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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Nemes, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. Nemes

    Nemes Member

    Ciao! This is my first topic here, my nick's SpyRevenge (yes, I know it means nothing °°) and I'm Italian (it isn't hard to understand, uh? :D).

    I play Pokémon TCG from many years, and with the new Modified (or also E-on) I maked this deck based on Wailord ex. Here it is:

    Energy: 16
    14x Water Energy
    2x Multi Energy

    Trainer: 28
    1x Town Volunteers
    3x Pokemon Park
    3x Oran Berry
    3x Warp Point
    3x Hyper Potion
    3x Forest Guardian
    4x Potion
    4x Switch
    4x Copycat

    Pokémon: 16
    2x Zangoose SS
    3x Xatu SS
    3x Natu SK
    4x Wailord ex SS
    4x Wailmer RS

    The strategy's easy: charge Wailord and attack, with healing trainers' and Xatu's aid. I prefered Zangoose to Wobba against the Very Big ex Pokémon (such as Gardevoir, Ampharos etc.) because it's faster and often more helpful (1 for Retreat Cost, [3] instead of [1PP], 60 damage and no recoil), and it's also a good temporizer.

    Fix it, plz! ^^
  2. SupremeBlader22

    SupremeBlader22 New Member

    hmm well since ur lookin for cards maybe try underground expedition. also, take out 2 water for 2 multi. i prefer POR over copycat. zangoose is an NRG hog and and wobb will prove way more useful(especially wit ur healing trainers). same amount of NRG and a good stall
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