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    Before I start I want to say this is not strictly a state championships, it was a premier rated event with the states promo and at the same time as states.

    I am fairly new to the pokemon tcg, I started playing at the Triumphant pre release. Since I have started, I have played a machamp deck but since there is not much SP in my meta I decided to play Luxchomp. It was a fairly standard list with not many suprises apart from the fact I ran two Roserade GL. I had toyed around with playing ERL but in the end I chose consistency instead.

    I arrived at the venue at half ten to find a decent turn out. It was going to be four rounds with no top cut. The games were bet of one which isnt great but I wasnt to bothered.

    Without further ado here is the report.

    Game 1 vs Tyranitar prime/ Vileplume

    I started first with only Uxie active and pass. The thing I remember about this game is how he got a bit lucky and set up extremely quickly. By the time his first turn had ended he had two T-tar prime set up with one active. After this It was difficult to get into the game, the Tyranitar had 160hp so I dragon rushed a gloom that was being set up on the bench to give myself a chance, the last thing I needed was trainer lock. However he proceded to load energy onto t-tar prime and tank. The only time I took another prizes was when I locked his azelf with Roserade GL. This match was frustrating as I felt that if it was best of 3 I may of had a chance however his quick setup killed me. My choice to take promocroak out my deck probably contributed to my loss here.


    Game 2 vs Donphan

    The second match was much easier, the person I was playing was fairly new at not particularly familiar with a lot of the cards. Anyway there isnt much to say, I bright looked and dragon rushed around the Donphan and won easily.


    Game 3 vs Typhlosion prime with ER

    This match was one of the best I have played since getting into pokemon. I got a very quick setup and dragon rushed his cyndaquils as soon as they were played. I also killed a ninetales with Luxray to cut off his draw power. At this point I had taken three prizes and he had taken none and it seemed i was going to cruise to victory. However he then played ERL, attached a lightning energy and afterburners on one from the discard. He uses thunderfall to knockout my two crobats and an Uxie. He also killed an Uxie of his own. This meant he had taken 3 prizes and I had taken four. However he also did damage to ninetales and typhlosion. I used aarons collection to get back a crobat G, I flashbited the ninetales to get the KO and then brightlooked Typhlosion to kill it with flash impact. GG


    Game 4 vs Turbo Jumpluff

    By this point I had won two games in a row and was starting to pick up momentum. I was quite confident going into this game. I started with a horrible hand, two Luxray GLs, 3 DCE and 2 poketurn. My opponent had a very quick setup and by the time his first turn was finished he had 3 Jumpluff and a cherrim on the bench. There isnt much to say, I didnt draw into anything and he used seeker to get the win. I was a bit annoyed after this, I wanted to finish on a high but it was always going to be a hard match up.


    Overall it was a fun day, I felt I should of done better but its still a good experience
    Also I managed to trade for another Gengar prime which takes my Gengar prime collection up to 19(Not Joking)
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