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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by swanton1717, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Well Meganium45 picked me up Friday at like 4 and we drove to the hotel with his son Andrew(8 years old) and we got to the hotel at about 11 PM. So we test decks for about an hour and a half. I played against his Gardevoir 3 times with my BAR..I lose all 3 games =\ But I still decided that I would play it.

    So we woke up and worked on decks for about an hour and we left for breakfast which we got at McDonalds. Then we went to the hotel. As we were pulling into the parking lot we saw Moltres, Poke_dad, and his daughter pull up from Memphis. So we talked with them briefly then we unloaded into the hotel. We had a VERY nice venue for this tourney. Very good job John ^_^

    So I play a game with Moltres and it was close but I lost. So I just decide to ditch BAR and run Meganium's Swampert deck with a few changes of my own. So here is the actual tourney report..

    1st Round- I will remember absolutly no names..(Aqua Deck)
    I get set up very quickly with a Suicune and a couple of Swamperts and just maul him, he takes no prizes and I take all 6.

    2nd Round- Some person who seems to come to Pokegym but I don't know his name(Turbo Mewtwo Ex/Espeon)
    I get up a very quick Swampert Ex and he gets an energy drought so I just demolish all his Pokemon. He takes no prizes and I take all 6.

    Pokemon USA bought us all Pizza so that was SOOOOOOO unbelievably hot. I also drank some Mello Yello and I socialized with others. OOO Also between rounds John was giving away packs to one person in each division.. So i won and I got a RS Pack. I got a Scyther Ex and a RH Pokemon Reversal ^_^

    3rd Round- Clay Mitchell Poke-Dad (Typhlosion/Manectric)
    This game I remember well as there isn't much to remember. I go first with 2 Mudkips and he has an Electrike with the attack that gives it more energy. I oracle for a Marshstomp and a Swampert Ex. I attach water and Paralyze him. He attaches and passes. I then evolve to Marshstomp and Parazlye him again. So he passes as he can't do anything. I evolve to Swampert Ex and knock it out for the game. This took like 2 minutes so we play a practice game and he gets set up but I still win as Typlosion is weak to both Fighting and Water..which types I both use.

    4th Round- Tyresse White(Eevee Evos with a lot of tech basics)
    I offer him the draw but he declines. So he goes first with I think a SS Electabuzz..which worries me as I am weak. I'm not exactly sure what happened..but I eventually get up a Suicune and a Swampert Ex and a Swampert. So I just basically own him the whole game as he gets an energy drought and I make sure he stays in the energy drought with Suicune Ex/Swampert Ex. So I win and he is the first person to pull a prize off of me all day..only one though ^_^

    Slight Break as we are cutting to Top 4 in each division..there are only 2 undeafeated overall, Me(15+) and Kevin White(10-). So here is how the Top 4 goes and I'll try to put them in the order as they are seeded..

    1. Kevin White- Blaziken/Wailord/Wobbuffet
    2. Andrew Krekeler- Gardevoir/Ex
    3. I do not know his name- i THINK he may have played BAR
    4. Taylor Mitchell- Gardevoir/Ex

    1.Demarion- BAR? I know he played Blaziken at least
    2. Some person with some deck
    3. Moltres- BAR
    4. Some person with some deck.

    1. Me- Swampert/Ex/Suicune
    2. Brandon- BAR
    3. Poke_Dad- Typhlosion/Manectric
    4. Tyresse White- Eevee Evos/Tech Basics

    So thats 4 BAR decks I believe. So Top 4 is 2 out of 3.

    Top 4: Me V.S Tyresse White(Eevee Evos/Tech Basics)
    These games are basically the same as before..he gets energy droughts(I don't think he actually played much energy at all) And I get my Swamperts/Suicunes up and maul him. His Wobbuffets did pose some problems though. Ya So I win. And heres who else won in Top 4:

    1. Kevin White over Taylor Mitchell
    2. Andrew Krekeler over the person

    1. Demarion over his person
    2. Moltres over his person.

    1. Colin over Tyresse
    2. Brandon over Poke_Dad

    So I take a pee break and then we got to top 2. Brandon is a cool person...and if I am correct his online name is Ultimate_healer? He won the Memphis City Championship so I'm assuming hes good, so I am worried as I REALLY want the Vip package at Nationals. So HERE we go..these will be more indepth as I was paying more attention to these games hehe -_-

    Game 1:
    I go first and we both get a uber fast set up. He brings up Quaza to KO my Sparce and I think I KO it with a Suicune with a Shard. We then both need to recover so there is a couple of minutes of non action. In this time we both grabbed a couple of prizes. In the end he brings up anoter Quaza and I just kill it with Suicune Ex and a shard for the game. This was definitly one of the harder games of my life, swaying back and forth between us 2. Very good game.

