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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Ultra, Sep 7, 2003.

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  1. Ultra

    Ultra New Member

    ok, wow i stopped collecting pokemon cards roughly three years ago, and out of a whim i searched for a message board where i could see if anyone is intrested i have quite the collection

    COMPLETE original series set, including a few 1st editions sprinkled here and there, 1st edition clefairy holo, and 1st edition dugtrio rare

    near complete jungle set, missing two holos and four rares, half of the holos and rares are 1st edition, ALL the commons and uncommons are 1st edition

    very near complete fossil, missing 4 holos and 1 rares, 1/4 of holos and rares are 1st edition, ALL commons and uncommons are 1st edition

    team rocket, with nearly all the uncommons and commons, all the ones i have are 1st edition, 3 holos 1st edition, 6 rares, 5 are 1st edition, set includes holo 1st edition dark charizard, and non holo, 1st edition dark charizard

    plus the ultra rare 83rd card in an 82 card set: dark raichu, amzingly enough 1st edition, this was valued around $50 when i last checked (few years ago)

    small collection of gym leaders, including 3 1st edition holos

    i was in the pokemon league, and have quite a bit of stuff from it


    #1 Pikachu
    #2 Electabuzz(First Movie)
    #3 Mewtwo(First Movie)
    #4 Pikachu(First Movie)
    #5 Dragonite(First Movie)
    #6 Arcanine
    #7 Jigglypuff
    #8 Mew x2
    #9 Mew (holo)
    #10 Meowth
    #11 Eevee (holo)
    #12 Mewtwo
    #13 Venusaur(holo)
    #14 Mewtwo
    #15 Cool Porygon (holo) the very rare card you only got with the nintendo 64/pokemon stadium bundle
    #16 Computer Error
    #18 Team Rocket's Meowth
    #21 Moltres
    #22 Articuno
    #23 Zapdos

    I also have Fossil Prerelease Aerodactyl (holo)
    Rocket Prerelease Dark Gyrados (holo)
    Gym Leaders 1 Prerelease Misty's Seadra (holo)
    Ancient Mew (holo)
    Jungle Pikachu (wizard stamp)
    base set Pikachu (e3 stamped)
    Fossil Kabuto (wizard stamp)
    base set wartortle (wizard stamped)

    and a few other things i'll have to dig up, is anyone intrested, or is it just the newer sets you guys are after?
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  2. Ultra

    Ultra New Member

    no one is intrested? or is it just you would rather trade?
  3. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    I could also use the #13 venusaur if you are interested in a trade.

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