Dusknoir DP
    8x Nidoqueen MT
    4x Crobat MT
    3x ALazakam MT
    4x Toxicroak MT
    2x Chimecho MT
    3x Chingling MT
    4x Uxie MT
    2x Azelf MT
    2x Mespirit MT
    4x Nidoking SW
    4x Mew SW
    4x Xatu SW
    12x Gardevoir SW
    8x Banette SW

    =Fighting Pokemon=
    4x Rhyperier DP
    8x Machamp *lolz I herd some of ya like Mario, lolz*
    20x Lucario DP
    25x Riolu DP
    3x Golem SW
    16x Gallade SW
    4x Flygon SW
    4x Gastrodon WS SW

    =Dark Pokemon=
    8x Tyranitar MT4x M
    10x Honchkrow MT
    5x murkrow MT
    16x Absol SW

    =Metal Pokemon=
    4x Dialga DP
    3x Magnezone DP
    4x Aggron MT

    =Colorless Pokemon=
    30x Blissey MT
    20x Chansey MT
    3x Ambipom MT
    8x Garchomp MT
    8x Furret SW
    4x Lugia SW
    3x Salamence SW
    10x Delcatty
    20x Skitty cg/pk

    =Trainers & Energies=
    60x Team Galactic Wager
    60x Team Galactic Mars
    80x Professor Oak Visit
    60x Professor Rowan
    60x Pluspower
    12x Lake Boundry
    30x Speed Stadium
    60x Night Maintaince
    30x Castaway
    30x Rare candy
    60x TV Reporter
    20x Copycat
    20x Great Ball
    40x Quick Ball
    20x Dusk Ball
    20x Steven Advice
    20x Boost Energy
    40x Basic Dark
    40x Basic Metal
    20x Holon Mentor
    60x Roseanne's Research
  2. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

    3x Grotle
    ?x Kricketune MT
    ?x Kricketot MT
    1?x Torterra DP
    1x Exeggutor MT
    1x Ariados MT
    ?x Boost Energy
    ?x Pluspower
    1x Lucario X
    ?x Skitty cg/pk
    5x murkrow MT
    3x Golem SW iirc
    4x Pikachu MT
    4x Manectric MT
    2x Magmortar MT
    2x Golduck SW
    2x Chimecho MT
    3x Chingling MT
    ?x Chimchar
    ?x Monferno
    4x Raichu MT
    4x Xatu SW
    ?x Empoleon DP
    ?x Prinplup DP
    ?x Piplup DP
    3x Gastrodon WS SW (2 reg 1 RH)

    I'll sell all those, i need to check quantities, but reply how much for each of the holos, and I can do 25c per uncommon, 10c per common, and 50c per rare.
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    ok...lmk on quanity
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