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Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by treecko_332, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    This contest is ablout Legendary Pokemon. For your entry to be eligible you must do your pokemon on a legendary pokemon. If you choose to to do an evolved pokemon you must do all evoltions of it even if they aren't legendary.

    Name: 5 points you may use any prefix/suffix ever used in Pokemon for this contest.

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity:5 points

    Picture Discription: 5 points try to be as discriptive as you can

    Weakness: 5 Points Please be apropiate for the legendary pokemons type(the one you give it)

    Resistance: 5 Points Please be apropiate for the legendary pokemons type(thie one you give it)

    Reteat:5 Points

    HP: 5 Points

    Attacks, Poke Bodies and Poke Powers: 30 points
    This is how it works: you can have up to 3 attacks and/or Poke Bodies and Powers.
    If you have one attack/Poke Body or Power you will be graded out of 30 points
    If you have 2 attacks/Poke Body or Power each will be graded sepratly out of 15 points
    If you have 3 attacks/Poke body or Poke Power each will be sepratly graded out of 10 points

    Discription and Stratagy: 5 Points Discribe why you chose all the attacks and other stats and cards the card would be good with.

    Please make sure the Discription/Stratagy is at the end and the next is over all neat. If you forget to do one of the areas I will tell you(via post)
    and if you don't fix it in a day I will grade yours with out that area.

    Oh, I allmost forgot only one entry per person!

    This contest will end on Tuesday October 21

    Have Fun!

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  2. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Sabrina's Mewtwo
    70 HP {P}
    Basic Pokémon

    {P} Hypnosis The Defending Pokémon is now Asleep.
    {P}{C} Psychic This attack does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each Energy card on the Defending Pokémon. 10+
    {P}{P}{P} Super Psyburn Flip a coin for each {P} Energy card attached to Sabrina's Mewtwo. Discard a number of {P} Energy cards equal to the number of heads or this attack does nothing. This attack does 30 damage times the number of heads. 30x

    Weakness: {D}
    Resistance: none
    Retreat Cost: {C}{C}
    Rarity: Rare-Holo
    Picture: A Mewtwo holding two plastic spoons, one in each hand, is sitting at a table in an ice cream parlor, eyes glowing blue. Three cups and two bowls are in the air due to psychic power, and a whole hot fudge sundae is about 3 scale inches from Mewtwo's head (the bowl is above the sundae). The backdrop is inside a Baskin-Robbins.
    Descriptions: 70 HP seems to be the standard for Mewtwo these days, as is the two-Energy Retreat Cost. Psychic Pokémon tend to have no Resistance. I chose Darkness as the Weakness so that it would be a bit closer to the game in that respect.
    Strategy: On turn one, you can put a Pokémon to sleep. This combos well with Balloon Berry or other Benching strategies and Expedition Haunter by turn three. On turn two, you can start to do damage with Mewtwo by using the opponent's Energy against them. This gets better as the game goes on. Turn three can allow major damage to be done, but it relies mainly on flips, and it does an average of 60 with 4 Energy (same as Rocket's Mewtwo's Psyburn), and combos well with Energy retrieval strategies.
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  3. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Ho-oh ex
    110 HP

    When Pokemon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

    (R)(C) Fire Storm- If your opponent has any Benched Pokemon, you may flip a coin. If heads, choose one of your opponent's Benched Pokemon. This attack does 20 damage to that Pokemon (Don't apply Weakness or Resistance). 30

    (R)(R)(R)(C) Eruption- Discard 2 (R) Energy in order to use this attack. This attack does 10 damage to each player's Benched Pokemon (Apply Weakness adn Resistance). 70

    Weakness: (W)
    Resistance: (F) -30
    Retreat: (C)(C)(C)

    Rarity: Rare-Holo

    Picture: "Ho-oh ex" is flying with Lugia where, with the effects of the foil designs, its wings change color. Both of them look very transparent so that other people won't be able to see them.
    Explaination: Well, I made Ho-oh "ex" because it seems like Pokemon-ex (the proper name) seem like the new thing to use in decks, so why not make one of your own :lol: . I also decided to make it a Fire type because, obviously, it is a fire type in the GB game. I also made it a Rare-Holo because the majority of most powerful Pokemon are ususally Rare-Holo's as well. I added Lugia into the picture to show that there is balance within the world of Pokemon.
    Strategy: "Ho-oh ex" is more of a last resort card. Therefore, the strategy is to use Trainers, Pokemon attacks, or Pokemon Powers to help power up "Ho-oh ex." Then, when the time is right, use "Ho-oh ex's" attacks.
  4. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member

