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    If there was no such thing as a ban list and all cards were able to be used.... think of the decks and strategies that would be created! What deck would you create? Here are a few of my ideas for decks.

    Bench Breachers Deck
    STAR CARDS: Zangoose & Team Magma's Secret Base
    Pokemon x20
    x2 Manectric-EX (Phantom Gate 23)
    x1 M-Manectric-EX (Phantom Gate 24)
    x2 Dedenne (Furious Fists 34)
    x2 Vanillite (Next Destinies 31)
    x2 Vanillish (Noble Victories 28)
    x2 Vanilluxe (Next Destinies 33)
    x3 Zangoose (Platinum 66)
    x3 Kyurem (Noble Victories 34)
    x3 Kyogre-EX (Dark Explorers 26)

    Trainer Cards x20
    x3 Team Magma's Secret Base (Double Crisis 32)
    x3 Switch (Base Set 95)
    x3 Professor's Letter (XY 123)
    x3 Trevor (XY Promo 33)
    x4 Amulet Coin (Great Encounters 97)
    x4 Tierno (Kalos Starter Set 39)

    Energy Cards x20
    x5 Lightning Energy
    x15 Water Energy
    GOAL: This deck focuses on attacking the opponent's benched Pokemon and quick drawing. Bring out Zangoose and put out a Team Magma's Secret Base for added bench damage, these two cards work well together. Keep Vanilluxe on your bench to constantly switch out their Pokemon and to disrupted their moves.

    Fists of Fury Deck
    STAR CARDS: M-Lucario-EX & Korrina
    Pokemon x23
    x4 Machop (Diamond & Pearl 86)
    x3 Machoke (Triumphant 40)
    x3 Machamp (Furious Fists 46)
    x3 Riolu (Platinum 91)
    x3 Lucario-EX (Furious Fists 54)
    x1 M-Lucario-EX (Furious Fists 55)
    x2 Meditite (Primal Clash 79)
    x2 Medicham (Primal Clash 81)
    x2 Landorus (Furious Fists 58)

    Trainer Cards x19
    x4 Korrina (Furious Fists 95)
    x3 Iris (Plasma Blast 81)
    x4 Muscle Band (XY 121)
    x3 Pal Pad (Flashfire 92)
    x2 Professor's Letter (XY 123)
    x3 Fighting Stadium (Furious Fists 90)

    Energy Cards x18
    x4 Strong Energy (Furious Fists 104)
    x14 Fighting Energy
    GOAL: This deck focuses on heavy hitting Fighting-types. Combo different cards together to create high attacks. Keep Machamp on the bench and try to set M-Lucario-EX as the active Pokemon, switch out with Lucario-EX if necessary. In the beginning of the game sac a Meditite or Riolu to help strengthen the Iris card and use Riolu for some free-energy quick shots. Beef up your active Pokemon with Muscle Band, Strong Energy, Machamp, Fighting Stadium, & Iris. Try to save Iris when the opponent is in the lead so that you can quickly change the game into your favor. Pal Pad is another life saver which will allow you to bring back Korrina & Iris.

    Take a Chance Deck
    STAR CARDS: Victini & Trick Coin
    Pokemon x24
    x2 Victini (Noble Victories 14)
    x4 Totodile (Phantom Forces 15)
    x3 Croconaw (Phantom Forces 16)
    x3 Feraligatr (Phantom Forces 17)
    x4 Magikarp (Stormfront 65)
    x3 Gyarados (Stormfront 19)
    x1 Manaphy (Plasma Storm 34)
    x2 Kangaskhan-EX (Flashfire 78)
    x2 M-Kangaskhan-EX (Flashfire 79)

    Trainer Cards x16
    x2 Skyla (Boundaries Crossed 134) OR Gym Badge (XY-P Promo)
    x2 Xerosic (Phantom Gate 85)
    x3 Team Flare Grunt (XY 129)
    x2 Junk Arm (Triumphant 87)
    x4 Trick Coin (Phantom Forces 108)
    x2 Pokémon Fan Club (Aquapolis 130)
    x1 Master Ball (Gym Challenge 116)

    Energy Cards x20
    x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base Set 96)
    x2 Prism Energy (Next Destinies 93)
    x2 Fire Energy
    x10 Water Energy
    GOAL: This deck focuses on flipping coins and making the opponent discard energies.
    Keep Victini on the bench to allow for continual re-flips of the coin. Have a Gyarados or Feraligatr as the active Pokemon equipped with a Trick Coin.

