cmak37's 5th Place NC States Report - Masters

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by cmak37, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    I get to the tournament right as registration starts, and I decide to play Luxchomp because it’s what I’m super comfortable with. I play a Weavile G tech, and that’s about the only interesting thing that I play. There are just enough people to have 7 rounds and a Top 16 in Masters, so I’m pretty happy.

    Round 1 vs. Spencer W with Vilegar

    Nothing too interesting about this matchup, I kill his Spiritomb very early to get out of trainer lock. He never got a single Vileplume out all game long due to me sniping a benched Gloom halfway through the game, so it wasn’t too hard for me. After I get rid of all threats of trainer lock, I send up Weavile G with a Lucario on the bench and roll from there. He didn’t hit any heads on Fainting Spell, which helped a lot, but I honestly don’t think it would have changed the outcome at all. GG Spencer.


    Round 2 vs. Perry G with Luxchomp

    I start with a lone Unown Q going second, so I’m incredibly afraid of the donk. He flips over a Toxicroak Promo and I feel just a little bit of relief. He rolls tails on Leap Away, but had he hit heads that would have been Psychic restore for the game. He passes and I Collector for a Garchomp, Dragonite and Smeargle, I attach an energy to the Dragonite, and promote Smeargle and attach Q. After that, it goes how a typical mirror match should go, except I can grab more counter KO’s than he can because I play both Ambipom and Dragonite. I should note that at one point early game, I had a rather dead hand and I benched a Uxie with 5 cards in hand, waited about 3 seconds, and started to draw my cards. After I draw he then says he was thinking about spraying, but we both agreed that it was probably a little too late now. Unfortunately for him I managed to hit a Cyrus on my 7th card, which allowed me to get the Snap Attack KO on his active Garchomp X. Sorry Perry.


    Round 3 vs. Curran H with secret deck

    I probably shouldn’t say too much about this one, but basically we both get absolutely terrible starts and when I finally manage to grab a prize, he top-decks a Twins. xD Ah well, stuff like that happens. He then gets set up and rolls me from there haha. GG Curran.


    Round 4 vs. Fletcher S with Gyarados

    I draw my 7 cards, and the lone basic that I see yet again? UNOWN Q. Blah. I have an absolutely terrible hand with no supporters and my only search card being a SP Radar. He opens with Sableye and doesn’t donk me, thank God! My turn and I top-deck Collector! I then start to feel really bad though, because I see that I have the donk when I myself started with Unown Q. I Collector for Ambipom G and a Crobat, retreat Q to Ambi, attach DCE, Flash Bite, Turn, Flash Bite, and then Snap attack for game. =/ Again, I feel really bad about this as I seriously hate donks. We play again for fun and I still manage to beat him though. GG Fletcher!


    Round 5 vs. Eric B with Sabelock

    He opens with Sableye, and I have a semi decent hand. He T1 impersonates for Initiative and gets 1 heads, putting my Cyrus on the bottom. xP After that I have virtually no other outs, so I go into panic phase. I draw, SP Radar for a Weavile G, retreat, attach Dark to Weavile, and Call for Family for a Garchomp and a Dragonite. He goes and Initiatives what’s left of my hand away. My turn, and I topdeck a Smeargle! Retreat Weavile and attempt to Portrait but it’s sprayed. I attach an energy to Dragonite and pass. He goes, can’t retreat the Sableye and just gets a little more setup. I go, and top-deck an Azelf! When I looked through my deck earlier with SP Radar, I had noticed that an Uxie was prized. I know he has a Spray in hand, so I bait him into spraying Portrait, then I drop Azelf and Time Walk for the Uxie and setup for 6! After that I’m able to take more prizes than he is and I win after time had been called. His prizes weren’t the best though, so that wasn’t very cool. =/ Great game Eric.