    Game 2:
    He goes first and we both get a nice set up but he gets a sligthly faster/better start so he gets a kick quaza. I KO it with Swampert Ex/Crystal Shard..but he Oracles/Catty for another quaza and just KO's my Swampert..I could never recover after this so he won this one sorda easily 3-0 in prizes.

    Game 3:
    I go first and I start with 2 Mudkips and I finally realized how I could easily beat this deck. Practically all his cards are weak to fighting(Ampharos line/delcatty line/sparces) So I Oracle Marshstomp and Swamper Ex. I do 10 to his sparce and he SARS. I then Evolve to Marshstomp and do 10. He evolves to Flaffy, Delcatty AND Combusken. But he has no energy so he Sudden Flashes. I evolve to Swampert Ex(it has 2 energy on it) and I think I then POR and play a Suicune and Catty. I KO his Sparce and he sends up Flaffy. He then plays a Dunsparce and evolves to Blaze and Oracles but he can't energy draw. So I got and KO the Flaffy and he sends up Sparce. He plays another Mareep and Energy Draws. Then he Fire Starters and his Blaze has 2 energy I think. I don't really care if I knock out a Dunsparce so I Oracle for the Warp Point forcing him to send up Blaze, Catty or Mareep. He sends up Mareep and I crush it. He then brings Sparce up and he plays a Torchic and I believe Candys to the Blaze then Oracles for quaza and Energy draws. He lays down an electric on the Quaza and Fire Starters 2 times. He fails to parazlye me with Sparce so I KO that and the Prize count is 2-6. He sends up a Skitty and Oracles/ Energy draw BUT he made a fatal error..he forgot to get another energy or switching card to move the Skitty from active. So he Fire Starters to the Quaza now having 4 Fire and 1 Electric. I go and I KO the now I have 2 Suicune in play 1 Catty 1 Swampert Ex(active) 1 Sparce and 1 regular Swampert. I am having sort of an energy drought but I have 1 Energy on Suicune and thats it(3 are on the Swampert Ex) He sends up a Quaza and kills me. I send up a Dunsparce. I Oracle for Fisherman as I have the Crystal Shard in hand. I pass. He then Spiral Growths and fails to get any. I then play Fisherman attaching a Water to Suicune and water calling the Sparce. I do 20 to him and no paralyze. He then retreats for Blaziken and KOs the Sparce. I send up the Suicune and attach/water call and Reverse Stream for the win. I shake his hand and such, hes a cool person.

    Heres how the other Top 2 games turned out..
    1. Kevin White beats Andrew Krekeler, this was a good game so I hear Kevin wins first game, Andrew wins 2nd game and then it comes down to 1-1 in prizes last game but Kevin wins.
    2. Moltres beats Demarion..I have no idea how this went at all.

    I then get my trophy and box and I get my picture taken with all the winners and such. I then look around for a RH #56 Aquas Spheal to complete my RH set..but NO body has it. So that wasn't cool.

    Anyway we got home and we stopped my Vinces house and he gave me the Spheal.

    Well next weekend we are going to Kentucky State Championship and I do not have to play as I already won my 2 free wins at Nationals ^_^ I will be judging.

    Well I just want to thank John and Vince for making this a fun day. It was VERY organized and we had a lot of fun. Thanks ^_^ And a lot of people said they may come to the Kentucky State Championship so I hope to see a lot of you there.

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  2. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    Well thanks - Vince made a huge difference - and saved me from one bad call. My right-hand Pokemom Laura deserves a huge part of the credit for organization. I'm glad I was able to snag this place for both States and the upcoming Gym Challenge in May. It is very hard to find an affordable venue in Nashville.
    Also I would really like to extend kudos to all the fine players AND their parents! Vince was the closest thing I had to a hovering parent all day - but that was his job. :p
    I'll post a link to the pix as soon as I get them up on my photo sharing site. Again it was truly excellent to watch all the great players do their stuff! Good job guys!
    PS: I am also happy to report that the TMS software did not give me one problem all day! A big fat Yay for that!
  3. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    gj Colin.. c'mon, give us all a run-down of what was in the winning deck! :)

  4. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Major props to Colin for his victory. Well played. Your final battle against Brandon was great to watch.