    Ho-oh-90 HP- :colorless -Basic-
    Pokebody-Glitter Coat-Ho-oh cannot be inflicted by any special conditions if it has at least 3 different basic energies attached to it.
    :colorless Rainbow Flare-Choose 1 of the following effects. If Ho-oh has any (L) energy attached it, you may choose to have the defending pokemon be paralyzed. If Ho-oh has any (G) energy attached to it, you may choose to have the defending pokemon be poisoned. If Ho-oh has any (R) energy attached to it, you may choose to have the defending pokemon be burned. If Ho-oh has any (P) energy attached to it, you may choose to have the defending pokemon be confused. If Ho-oh pokemon has any (W) energy attached to it, you may choose to have the defending pokemon be asleep. If Ho-oh has any (F) energy attached to it, you may choose to not allow the defending pokemon retreat during your opponents next turn.
    :colorless :colorless :colorless Rainbow Flash-20+-This attack does 20 damage plus 10 more damage for each different basic energy attached to Ho-oh.
    Retreat- :colorless :colorless
    Rarity-Rare Holo
    Picture Description-A Ho-oh is surrounded by thousands of different colors and is roaring into the clear day sky. Ho-oh is placed directly infront of the picture, and Ho-oh's head is tilted to its right. Ho-oh's gleaming rainbow feathers look slightly ruffled.
    Description and Strategy-I made this Ho-oh completely based around rainbows. I made all of its stats fairly standard, except it being (C) and yet still having a (W) weakness. Its main strategy is obviously getting multiple different energies onto it quickly, so it can make the best of its attacks and pokebody. This thing can be a beast if given enough energy(IE:poison them with a (G) energy, then paralyze them with a (L) energy until they are knocked out).
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  5. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    I have disided to keep this contest going until Sunday October 26 200(um...4 :lol: )3

    So this will be this weeks and next weeks contest!


    P. S. Keep the great cards coming, so far I havn't graded them because

    A. I havn't had time
    B. They are all so great!
  6. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Articuno ex
    120 HP
    When Pokemon-ex is Knocked Out, your opponent may take 2 prizes instead of 1.
    Weakness: [L]
    Resistance: [F]-30
    Retreat: [C]
    PokePOWER: "Freezing Rain"
    Once during your turn (before you attack) if Articuno ex is active, you may flip a coin. If heads, flip another coin. If that flip is heads, place a Freeze counter on the Defending Pokemon. If the second flip is tails, the defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.

    [W] Freezing Downpour 10
    Place a Freeze counter on the Defending Pokemon

    [WWW] Torrential Rains 40x
    This attack does 40 damage times the number of Freeze counters on the Defending Pokemon. Remove all Freeze counters from the Defending Pokemon.

    Picture: Articuno, facing up and left, in the middle of a blizzard. Silhouettes of forest trees are in the background. Articuno is standing, wings spread upward, on a frozen lake. Mountains in the background, behind the forest. A Suicune sulhouette is on the right-most mountain, a Lugia silhouette is in the sky to the left, and a Kyogre silhouette is below the frozen lake towards the right.

    Strategy: This card was ment to be a one-card wrecking crew, with a little effort. The POWER beefs up the second attack, and the first attack is just a filler, but also serves the purpose of powering up the second attack. I do realize that the second attack is a little undercosted for the power it delivers, but this is also an EX-type Pokemon. It is supposed to be more powerful than the regular version. He is also supposed to be a slow and deliberate attacker, which makes up for the high HP and big attack. Remember that the attack does remove all Freeze counters from the Defending Pokemon, meaning that you'll have to use Articuno's first attack until the Defending Pokemon has more Freeze counters, which balances out the card. This card is supposed to be the center of a deck, not a backup, and there really is nothing that combos well with it, except for maybe Pokemon Nurse after attacking and other Water Pokemon. Pokemon Nurse is a good combo because after you use Torrential Rains, you need some time to build up and use it again. This is a perfect time to heal with Nurse because you don't need that much Energy in order to use the first attack.
  7. ShadowCacnea

    ShadowCacnea New Member

    Moltres ex 120HP
    Retreat Cost-C
    Poke-POWER-Raining Fire
    Once per turn, before you attack, you may attach a (R) energy card from your hand to Moltres ex. If you do, this does not use up your energy attachment for the turn.
    [R] [R] Third Degree Burn 20
    The Defending Pokemon is now Burned. If your opponent flips tails during the burn check, place 3 damage counters on it instead of 2.
    [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] Phoenixfire Cataclysm
    This attack does 60 damage to each Defending Pokemon. Each Defending Pokemon is now Burned. If either Defending Pokemon was Burned before you used this attack, this attack does 90 damage to that pokemon. Place 3 damage counters on all of each player's Benched Pokemon.
    Rarity-EX holo rare
    Picture:A Moltres, flying above Goldenrod City. In the background you see the radio tower's lights against the black, moonlight sky. Near the bottom you can see the lights of a few other buildings. Under the Moltres's wings, you see a red glow and lots of fireballs coming out of the glow on both sides of Moltres. Against the moon you can see the silhouette of Articuno and Zapdos.
    Description:The stats are all fairly standard for a Moltres, the Retreat Cost maybe on the low side but it IS a bird so it should have low retreat. Well, the HP may not be standard but it is a pokemon-ex so it needs to be higher. The attacks may seem really good but again, it's a pokemon-ex so....
    Of course, with a pokemon-ex comes the rarity, ex rare holo, so I made it that.
    Strategy: Well, not many cards combo well with this card. I do like it with it's power, to be able to do 20 and burn on turn could be a possible 80 (and basically a prize) by your second turn if used correctly, with a bit of luck. The second attack is a cleaner. It will easily net you a prize if you feel like getting all that energy on. Of course by turn 3 you could be roasting away. I meant for this card to be very fast. It is a real beast in 2 on 2, almost guaranteeing you your 2 for 2 prize tradeoff, probably getting you a few more.

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