Cmon on if you want a Slaking for trade

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by johnznothere, Sep 8, 2003.

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  1. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    Okay i have a Slaking Holo, A Breloom, A Sharpedo, a jungle Scyther, Holo Kabutops, Celebi, Ampharos, Misdreavus, Alakazam, Hitmonchan and Reverse Holos: Chikorita, Buried Fossil, and Voltorb!

    My wants(if you dont have any of these, it's okay! just ask me if you have another offer!

    Camerupt(real bad)
    Gardevoir Ex
    Wailord Ex
    Mewtwo Ex
    Armaldo (if its Holo im not sure I just like him)
    Charizard Base set Holo
    Blastoise Base set Holo
    Venusaur Base set Holo
    Scyther Ex
    Holo Cradily
    Rayquaza in Japanese

    No Money offers! Just trades!
  2. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    cmon please? i want to trade at least once!!!

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