Columbus Ohio Pre Regional Charity Event 4/10/11

Discussion in 'Local Tournaments' started by Hiro, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Hiro

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    With the Regional Championship is just around the corner, let's get ready with a Pre-Regional Event! Bring your best deck and play to win. $5.00 entry fee. Registration is at Noon to 1pm, and then we will start Round 1 a little after 1pm. This event is also a Charity Event. Part of the entry fee will go toward the Japaneses Earthquake Refile Fund (Red Cross). Everyone walks away with something. If you donate extra money, your name will be added in for Door Prizes! Any questions, please ask.

    Where: The Guard Tower 3600 Trabue RD Columbus OH

    Registration: Noon-1pm

    Start Time: Right after Registration

    Entry Fee $5.00

    As an extra, I know people don't really want Call of Legends as prizes, SOOOOO, unless that is all we can do, expect DIFFERENT SETS for Prizes!!!!!!!!!!/event.php?eid=207821589229821

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