Creating a league without a Player ID card

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by Aubiek, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. Aubiek

    Aubiek New Member

    Due to a lack of any leagues within a long distance of my location (I am in Vermont - closest league shows up as New York or New Hampshire) I have been looking into getting one started. There is a pretty decent base of people interested - however I am having the same issue as the person in this older thread:

    Having setup an account on is not enough, they still need that Player ID from a league before you can get the application going to become a league host.

    The issue is obvious, with no local league, there is no easy way to obtain a Player ID card.

    I have an email out to Pokemon support (to actually, there seems to be some legacy support info on their site that points to invalid emails) but have yet to hear back from them.

    Any advice, or help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!


    Aubiek :pokeball:
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  2. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    This might help

    Just use the Support Center. They should be able to give you anything you need.
  3. Aubiek

    Aubiek New Member

    Ah, I didn't see the section at the top there for submitting a question that way. Thanks!
  4. ACPokeDadFL

    ACPokeDadFL New Member

    You used to be able to get an online POP ID (that is how I got mine) when you created a Trainer's
    Club ID. I would still reach out to Support:

    Here is an extract from the Support Site about POP IDs:

    If you discover that there are no events near you, please contact us with the kind of events you
    intend to apply for and any information on the venue and your plans that you feel will be helpful.
    Once we review the information you provide regarding your plans and confirm that obtaining a
    Player ID near you is not feasible, we may be able to assign a Player ID manually.

    Physical POP IDs are currently backordered, with a decent number of League Organizers still
    waiting for them to finish printing them and ship them out.

    Your best bet, once your League has been approved is to reach out to your closest Premier
    Tournament Organizer (PTO)(s) and ask them for help with ID Cards. They also be able to help
    in getting a League formed with/for you.

    That is the advice that is being recommended to all new League Leaders.

    Austin Chick
    New Tampa Pokemon League
    Pokemon Professor and League Organizer/Leader
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