Cornelius, NC BR - 4th Place with GLACEON

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Argyris, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Argyris

    Argyris New Member


    This is the first tournament report I've ever written, so I apologize in advance if I'm giving too much detail, not enough detail, or just bragging too much...

    A week ago, I was pretty set on playing Jumpluff again for Battle Roads, like I did for Regionals. I was told by my dad that my sister would probably be visiting at the same time I was this summer, and I decided I should make a deck for her. Looking at what I could do, I found that the only other deck I could build was some kind of Eeveelutions deck. Since my sister likes Glaceon, I decided to build her a Glaceon Lock deck.

    I built said deck with a junior playing it in mind, or at least I tried to with normally underused and flippy cards like Level Max and Super Scoop Up. I tested it at league and found that it was a little more complicated than I thought, but much better than I expected. I felt like this would make for a really fun, workable deck with a couple of changes. I didn't expect it to be able to do well in a premier event however, so I had no intention of playing it at Battle Roads.

    Saturday, I was judging for the High Point, NC Battle Roads, and I got a feel of what people were playing. Rather, I noticed people were playing less tier 1 decks and more random decks. I felt like I wanted to join in and go rogue at Cornelius the next day.

    The morning of the event, I borrowed the last few cards I needed (Snow Cloak Glaceon, Glaceon X, and a Mesprit), got checked in (I printed my decklist out the night before), and waited for the event to start. While waiting, I let a friend of mine from the senior division play the deck against my Jumpluff deck. It worked pretty well for him, since he got the Mesprit turn 1, and Glaceon turn 2, which is what the deck is supposed to do.

    So... Masters have 5 Rounds, and a top 4, with no lunch break. Pairings go up aaaaaand...

    Round 1 vs. Blastoise/Spiritomb (Lee L.)

    This guy's a friend of mine from one of the leagues I go to, and knew what I was playing, despite me keeping it secret. After Mr. Reynolds finishes going over the rules and we start, he flips over a Squirtle and I flip over Eevee. He goes first and passes. I go.... Turn 1 Mesprit, turn 1 BTS/Glaceon, and Expert Belt on Glaceon, but I whiffed on Snow Cloak because I attached a Call Energy, so I call for Baltoy and another Eevee. He goes, evolves to Wartortle and passes... I go again... Glaceon LvX, Espeon, Claydol, and a heads on Snow Cloak... He goes, evolves to Blastoise, and passes. I Avalanche for game. Horrible start vs a god start... Sorry I had to do that to you Lee...

    Round 2 vs Giratina (Todd S.)

    I can't remember much about the early game here, except that I got a turn 1 Mesprit but whiffed on the lock turn 2, allowing him to set up. At that time, he brings up Spiritomb to lock me out. I can't use SSU for Mesprit or Level Max for Glaceon... Ouch. I eventually KO it with Snow Cloak, but he's got a Giratina set up with two energies at that point, and I hit tails on the flip. He strafes to a Mime, and I can finally play my trainers. I use a Premier Ball, and looked through my deck only to find out that both Glaceon Xs AND my Espeon were all prized. I fail the search and end up having to grab Azelf and SSU him up to get Glaceon X and Espeon out of there.

    From there, he Strafes a bit and I KO his Mr. Mime with Avalanche, flipping heads for 20 damage on his Manetric. He then KOs my belted Glaceon for two prizes, evening up the game on prizes, but I was behind on the field. I bring up Uxie, begin my turn, play Eevee, evolve to Glaceon with BTS, Level Max. Heads. I then played a water energy on Glaceon and therefore couldn't retreat that turn, so he KOs Uxie with Broken Space Blow. I promote Glaceon and begin attacking with Snow Cloak, KOing it with Avalanche (heads to damage his Manetric twice). During that, he is spreading damage with Darkness Lost. By the time I KO'd it, I had an Espeon, an Azelf, a Claydol, and a Mesprit with 60 damage each, and a Claydol with 30. He could take his last three prizes with Manetric, but he doesn't (I figured out afterwards that his lightning energy was prized). Instead, he KOs my Glaceon with Mewtwo Level X. Great move!

    Now, we're both out of our main attackers, and we both have one prize left (after I KO Mewtwo). I end up sniping his Manetric with Vaporeon after he whiffed on all three coins with Jirachi UL. GREAT game, Todd. You really should have had me this game. Sorry for the bad luck in the end.

    Round 3 vs. Kingdra (Jon S.)

    I open Mesprit, and have everything ready in my opening hand to get the lock out quickly (going second), but starting with my only Mesprit ruined EVERYTHING. To make things worse, he Reversals my Baltoy (Call Energy in my opening hand) turn 2, and I can't get one of my Warp Points before he KOs it. I whiff on a lot of coin flips before finally getting Glaceon out. By the time I got Glaceon out, he's taken five prizes. I had a bad, slow start. I feel like I can keep it going, so I continue. With my first Glaceon still working, I get out my second Glaceon X out, so that he can't Warp Point past me for the game, and start to lucksack. Snow Cloak, Heads. Avalanche to KO his LA Kingdra, heads. Three more heads on Snow Cloak before I finally flipped tails, with Flareon on the bench to reduce his Primes' damage output in case I whiffed. I took three prizes before he finally plays another Reversal and flips heads for the win. Good game, Jon!

