cmak37's 4th Place SC States Report - Masters

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  1. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    I decide to go with Luxchomp again for week 2, and I played a 1-1 Dialga and two basic metals for Gengar, and no Promocroak. Went with 3-1 Chomp/Ambi/Draggy to win mirror. We are TWO people short of a T16 and 7 rounds because we only have 63 people. xP Anyways, on to the report!

    Round 1 vs. Bye

    Yeah. 63 Masters, and I get the bye. Oh well. xD


    Round 2 vs. Catherine P with Vilegar

    I somehow manage to open Dialga and Call, and topdeck a basic metal. This start really can’t get any better for me for this matchup. I go first and Call for Luxray and Garchomp I believe. She goes, and somehow manages to get a T1 Vileplume out via BTS. >.< I then Cyrus for a Bebe’s and another basic metal, and do 50 to her Plume. She then eventually gets some Gengars going but can never really Poltergeist for a lot of damage because I got rid of almost all my trainers with a 6+ card hand. Time is called, and by the end of the 3 turns we both have 2 prizes left, so next prize wins. It literally takes us both about 5 turns for me to finally grab the prize on her benched Gengar SF, and thank goodness she flips tails on Fainting Spell. Great game Catherine!


    Round 3 vs. Lee L with Magnezone/Regirock

    I start with a Garchomp with Lux X in hand to his Spiritomb start. I attach DCE and do ten to his Tomb while he sets up some Magnetons on the bench. I’m quickly able to Bright look out of the Trainer lock and bring up his benched Magneton. I then Poketurn, promote Garchomp X and drop a Bat to do ten to his benched Regirock, then Dragon rush it for the KO. After I had drawn 2-3 prizes to his none, he looks at his prizes and realizes he only laid 5 out at the beginning of the game. =/ We call a judge, and I get to draw a prize. It’s actually the Poketurn I needed to flash bite his benched Spiritomb with 50 on it for the KO. After that I only have 2 or so prizes left, and I’m able to take a couple cheap prizes off of benched pokes for the win. Good game Lee, really sorry about the prize penalty. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to touch a single Magnezone the whole game. I just sniped around them for cheap prizes.


    Round 4 vs. Perry G with Luxchomp

    I have a pretty good start going second with Call and Collector in hand. I think he starts with Weavile G and calls for Draggy and Chomp. I go and Collector for Smeargle/Q/Chomp, turn my active bat, and I Portrait and see he has absolutely nothing in hand. =/ I then Call for I think Draggy and Chomp. He goes, and is able to pull off a KO with Dragonite I believe. I then twins for the DCE I needed to pull off a KO of my own. We both are eventually able to set up completely, and the prizes come down to 1-1. He has no colorless attackers on the field, so he promotes Uxie X to do 60 to my Chomp. I retreat to Uxie, level up, attach DCE, and Zen blade for game. Great game Perry!


    Round 5 vs. Will B with Magnezone/Regirock

    I felt really bad this game because he got absolutely NOWHERE due to his start being awful. He opens double tomb and nothing else and passes. I have a great start, and I’m able to take 6 prizes very quickly off of his basics he was able to grab. Really sorry Will, hopefully you get a better start than that next time!


    Round 6 vs. Mike R with Vilegar

    Mike is a really good friend of mine, so since we’re both 5-0 and positive we’re making cut, it was a pretty relaxed and fun game haha. I open Smeargle with Q and Call in hand. I portrait and sees he only has a Bebe’s, so I use that and grab a Luxray and retreat to it. I Call for another Luxray and a Dialga. He can’t really do too much early game, and I’m able to Bright Look out of trainer lock and take some cheap prizes off Gastlys and Tombs. I take FIVE prizes to his none, and that’s when I start to fizzle. He immediately gets rolling and is getting completely set up, while I simply need to topdeck a Dialga G X or a Garchomp C X to win. I never get either of those cards, and I get nowhere as he takes all six of his prizes in a row to win it. GREAT comeback Mike, I honestly knew that you had it after my 5th prize haha.


    So I make it into Top 8 as the number 2 seed with a ridiculously high opponent’s win percentage of 83.33%. o_O I guess that’s because all my opponents went 4-2, 5-1, 5-1, 5-1, and 6-0 haha.

    Top 8 vs. Ken C with Scizor Prime/Electrode Prime

    Game 1: The only supporter I see all game is an Aaron’s, and he’s able to hit 4 energy off of his Electrode rofl. xD I lose that one pretty quickly.

    Game 2: I get a much better start, and I’m able to absorb damage with Luxrays and hit him for a pretty consistent 60. I’m able to spray his Electrodes and get free prizes off them. After my Luxray is KO’d, I send up a Dialga G X with 2 Metals and a DCE on it and Remove Lost quite a bit. He can’t keep up after that.

    Game 3: This one is pretty much the same as Game 2 haha, I spray his Electrodes and tank with Luxray.

    Awesome games Ken, and awesome deck! I enjoyed our match a lot.


    Top 4 vs Perry G with Luxchomp

    Game 1: Goes like a typical mirror matchup should go, and I’m able to Twins three times that game via VS Seeker/Junk arm haha. Unfortunately, he’s ALWAYS able to have the spray for whatever he needs without having to search for it with Cyrus. xP It comes down to 1-1, and I can’t pull it off because I ran out of E-gains. =/

    Game 2: Early game he misplays pretty badly by sending up his Uxie, belting it, and thinks he has the KO on my Uxie. He only does 60, and I’m able to grab Uxie X next turn, DCE, and I flash bite his Uxie for two prizes. After that, he can’t really come back on prizes and I win.

    Game 3: There’s like absolutely NO time left for this game unfortunately because games 1 and 2 took so long. =/ I get a pretty terrible start, while he gets a God hand and is able to hit 3 out of 4 of his DCE in like the 5 turns we have each. He has the crucial sprays yet again, and I can’t get set up enough to take enough prizes before the 3 turns are up. He wins on time, but I’m confident I could have won had there been enough time remaining for a full match since I had already killed most of his colorless attackers. =/ Great games Perry, and congrats on winning the whole thing!


    Well, I wish that I could have won the whole thing, but overall I was very happy with my results. 4th and 5th place at back-to-back states isn’t too bad for my first year in Masters in my opinion haha, so I leave feeling pretty accomplished. I really hope I can go to Regionals this year!


    Jesus! He’s pretty awesome haha.
    Mah girlfriend. ;)
    Mike for getting T4.
    Perry winning!
    Ross for giving me a ride back home haha.
    Team Asylum
    Zak for cheering me on from Cali.
    My parents and sister.
    Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds for running the whole tournament!


    Getting nothing in my packs, but it’s Call of Legends so my hopes weren’t too high anyways. xD
    Losing to Perry in T4 due to a bad start. =(
    Not having enough time.
    Not having 2 more people for a T16 and 7 rounds. =/

    Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully see everyone at Regionals, and good luck!
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  2. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Awesome job to you, Collin! Great showing for both weekends! Still was so hoping for a t2 Asylum match. But, oh well. :(
  3. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    Thanks so much Mike! Yeah that would have been pretty cool, but oh well. =/ There's always Regionals! ;)

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