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    Leading up to states I had been fairly busy with school and martial arts, and from playing in cities I knew the format was trashy. I just decided to go fix up a deck I had built way back before cities but had never used from fear of Gengar, Machamp/Vileplume. I figure if I could have great matchups against anything besides Gengar, it would be worth saving the time of testing. After talking to some friends and getting their input, I made some changes to the list that proved themselves great add-ins.

    North Carolina States
    Round 1: Evan Campbell (Luxchomp)
    I start out with a collector, drawing a Spiritomb as my last card, thanks for the scare deck. In the past week I had helped Evan out with his list a little bit so I knew there wasn’t anything too crazy in it. I just start setting up through Tomb while he tries to call to set up a Blaziken and Uxie. But my turn two I collectored, drop BTS, Azelf for Vileplume, play rescue on Vileplume and looker his hand back in after he had used Cyrus twice. From there all I had to do was set up a single Machamp with a rescue and fighting and start taking out. He eventually built his hand up to ~13 cards with Uxie and Lucario on his bench, so just lookered him once more and he couldn’t recover. (1-0)

    Round 2: ? (Yanmega)
    My start seems fantastic, with a Smeargle and two collector, but I went second to his yanma, and all I can do is get all the basics out of my deck with collector, getting five pokemon (Machop, Oddish, Uxie, Spiritomb, Unown Q) since I already had another Machop in hand. He sets up his t2 Yanmega and starts rolling through my Spiritombs. The massive dragonfly has 110 hp and 20 resistence so I can never one shot it. I figure it’s similar to the Gyarados matchup except even easier due to the body. I get up two Machamp Prime and knock out his first Yanmega while removing his rescue. Before I looker myself, I want to seeker, so I hit one more yanmega for damage then switch out to the other Machamp. The next turn I looker myself to 1, and he has to copycat to match me. At this point he has nothing, I KO his last Yanmega, and I sweep. (2-0)

    These next rounds may be switched, but I think this is the correct order.

    Round 3: Colin Makohan (Luxchomp)
    Worst hand of the day, Spiritomb, Machop, and what seems like 500 energies. He starts Weavile, and calls for Luxray and Garchomp. All I can do is attach and evolve into Machoke. I think he has the game at this point, as long as he KO’s my Spiritomb. Instead, he attaches a DCE to Garchomp, uxies, cyrus’s for an energy gain, a lightning and another cyrus, and then calls again for another Garchomp. So I draw, attach, and evolve into Machamp. His only playable card in his hand was cyrus, so he cyrus’d again, then sent up Garchomp, level’d up, and hit Machamp for 80, hoping to be able to get the Uxie kill on it later. I draw, seeker, play the line back down and pass. Without much of a hand, he just sits there with Garchomp. Finally on my fourth turn I draw a collector, and get oddish, machop and a uxie. After setting up Gloom, he finally gets the kill on Spiritomb. Unfortunately for him I draw into my one twins, the first and only turn I’m down on prizes, and send up the Machamp to start doing work. He kills one Machamp, but the second one gets a rescue and never goes down. (3-0)

    Round 4: Nick Goble (Machamp/Tomb, no Plume)
    Since he ran trainers, he couldn’t set up through the trainer lock. He may’ve been too aggressive attacking with his single Machamp, so I Crushing Punched, forcing him to attach the second DCE, then KO’d with the benched Machamp Prime, from there I swept his board.

    Round 5: Josh Rothney (Sharpedo/Weavile/Umbreon)
    Don’t bother asking how this made it to 4-0, I’m not entirely sure how. He starts sneasel, I go second with Smeargle and portrait his Rocket’s Trickery. I then play BTS, collector for machop, evolve into Machoke, then Uxie for a fighting. I get the fighting and use knuckle down for the 60 and T1.

    Round 6: ? (DialgaChomp)
    I start Smeargle, 4 Fighting, BTS, Machamp. I go first, draw Machoke, then use portrait. He doesn’t have any supporters, so I attach a fighting to retreat and avoid the Ambipom kill. He draws a cyrus, gets E-Gain and psychic, double sp radars for 2 crobat’s, drops it all, and poketurns for the T1.

    Round 7 Ryan Gouge (Gdos)
    He opens with a Magikarp. I go second, Portrait a Collector, BTS into Machoke and knuckle down for another T1.

    Top 16 Ryan Sabelhaus (DialgaChomp)
    Game 1: He attempts to T1 my smeargle but fails. I set up everything and take 6 prizes with a single Machamp.
    Game 2: Same as Game 1

    Top 8: Eric B (Sableye/2-2 Honch)
    Game 1: I think I started with Smeargle, then portraited a collector for spiritomb, Q , and oddish. I took forever to set up this game, falling down at least 3 prizes. Midgame he judges/initiatives leaving me with energy/useless pokemon, I consider scooping for the second game, since time is only an hour, but I choose to wait another turn, because if I draw into a DCE or fighting, I can retreat/tag into Machamp Prime, then kill his blaziken leaving me at 2 prizes. He wouldn’t be able to one shot me so I would take at least one more prize, then he would either have to take a turn to get around rescue, or I could send up regirock and take the last prize. The next turn, I draw DCE, and the plan goes into effect. He needed one more turn to take the last prize on a Garchomp snipe.
    Game 2: I start Spiritomb/Bebe/Collector. He goes straight for the initiative and hits two heads. I draw a collector my first turn, set up and win slightly easily.

