Conshohocken, PA report - 01/05/2008

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by twdorris, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. twdorris

    twdorris New Member

    My first tournament this year. I usually just run support for my son playing in Juniors. But I got up a little early the day of this event and had nothing better to do, so I rummaged through our card box and put together what I could. I was missing at least 4 key trainers I really needed and 4 trainers I really wanted and 4 DREs, but we at least had all the Pokemon to build a basic duck deck, except 2 Absols. :lol:

    OK, so you're getting the point... I jokingly named it the "Scraps" deck, but it actually did OK with a good bit of luck. OK, a LOT of luck. And I did manage to pull off my first trade ever at the event to get the two Absols I needed.

    Sorry, rounds 1 and 2 may be mixed up. I didn't think at the time I needed to remember what was actually going on.

    Round 1: me vs. Gardellade? I really don't remember

    All I remember is trying to hold him down with Absol long enough to luck up on a Honchkrow (see missing trainers reference above) so I could actually return some fire. Didn't happen. I got creamed.

    0 - 1

    Round 2: me vs. Another Poke Dad with a grass deck

    I started with Absol (of course). I think he went first with one 60hp (?) basic active and none on his bench. He attached and either passed or did some small 10-point hit. Either way, on my first turn I drew an Absol and realized I had a special darkness in my hand and a switch already. So all I was missing for a knock out with raid was a strength charm. Luckily I also had a castaway, so it was a T1 game over. Super nice guy, though, and we decided to play another game which lasted much longer and didn't end so well for me. :)

    1 - 1

    Round 3: me vs. Some really good guy that would have killed my deck w/ a Gardellade deck

    I go first, attach to my active Absol and Baleful Wind. He goes next, and confuses my Absol using his lone Ralts (60hp). I go again and pull the same thing I did the previous game. Game over. I'm not saying GG because, seriously, these aren't good games. These are T1 or T2 donks. But I keep hearing a win is a win and, honestly, I did put all those switches and plus powers and strength charms in (as many as I had anyway) thinking that this type of situation might present itself.

    2 - 1

    Round 4: me vs. A Poke Mom with a water/lightning deck

    It went a few rounds back and forth and I was a bit worried with my weakness to lightning (didn't expect to see a lightning deck!), but she really wasn't able to get the field setup because Absol was doing its job and I actually managed to find a Honchkrow this time.

    3 - 1

    So somehow I make T4 and I have to do first round against Frankie Diaz (super good player) and I know Shaw is also in the finals and I've seen him play before...there's no point in even playing. :lol: My son was done for the day, so I seriously considered dropping so we could get out of there and grab something to eat. But I decided to stick it out.

    Finals vs. Frankie Diaz

    Game 1: Wow. Another T2 donk on a Ralts using raid and some added power.

    1 -0

    Game 2: way I could get that Honchrow and the energy I needed. He walked over me.

    1 -1

    Game 3: At least I put up a little bit of a fight this time, but I still just couldn't get the Krow engine setup properly and he took the win. I'm glad he did. He deserved it. I would have been a little embarrassed to have won with another T2 hit.

    1 - 2

    Hey, it was fun though. I actually enjoyed this tournament. I tried playing twice last year, but really didn't enjoy it much. That was at states and regionals I think. I think I did fine, but it was torturous. Long games, long day and little time to spend between rounds with my son discussing his day. This one was nicer for me. Maybe I'll play a few more cities next year. I think they're more my speed.

    - Dorian for another great event! Thanks!
    - Me for noticing Absol actually has a second attack. :tongue:
    - Everyone else for making the environment enjoyable.
    - Father/son T4 is cool too.

    - T2 donks FTW

    Thomas Dorris
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  2. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Nice making T4 for a 1st tournament of the year. Hopefully you will continue to play. And if you beat Frankie Diaz he would have lost alot of points.
  3. twdorris

    twdorris New Member

    Hmmm. Good point. Now I'm really glad I didn't go any further than I did.

    Thomas Dorris
  4. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member


    I always enjoy seeing more people play in our age group, so I'm glad you decided to try out this one.

    If you're ever at a tournament and are a few cards short, don't hesistate to check with me to see if I can loan you anything.

    Good job with scraps, see you at States.


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