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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Flippin treeko, Nov 3, 2003.

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  1. Flippin treeko

    Flippin treeko New Member

    I'm not exactly a noob...but....I've been playing for about 9mnths, got about 3500 cards....played my first draft 2 week ago and was top4 out of 50 before we had to stop playing.

    I'm thinking about weaknesses and the need to back them up or change them on evolution lines.

    At present I'm preferrential to a swinub/piloswine based deck (e-on format). I like this as I can change type and weakness within the one evolution line from ground (G weak L resist) to 'the other' (steel weak), but in more general terms is it necessary to cover a main wekness with the opposing colour. e.g. Blaziken backed up by electric pokes or steel by water? AND if you do is it enough to count on a non weak poke to cover the second weakness. So in the case of Blaziken do you use a electric poke to back it up and then a fighting/rock/ground poke to back that up??

    How often do poeple use pokes that change weakness/resistance in the same deck?
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Do you HAVE to cover your weakness with the "opposite" type? No. Should you? Yes, IF you expect to see decks based on that type. The good news is, other than Dark and Fire, you can do it offensively (attack the Weakness of your Weakness) or defensively (have a Resistance to your Weakness). But, for example, Electric isn't all that popular in E-on, so if you use something Electric-weak as your main line, don't worry as much about covering your Weakness. However, your Piloswine deck will have trouble with Grass-types -- Weakness on one end, Resistance to the other end. So account for Sceptile, not Electric-types.
  3. Flippin treeko

    Flippin treeko New Member

    Then in the case of plioswine I'll probably start with more freezing breath swinub (love that stalling move shame no damage!) 3-1 with :fighting: overun swinub. I'll keep the one overrun to pad out for Lanette. I like the ability to switch weakness for disruption puposes!
  4. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    It seems you should back it up with a Fire Pokemon. Since alot of grass is weak to Fire, and so is steel, which jsut happens to be both of Piloswines weakness.....
  5. Flippin treeko

    Flippin treeko New Member

    That's exactly what I'm thinking...but e-on magmar just suxxxx so bad! leaving me with a stage one evo. Piloswine's too slow and cumbersome for it not to be the focus of the deck and both of both the piloswines are 3 and 4 energy attacks :mad:At the mo' I'm going with 2 tyrogue, 2 hitmonchan, 2 hitmonlee and playing around with a coupla big :colorless basics (Zangoose is niiiice)staying light on water energies. I'd like to find a solution with piloswine as I think it's got rogue possibilities with the right backup.....but I might end up reverting to a sneasel-ex (dark)houndoom deck :(
  6. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    I always try to add decent colorless pokemon in all my decks. For example, my Swampert deck uses Delcatty support just in case. If your playing something grass-weak, try playing Aqua Scizor or Magmar ex. By the way, not ALL Magmar suck in eon. Magmar ex is quite good in the right deck. I'm out.
  7. Silvercharizard

    Silvercharizard New Member

    Try putting in the new Sandstorm Arcanine Line.

    Its pretty good with it's 3 energy 60 damage attack and auto-status if attacked.
  8. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Hey Treecko, nice job in that draft you did btw, top 4 out of 50 is amazing man!

    You've got the right idea going here, you have your main guy... and you wanna cover his butt so he doesn't get pwned by those grass beasties. Its pretty hard to do this, but I'd definitely go fire in this case. That or steel. Steel I think is a little easier to play cuz they can live longer than fire pokemon thanks to the resistance and metal energies. Plus, unlike with Fire pokemon, you're Water type piloswine give backup to your steel types weakness... covering you ALL around.

    Steelix is probably a good example of what to run. Since you're already running fighting energy, you can rage quite easily. Also, its only a stage 1... very workable just to play 2 onix and 2 steelix.

    Post your entire deck up here, and I'm sure everyone on the site would be glad to help ya out even more =)
  9. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Good Fire tech is available in E-on. The best is Entei (with Multi Energy) or Magmar ex. Steelix with Water backup has shown itself to be a very viable deck type so far, if I've read threads here correctly.
  10. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Metal/Water is super weak against electric.
  11. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Not when it's Steelix, thanks to Onix.
  12. Flippin treeko

    Flippin treeko New Member

    I don't own any magmar ex's or enteis's!! but I have got a great range of onix/steelix. Hey prime.....If you look at swinub/piloswine the water type is weak to steel NOT electric and the :fighting: is ligtning resistant so no it's not super weak. Onix'll cover me for sceptile decks methinks .....*mumble mumble*..... maybe mawile .....*mumble mumble*..... wish I had a shedinja .....*mumble mumble*.......I don't have access to my cards during the week (they're in a box 100 miles away!)but I'll certainly post up what I think's my "finished deck" monday.

    Hey nike pk! cheers........but I have to admit it was probably more to do with what got passed up by others than truly down to myself.......It was GH and GC and my fellow pod members passed me 2 Ericas jigglypuffs, fantastic! then just looked at me in shock everytime I OHKO'd their basics AND 4 warp points! unbeleivable. It was the best time I've had since...........well a bloody long time.......*salutes to ukpokemonpro* :D :pokeball: :D :pokeball:
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