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Discussion in 'World Championships' started by alan, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. alan

    alan New Member

    is it true they will be awarding cp for top cut at worlds?

    if so how many ?
  2. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    Yes, it's true. Click on the link to see the # of points gained.
  3. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    What won't be fun is if one division gets T32 (Points out to 128) and then the others don't, creating a drastic loss of balance due to ageups.

    Ageups are already going to kill a lot of the balance in Srs/Masters CP totals as is. No more killing of it is needed.
  4. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    It's just a bad idea to award pts to the top 4 imo. Just making it harder for other people to qualify, while the t4 already have their paid trip.
  5. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    For whatever it's worth, none of the players who placed Top 4 at Worlds last year are ranked in Top 40 this year. Generally when you have the invite, you don't need to play, and you won't play.
  6. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    Totally agree. They already have their invite, why give them a boost so that when they play in events next year they only have to decently to keep someone out of the Top 40? (Hinting a return of passdowns...?)

    To add to what psychup2034 and Box of Fail said, one of the players that Top 4'd last year didn't play all that seriously during small events this year and ended up around 55th. With the point bonus, he would've easily taken the spot that he didn't need to take.

    Points for Worlds? I like it if they are applied correctly. Ageups are still a mess, but whatever. Kickers there are a horror, but whatever. T4 doesn't need them though.
  7. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    I don't think they started off with CP this year, did they?
  8. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member

    On the topic of CP at worlds, has it been announced whether or not points from the previous year will carry over?
  9. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    If you look at your account on the website, you can see that CPs have been re-set to 0 for 2012-13.
  10. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    You're right, but none of them gained enough points to make top 40 even if they had the points from last years' Worlds added on.
  11. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite New Member

    While the VGC is trying to catch up to TCG, I suspect CP still won't mean anything next year. The number of tournaments would still need to grow by quite a bit before the system can work.

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