Coin Flips, Donks and Close Calls. BR Report.

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Scipio, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Today was the first BR of my country - Veenendaal. The town in which last year I got my best result (2nd at Spring BR with Salamenace). About 1 hour train travel from my town, start would be at 11 but I wanted to be there at around 10 in order to get some trades pre-tourney.

    Met up with some players in the train towards Veenendaal. Once there it was a small walk to the place - which turned out to be a kindergarten. Laughs ensued.

    Once there there was some trading, decklist writing (Not giving you mine but thats mainly cuz my deck is now all traded away and I dont have a decklist here), registring, deck checking and then we got seated. Turns out that now, rather as the Best-Of-Three we used to do past year, it'd be single game. BLEH. I seriously despise single-game play. Why, you ask? Thats not hard to answer, I s'pose.

    Anyway, I played Flygon Ex-Nidoqueen DF. I dont believe in all those techs, I prefer some raw power.

    Round 1:
    Flyqueen vs. Mario
    Yes, autowin, I thought. That was until I saw my hand - 3 Flygons, Nidoran f, Trapinch d (I played the Quick Binders) and 2 energy. I start with the Trapinch and Nidoran benched, he with Riolu. I start, energy, Quick Bind, end (I drew into another energy). He passes. I draw again an energy, give it to Trapinch and Quick Bind again. He evolves into Lucario, DRE, Pluspower, hits. I gotta put up Nidoran and draw into....PETM. Great. Lost.


    Yeah, I despise single-game-play. This matchup is like 80-20 in my favor. Oh well...

    Round 2:
    Flyqueen vs. Flyvire
    He got great setup, I didnt. He took the lead, but I fought back using some strategical sacrifices but he kept a lead - he had to take 1 prize, I 4. I have a damaged Flygon Ex, a damaged Flygon d and a damaged Nidoqueen. However, as he starts his turn and I just nabbed a price, all he has is an active Vibrava with 1 energy, a Chikorita with 30 damage and an Electivire with 60 damage and no energy. And only 2 cards in his hand. He draws, plays Rare Candy, evolves to Meganium d, nabs Castform and I know its game.


    Another stupid lucky donk.

    Round 3:
    Flyqueen vs. Empoleon

    This match was easy. He never got anything out stronger as Prinplup. I had early Flygon Ex. GG.



    Round 4:
    Flyqueen vs. Failtune

    Kricketune fails. Period. He does get the expected lead (After I start with 3 Casty's in my hand), but I get Flygon Ex and start hammering. In the end, we both need 1 price. I have fully charged Nidoqueen D, he has 2 Tunes. He does Painful Sound Thingymajingy and lets me sleep. I flip...sleep. I finish my turn, he's up, Nidoqueen still naps, he hits for 60, passes. I flip, knowing that tails means loss since I didnt get Warp Point. I flip....heads. Wewt.


    Meh still.

    Round 5
    Flyqueen vs. Shiftry/Devolution

    This guy played an interesting deck using Shiftry DP, Dialga DP and some techs. Even though he did resist me, the fact that my Nidoqueen would fetch anything shuffled into my deck anyway made him cringe. The fact that I had candyless setup did that even more.


    No way I'd T4 anyway, so I tear apart my deck, trade off the Flygons, getting some LVX's in return (Y HLO THAR 2 Lucario X) and quickly mash together an Ursaring/Gardevoir deck for the side-event.

    First we all got a DP booster though. I pulled Empoleon and Dusknoir. Not bad at all.

    SE 1

    Ursavoir vs. Machamp/Noctowl?

    Turns out this deck has extremely crappy setup. Meh, its quickly mashed together. Still, Ursaring got to do his thing after 3 sacrifices, and he drew crap. Easy win.


    Ursavoir vs. Failtune

    Meh, while he did have crummy setup for a change, I got absolutely nothing. After not pulling a scramble or Gardevoir for 6 turns straight I forfeit.

    So yeah, thats it. Got a positive result. What was less positive was that the finals were Blissey vs. Blissey. Can't stand the pink freak thing.

    Props and Slops:


    - Flygon isn't bad in the meta
    - Getting some extremely useful cards
    - Killing Failtune
    - Not facing Blissey
    - Cool to see the tournament scene again
    - Pretty high turnout


    - Single Game Play
    - Failing luck
    - Single Game Play
    - Blissey-Blissey final
    - Single Game Play
  2. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    does everyone on gym make a different name than there pokebeach acount

    good job anyway
  3. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Obv. we do.

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