    Round 6 vs. Candice H with Gyarados

    I open with some random SP Basic, a Call, and 2 Power sprays. Unfortunately for her, I don’t think she was getting anywhere anytime soon. She gets a pretty terrible start and I spray the Uxies she tries to drop. After that, I just take some easy prizes with Luxray. Sorry about your start, Candice. =(


    Round 7 vs. Nick G with Machamp

    Nick is one of my good friends, so I was looking forward to this match haha. Basically, he takes the first couple of prizes with Machamp, I counter KO with Uxie X with Lucario and another Uxie in play, and then he kills my Uxie X with his second Champ. I then twins for a DCE and Premier Ball, grab the Uxie X back, attach DCE, turn the Bat and KO his Champ again. Now he all he has is a Spiritomb active and a benched Machop, so he Darkness Graces for a Machoke. I then snipe it with Garchomp, and that’s basically gane for him. Great game Nick! I’m glad you still made it into Top cut haha.


    So now I’m the 1st place seed going into top cut! I’m pretty stoked about that, especially because it’s my first year in Masters.

    Top 16 vs. Candice H with Gyarados (again)

    Game 1: She gets a pretty decent start, and I have a pretty terrible one. I was actually thinking about scooping this game, but I somehow end up getting somewhere with my terrible hand! I spray some of her pretty crucial Azelf/Uxie drops, and she can’t get a Rescue energy on Gyarados to save her life. =/ She can’t keep up her recovery, and I eventually take all six of my prize cards.

    Game 2: I can’t really remember much about this game at all, but I remember her getting an awful start. =( I swept her pretty easily, and I felt pretty bad about it. =/ Great games Candice, good luck next week!


    Top 8 vs Ryan G with Gyarados

    Game 1: I get an absolutely horrid start, and my Lucario GL is prized. xP I didn’t take any prizes that game, and I think eventually I only had 1 card in hand after he judged me a few turns before. He has a full HP belted Gyarados out, and I can not see myself winning this in any way at all with my Lucario being prized. I scoop to save time.

    Game 2: I start with a lone Unown Q for the THIRD time today and I choose to go 2nd. He starts Smeargle, and what do I have in hand? Collector. Haha good games Ryan, sorry I couldn’t put up more of a fight.


    Overall I was really happy with how well I did for my first big tourney in Masters, and I had a whole lot of fun the entire day! I ended up in 5th place, so that's pretty cool. Thanks so much Mr. Reynolds for running a great tournament, and I look forward to South Carolina next week!


    Jesus! He’s the best ever and the only reason I made it that far in the tourney.
    Jared for flying all the way up from Florida to see me on my birthday!
    My girlfriend!
    TJ winning the whole thing!
    And everyone else who I forgot haha.


    Starting with Unown Q THREE times that day. xP
    Call of Legends being the worst set in the entire world.
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  2. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Nicely done, dude. Now, it's time to take on SOUTH CAROLINA! >:D
  3. ace_201

    ace_201 New Member

    Haha, good job dude. But we're coming up to South Carolina, so there will be some more competition to be had!
  4. RJG00

    RJG00 New Member

    Hey its Ryan G, hope we can play again in SC. But yea you go nothing in top. Couldn't let you use that twins. haha
  5. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    Mike: Haha thanks man, you too! It's most DEFINITELY time to take on SC!!!

    ace: Thanks! Hey, the more the merrier!

    Ryan: Hey man! Yeah I hope we can play again in SC too. Haha that totally killed me! I'm sure anyone watching that game probably thought I was an idiot for not taking any of the kills I could have gotten haha. Ah well, great job on T4!
  6. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Good job man, good luck at your next tourney.
  7. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    Thanks man, congrats on your win! Good luck as well.
  8. amphy#1

    amphy#1 New Member

    Great job man!! Good luck in SC. Team Blitz FTW!!
  9. Baneez

    Baneez New Member

    Hey this is Eric B. I enjoyed playing you at NC States, hope to see you at SC this weekend
  10. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    Sam: Thanks man! Good luck to you too haha.

    Eric: Hey Eric! I really enjoyed playing you as well, you'll definitely be seeing me at SC this weekend! Haha maybe we can have a rematch.
  11. Kabutops141

    Kabutops141 New Member

    Congrats on the fifth, dude! Nicely done.
    Good luck in SC man!

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