    I am glad you found our match to be somemorable :thumb: You took me apart like a novice. I can't complain about anything though. I never really expected to actually Make the top 4 for the day, let alone go 3-1 with a deck I knew to be a death trap against the main line decks.

    Major props out to Vince and John for an incredibly smooth day. I am grateful that these are the guys who run events in our area.

    Also props to David Coates who won the 11-15, and Kevin White, undefeated 10 and under victor.

    For those of you who dont know Kevin, he is undefeated in tournament play. He has won both Dragon and TM/TA prereleases in Memphis, City and now state Championships. I find that incredible. AND he is a nice kid.

    Last of all Major Props to Taylor daughter...the best GIRL pokemon player in alot of states in her age group. Unfortunately for her, she has to frequently play a couple of boys named Kevin White and Andrew Krekeler. Your time will come Taylor. She finished in the top 4 yesterday. Her only losses...Andrew and Kevin

    Again.....CONGRATS TO COLIN and also to BRANDON. Both are great (and both beat me) ;)
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  5. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Ok Freddy here ya go..

    Pokemon: 20
    4x Mudkip
    1x Marshstomp
    3x Swampert
    2x Swampert Ex
    2x Skitty
    2x Delcatty
    3x Suicune Ex
    3x Dunsparce

    Trainers: 25
    3x Professor Oak’s Research
    3x Copycat
    4x Oracle
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Professor Elm’s Training Method
    2x Energy Restore
    1x Fisherman
    2x Oran Berry
    2x Crystal Shard
    1x Warp Point
    1x Switch

    Energy: 15
    15x Water Energy

    Looking on it now..there isn't anything I would change, I MAY drop an Energy Restore for another Fisherman..but maybe not X\ Another energy would probably be nice also. But its pretty tight. It really flowed well yesterday, I never got crap starts or anything.

    Poke_Dad Thanks ^_^ Haha I think you deserved top 4. Taylor did a very good job. I think she will win something soon, just have a feeling.

    And Scythking I look forward to those photos ^_^ As I will be in some =P

  6. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Ya BAR didn't seem to work for me the night before and that morning so I took a gamble with Swampert..and it worked lol.

    But Swampert is not the perfect counter to Blaze at all. Its probably about 50-50. There is not a deck that beats BAR consistantly.

  7. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    He was playing a Slaking/EnteiEx/Blaziken deck.(No I'm NOT kidding)
  8. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Hey man, great job. I'll see you at Origins. :)

    Oh yeah, I think there is a consistent way to beat Blaziken. You're right, it's not Swampert. Kabutops ex. :p
  9. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    mad props colin.....

    especially for using swampert/ex/suicune.......w00t w00t
  10. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Dork lol

    And Thanks Scott ^_^

  11. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    Hey man im glad that we were able to have that great match. You are a worthy player and im glad i had the chance to play you. I look forward to a rematch in the future.
  12. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Chaw, everyone replies to this topic!!!!

    Great job to Colin, David and Kevin....I have judged a lot, and these were some of the best matches I got to watch....even if it was to watch Andrew lose.

    On to Kentucky, for more crazy State Championship fun...

    Hey, mad props to Taylor, the 10- player who will crack through one of these events!!!

    She is great and will only get better!!! Hey, a dad and daughter in T4, you gotta love that.

    Just a note, I love to watch Kevin play. He never panics, is utterly polite, and truly a Champion's Champion. Last I checked he is 18-0 in the tourney matches I have judged him on! I hope he goes to Nationals!!!

  13. Psyduck

    Psyduck New Member

    Congrats br0!
  14. St0neh

    St0neh New Member

    Way to go!

    You didn't play Lanturn? X\

    I did play it Sunday, and I played YOUR version, I got 2nd because of resistance, I'll drop you a line because I've definately noticed some flaws. (Elektrike maybe??)

    Anyway, props, just....props man.
  15. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    Here ya go dude. Go up a level and you can see all the events I have been at. Quite a history there.
    TN State Championship Pix
  16. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Yay lots more replies

    Thanks Brandon, those were some awesome games. Hopefully I will see you in Kentucky.

    Thanks for the props Vince, wouldn't have been there without you =P And ALSO thanks for the deck hehe.

    Thanks Chad =)

    ya Stoney i decided that i uberly wanted to win because I didn't realize that you get 2 byes at Natioanls, I thought only 1. And 2>>>>>1. Ya we'll have to talk over the deck soon, but you haven't been on -_- OOO Btw Demian Swinkels emailed me today, apparently he is back into the game.

    John those are some COOL pics, you certainly captured the best of us all =P Thanks for hosting such a great event. I had a lot of fun.


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