    Garden's Rejuvenation Deck
    STAR CARDS: Shaymin LV.X & Genesect
    Pokemon x19
    x3 Virizion-EX (Plasma Blast 9)
    x2 Genesect (Legendary Treasures 16)
    x2 Shaymin (Platinum 38)
    x2 Shaymin LV.X (Platinum 126)
    x4 Snivy (Black & White 1)
    x3 Servine (Black & White 3)
    x3 Serperior (Black & White 6)

    Trainer Cards x18
    x3 Fairy Garden (XY 117)
    x3 Pokémon Center Lady (Flashfire 93)
    x3 Tierno (Kalos Starter Set 39)
    x2 Trevor (XY Promo 33)
    x2 Healing Scarf (Roaring Skies 84)
    x4 Energy Flow (Gym Heroes 122)
    x1 Scoop Up Cyclone (Plasma Blast 95)

    Energy Cards x23
    x7 Fairy energy
    x9 Grass energy
    x4 Herbal Energy (Furious Fists 103)
    x3 Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis 105)
    GOAL: This deck focuses on healing damage, negating status effects, sending your
    Pokemon to the bench and adding energies from the deck to a Pokemon.
    Keep Serperior on the bench to keep the continual heal. Rotate Virizion-EX and Shaymin as your active Pokemon. Allow Virizion-EX to send more energies to Shaymin Lv. X or Genesect. When health is getting low use a Herbal Energy(s) followed by Energy Flow. Fairy Garden plus Fairy energy allow for easy retreat.

    Toxic-Lock Deck
    STAR CARDS: Toxicroak & Dragalge
    Pokemon x21
    x4 Toxicroak-EX (Flashfire 41)
    x4 Qwilfish (Flashfire 21)
    x3 Druddigon (Noble Victories 89)
    x3 Skrelp (Flashfire 44)
    x3 Dragalge (Flashfire 71)
    x2 Team Magma's Houndour (EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 62)
    x2 Houndoom (Undaunted 82)

    Trainer Cards x19
    x4 Virbank City Gym (Plasma Storm 126)
    x3 Hypnotoxic Laser (Plasma Storm 123)
    x4 Rocky Helmet (Noble Victories 94)
    x1 Rock Guard (Plasma Freeze 108)
    x4 Trevor (XY Promo 33)
    x3 Cheren (Emerging Powers 91)

    Energy Cards x20
    x4 Prism Energy
    x4 Rainbow Energy (Team Rocket 17)
    x4 Blend Energy GFPD (Dragons Exalted 117)
    x4 Call Energy (Majestic Dawn 92)
    x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base Set 96)
    GOAL: This deck is heavy in Poisoning, burning, and stopping the opponent from retreating. Keep Dragalge and Houndoom Prime on the bench. Use Toxicroak-EX equipped with a Rocky Helmet as your active Pokemon. Qwilfish and Druddigon do additional damage as actives while you build-up your strategy. Try to always have a Virbank City Gym out on the playing field.