    Round 4 vs FlyPhan (I can't remember the name... Sorry...)

    He opens Uxie, and I open godly again. Turn 1 Mesprit, turn 2 Glaceon X. I lock his powers the whole game and he can't draw anything, not even an energy. Good game regardless.

    Round 5 vs Charizard (Perry G.)

    He opens Cyndaquil HS and I open RR Eevee, I'm going first. I attach a water and use Signs of Evolution for Espeon (I already had Glaceon in my hand). He goes, attaches an expert Belt, and can't do anything else, so he ends up Beating me... for 30. Turn 2, evolve to Glaceon, Broken Time Space, get a Claydol and my Espeon out, and Snow Cloak for 60. He goes, uses Rare Candy to evolve to Typhlosion, and passes... I then use Avalanche for game... Horrible start on his part, but good game regardless.

    Perry and I decided to play again to see if it would have gone differently had he not gotten a terrible start while we wait for everyone else to finish. He starts godly, and I open Uxie. I set up slow, and he sweeps me. Definitely a well-built Charizard deck, and I'm sorry things didn't go differently during the swiss match, but what happens happens.

    So, standings go up and it turns out I got fourth! Top four with a "hopeless" deck! I was counting on just having fun playing Eevees again. I honestly expected to do 3-2 or worse but making top cut made me realize that the deck has a lot more potential than I expected. On the flip-side, though, I made it there because two of my five opponents had unplayable starts.

    Top 4 vs Machamp (Tom W.)
    Round 1
    Mesprit turn 1, Glaceon turn 2. No room for powers again and I sweep him from there.

    Round 2
    I come out slow, and he Takes Out three prizes, and I can't recover... At the end, we ended up destroying the game state because I forgot I had Espeon out. And by that, I mean we REALLY destroyed it, because it completely changed everything we would have done at those turns. We're both issued a Multi-Prize card penalty and we end it there. I would have lost anyways, but I was still mad at myself for forgetting about Sunlight Veil after playing Eeveelutions throughout Cities. :/

    Round 3
    This game was MUCH closer than the last two. I get the turn 1 Mesprit, but I whiff on the lock turn 2, and he gets a turn of powers, which he uses to set up. (big misplay on my part because I hit heads on a SSU and picked up Claydol with no BTS... Oops.) We go along in the game, and it comes down to the wire! I end up KOing two Machamps (One shotted a Machamp X with a belted Glaceon's Avalanche! :D Whoo!) In the end, he uses Relicanth to snipe my damaged Glaceon X for his last two prizes. Had I not mistimed my last Warp Point or my last Super Scoop Ups, I could have won, but we all make mistakes. Very great games, Tom. You really had me tense the whole time!

    I got two packs for winning. I pulled an Alph Lithograph in one and a Crobat Prime in the other. I was such a lucksack the entire day! LOL

    Glaceon X for being awesome and underrated
    Mesprit for also being awesome
    Alph Lithograph
    Ben S. for giving me a ride
    Ben S. for making me see that the deck needed 2-2 Glaceon X to circumvent Warp Point at league
    Coin flips
    Chilly Breath
    Going rougue
    Buying a Chikorita plush! :D

    Coin flips
    Mesprit start
    Mulliganing in all but one round of Swiss
    Swiss opponents getting bad starts...

    So, what do you guys think? Still a hopeless deck?
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  2. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Cool deck, nice pulls.
  3. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member


    Great playing you! Yeah, that last game was a wooper. I actually made a grave error forgetting you had the Belt on Glaceon when you KO'd the ChampX. Good thing I run the little fishy.

    After you left, Mike scooped after game 1 - he doesn't run Unown G. I pulled a Blastoise but that's it - you got all the goodies!
  4. Argyris

    Argyris New Member

    So we both made big misplays in that match. Can't say I'm surprised; there was so much tension in that match that my brain was cooked afterward.

    Congrats on winning! I figured you had it knowing what the matchup was.
  5. ncpicachufan2000

    ncpicachufan2000 New Member

    WTG chickorita dude!
  6. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr New Member

    Great job with a rogue deck!!!
    I think this totally surprised everyone making top cut including me.
    See you tomorrow in Winston.
  7. Argyris

    Argyris New Member

    Thanks guys!

    I surprised myself as well. I didn't think it would be able to keep up with other decks until it actually did. Guess we'll see if it can keep it going tomorrow! See you tomorrow (or technically today, since I'm bad at giving myself a bedtime)!

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