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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by SteveP, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Just a quick note to announce the winners of the Colorado State Championship today:


    14 players
    Top 4
    1st - Michael Perucca - Gardy/Wobby
    2nd - Adrian Montoya - BAR speed
    3/4 - Jared Cisneros - Gardy/Wobby
    3/4 - Andy Brendel - Gardy/Wobby


    18 players
    Top 4
    1st - Josh R - Swampy/SwampyEX/SuicuneEX/Wobby
    2nd - Matt S - Gardy/Wobby
    3/4 - Alex H - Amphy/AmphyEX/Kid/Buzz
    3/4 - Brendan T - ???


    10 players
    Top 2
    1st - Donovan R - MagcargoEX
    2nd - Calvin N - RaichuEX/Ditto

    TWO AMAZING top decks in the 15+ semis and finals.

    more extensive report to follow....
  2. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member


    so, in a 15+ semi-final, in a marathon matchup between a BAR Speed (4 x Multi Energy) and Classic Gardy/Wobby, time is called with the match tied at 1-game each and the 3rd game about 6-7 minutes old. Jared is up by 2 prizes drawn to 1. Jared's active MewtwoEX has 3 damage and appears to be safe against a Blaziken with 2 Fire and Amphy and Skitty on the bench (neither with any energy). Adrian has nothing in his hand but a Prof Elm Training Method and Lightning. Adrian used the PF Training Method to get Delcatty. Jared cuts his deck. Now, Adrian needs to top deck both Rayquaza AND Multi. BAM! He Energy Draws Rayquaza and TWO Multi Energies for the win. It was devastating for Jared, but exciting for both Adrian and the crowd watching.

    but payback is a bummer. In the final between Adrian and Michael, the 1st game of the match is 30 minutes old and Adrian has 1 prize left to Michael's 3 prizes (BAR speed vs. Gardy/Wobby). Adrian has a HUGE hand. Michael is about to concede, but he top decks a Prof Elm Training Method, gets a GardyEX, retreats Wobby and KOs Adrian's Blaziken. But, with only 2 damage on GardyEX, Adrian is only able to do 120 damage with a Lightning and 3 fires. Michael pulls out the win. The 2nd game of the final was just a bad draw for Adrian (the biggest flaw in BAR decks) so Michael won easily.
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  3. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member


    - the PTO (Dwayne) and Nintendo for making sure the Prize Support arrived in the nick-of-time (Friday morning).
    - the PTO for picking an excellent location and computer support.
    - the PTO for giving ALL players prizes.
    - Craig for doing a bang-up job of head judging.
    - Ron for judging, deck checking, and being patient with learning my software (used in place of TMS).
    - Eric for judging and running the Melee side event.
    - Jared and Andy for "spanking" me for the first time ever in tournament play.
    - Brian and Paul for being good sports about how badly they matched up against my BAR (Sceptile and TM Aggron respectively).
    - POP for providing such excellent VIP packages. The VIP package contents were by-far the hottest tradeable items of the day.
    - Tim L for playing an original Water/Dark deck and barely missing the Top 4 by the tiebreaker only.
    - Craig (head judge) for using best of 3 for even the Swiss rounds and removing the time limit for the finals.


    - my BAR deck for finally sucumbing to bad draw for the first time EVER (and twice in one tournament).
    - the wind.
    - the kid from Ft Collins (a City Champ I might add) who whined about playing someone from his league.
    - Burger King (I STILL hate their fries).
  4. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member


    9am registration start
    11am Swiss rounds start
    45-minute lunch
    7pm finals finish

    complete check of all players' decks
    best-of-3 for Swiss rounds AND Top X

    45-minute Swiss rounds
    1-hour Semis
    untimed Finals

    5 Swiss rounds for 10 players in 10-under
    6 Swiss rounds for 18 players in 11-14
    5 Swiss founds for 14 players in 15+

    Top 2 for 10 players in 10-under
    Top 4 for 18 players in 11-14
    Top 4 for 14 players in 15+

    10 (out of 12) City Champs (CCs) from Colorado showed up
    5 of 10 CCs in the Top X
    2 of 3 State Champs were CCs also

    3 or 4 booster boxes for staff support, plus a few promos
    extra Absol box toppers given to all 9th/10th place finishers
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  5. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    ...and, just to brag a bit

    All State Champs came from Colorado Springs. In fact, every Finals match featured players from our "toughest league in the Rockies." Only 1 non-Springs player (in the 11-14 division) made it to the Top X.

    WAY TO GO, COLORADO springs!!!


    Sorry Adrian. I forgot you are from Pueblo, even though you always come to play at our league and tournaments in the Springs.
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  6. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Yeah now we for sure know where the true champions are made in our state. I guess it will be interesting as I try my own luck at the Gym Challenge though. P.S. I should note that I am offically moving from Wyoming to Colorado within the weekish so I will no longer be considered the number one trainer in the state (by default) anymore. Oh well, I guess that is how the pokeball bounces.

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