    Continual Infernal Deck
    STAR CARDS: Heatran LV.X & Jirachi
    Pokemon x22
    x2 Heatran (Arceus 3)
    x2 Heatran LV.X (Stormfront 97)
    x4 Eevee (Furious Fists 80) OR Litleo (Flashfire 19)
    x4 Flareon (Plasma Freeze 12) OR Pyroar (Flashfire 20)
    x3 Larvesta (Dark Explorers 21)
    x3 Volcarona (Dark Explorers 22)
    x2 Heatmor (Noble Victories 18)
    x2 Jirachi (Emerald Break 35)

    Trainer Cards x20
    x2 Revive (Base Set 89)
    x2 Fiery Torch (Flashfire 89)
    x3 Blacksmith (Flashfire 88)
    x2 Ultra Ball (Dark Explorers 102)
    x3 Professor Sycamore (XY 122)
    x3 Power Tree (EX Legend Maker 76)
    x2 Trevor (XY Promo 33)
    x3 Battle Compressor (Phantom Forces 92)

    Energy Cards x18
    x14 Fire Energy
    x4 Metal Energy
    GOAL: This deck focuses on removing your energy/Pokemon and burn damage. Send either Pokemon or energies to the Discard using Battle Compressor. The more Pokemon in the Discard, the stronger Flareon becomes. Keep Heatran Lv. X and Volcarona on the bench and have a Power Tree on the field to bring back tons of energies.

    Reinforced Shield Deck
    STAR CARDS: Bouffalant & Bronzong
    Pokemon x19
    x3 Bronzor (Triumphant 58)
    x3 Bronzong (Phantom Forces 61)
    x4 Bouffalant (Dragons Exalted 110)
    x2 Minccino (Next Destinies 84)
    x2 Cinccino (Next Destinies 85)
    x2 Regigigas (Phantom Forces 86)
    x3 Aegislash-EX (Phantom Forces 65)

    Trainer Cards x19
    x3 Mountain Ring (Furious Fists 97)
    x4 Ace Trainer (Ancient Origins 76)
    x4 Hard Charm (XY 119)
    x3 Eviolite (Noble Victories 91)
    x3 Ultra Ball (Dark Explorers 102)
    x2 Battle Compressor (Phantom Forces 92)

    Energy Cards x22
    x14 Metal Energy
    x4 Metal Energy (Neo Genesis 19) *old Special energy version*
    x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base Set 96)
    GOAL: This deck focuses on blocking or lowering damage intake from your
    opponent. The cool thing about this deck is that you are safe for at least 3 rounds at the beginning of the game unless your ability is compromised. Equip Special Metal Energy and Eviolite to Bouffalant (plus Bouffalant's ability) and you are looking at 50+ points of protection from attack damage every turn.

    Binding Tools Deck (Deck Needs Working On)
    STAR CARDS: Trubbish & Entei
    Pokemon x14
    x2 Surskit (Mysterious Treasures 104)
    x2 Masquerain (Plasma Blast 2)
    x4 Trubbish (Plasma Storm 65)
    x4 Entei (Ancient Origins 15)
    x2 Cobalion (Noble Victories 84)

    Trainer Cards x26
    x3 Silent Lab (Primal Clash 140)
    x4 Float Stone (Plasma Freeze 99)
    x3 Muscle Band (XY 121)
    x2 Weakness Policy (Primal Clash 142)
    x2 Amulet Coin (Great Encounters 97)
    x2 Great Ball (EX FireRed & LeafGreen 92) the OLD version!
    x2 Elesa (Legendary Treasures RC20)
    x4 Hex Maniac (Ancient Origins 77)
    x4 Professor Oak's New Theory (HeartGold & SoulSilver 101)

    Energy Cards x20
    x4 Blend Energy WLFM (Dragons Exalted 118)
    x4 Blend Energy GFPD (Dragons Exalted 117)
    x4 Prism Energy (Next Destinies 93)
    x4 Rescue Energy (Triumphant 90)
    x4 Rainbow Energy (Team Rocket 17)
    GOAL: This deck focuses on negating Pokemon abilities, negating attacks, and a plethora of tool cards. Pile 2 tools on Entei and use Trubbish as your active heavy-hitting Pokemon. If you must change your strategy use Masquerain to remove all tool cards.
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