    Top 4: TJ (LostPlume)
    Game 1: We both set up very slowly to start, even without needing to get out Vileplume. Neither of us wanted to attack first and let the other get the counter KO on the main attacker. He burns through most of his resources getting everything out as my deck stalls. Eventually I break and kill his Spiritomb, he responds by hitting my Machamp for 60. This starts the trade off. Finally neither of us have anything out since I killed his last gengar with an uxie. I only had a single Machamp line left in my deck, so I sent out Smeargle to begin setting it back up. I see his hand, it’s so bad, like two lost worlds, energies, twins, just useless stuff. I have nothing to attack with though, regirock only has two energies and I haven’t seen one in forever. So I wait until I draw an energy, it’s essentially whoever gets one more guy out. After waiting a few turns he finally gets out gengar prime and starts on his way to getting 6 lost zoned. If I had an energy I probably would’ve taken my last two prizes with regirock. Or at least one, then Machamp (which I got out, but again, too late) could’ve stolen the last

    Game two: I play a bit more conservatively this game, but I can’t get a fighting in the discard, if I ever sent out a Machamp he could one shot it. He’s too far ahead by the time I can start getting rid of my trainers/pokemon.

    3rd Place in NC

    Between the two tournaments I figured I could cut a rainbow for another fighting, since 3 was too many anyway. I also cut Uxie Lv X for a second twins. Both were helpful, but I played against so many psychic techs in VA that I regretted cutting Uxie.

    Round 1: ? (Gdos/tech Dialga)
    He starts with a combee and says to his friend next to me, I think you got this one. Opening collector/tomb I get out a T2 Vileplume, thinking I’ve won the game. He had bebe’d for a sableye turn 1, so I assumed he used one of his one/two bebe’s. I build the two Machamp primes on the bench, and he continues to use bebe after bebe. I asked him after the third and he said he ran four. So much for stopping them set up… But he never draws into the warp to get out dialga, if he had, he probably would’ve won the game, as his build was built to beat Vileplume decks.

    Round 2: LJ Wenger (LuxChomp/Honch/Absol)
    I start with tomb again and get turn two Machamp. His first turn he had judged, and drew slightly dead. I methodically got out Vileplume, attached rescue, and started taking prizes. He scooped after five minutes.

    Round 3: Ben Potter (Dialga)
    I knew he ran Toxicroak and didn’t want to give up the easy poison kill, so I had to play fairly conservatively, always keeping a prime on the bench and a enough energy in hand to start attacking with it when necessary. He burns through all his basic energy early on Garchomp, sniping stuff for 80 without really taking prizes. His first DCE did come the turn before he lost, turn 0 after time was called. But he had to be so careful with dialga benched he ended up being just a prize short, not drawing DCE’s forced him to aaron’s energy, and I always replaced his stadium so toxi wasn’t a factor.

    Round 4: ? (Luxchomp/ERL)
    I open with spiritomb, but neither of us can do too much. I get out one Machamp, and after seeing his hand with looker I realize the game is over. He had 8 different trainers in his hand, maybe one energy, half of ERL and some random pokemon. Machamp is rock solid once again.

    Round 5: Johnny Rabus (Dialga)
    I portrait his hand turn one, and have to looker myself out of a good hand. I do draw into a collector. So I retreated into my Spiritomb with the fighting I attached pre-looker, and waited until the next turn. I got out Vileplume quickly and one SF Machamp. My bench space was running low, but he had looker’ed himself into a not-so-great hand. Once he did draw into cyrus/ect. I wait for him to burn the turn before he plans to get dialga out and looker him. My first Machamp buys me enough time to get another out and he scooped around the 15 minute mark.

    Round 6: ? (Luxchomp/Mewtwo)
    The time between putting up pairings and when they say “start!” is so slim that this round I made the mistake of only dropping Smeargle when I had Spiritomb, Machop, and another basic in hand. He started with Ambipom and almost donked me going first. He dropped DCE, two other basics, and set up for 4. After this, I portrait, view the supporter-less hand, and retreat into Spiritomb. He takes a few cheap prizes off early Tombs and actually kills my Vileplume turn 3-4, but I responded with a kill on his uxie lv x and had two Machamps with rescues. I roll from there with 6 consecutive take outs.

    Round 7: Michael Pramawat (Dialga)
    He has an invite from worlds last year, we’re both in top cut anyway, he scoops.

    Top 16 Zane Adickes (Gdos)
    Game 1: My hand is the trashiest I’ve EVER seen. I have Regirock/BTS’s/Energies, but no supporters or uxies or spiritombs. I draw into Sage and play it turn two; I have to discard one of my 3 Machokes. I drop some stuff, and eventually Spiritomb into Machoke. He regice’s into my regirock, because I can’t let him kill Machoke. About this time I want to scoop, but I play it out,
    Game 2: I start with a supporter this game, but again my start is incredibly slow. I get everything else out, but he benches the second gyarados, making me plan everything out. I kill the first one with about 10 minutes till time. (I’m at 2 prizes) He kills a machamp with a rescue on it, and I can bring Smeargle up to portrait; I see a bunch of ways for him to heal. Now knowing I need to be able to heal a Machamp at least twice I copycat to draw into my 2 seekers. Unfortunately I’ll be down two cards in my deck, and I’d deck out if I copycat’d. Good thing I don’t think these things through. I copycat into 11, leaving myself at 2 in deck. I do draw into two bebe, and I have an uxie if things get really desperate. But those two cards are going to be the two turns I seeker. We start hitting each other for ~100 and healing for a few turns, but I come out with one more heal than him (from fighting tag.)
    Game 3: Time was called while we were still shuffling, so we’ll flip to see who goes first; that’s a pretty fair advantage for me. I start with Spiritomb and go first, evolving straight into Machoke. He drops magikarp and uses impersonate once more. I evolve into Machamp, and copycat for 8. If I hit the fighting I win, and a DCE with 2 heads for hurricane punch would also work. The 4th card was a fighting.

    Top 8: Nate Blevins (Dialga)
    To start out, I want to apologize. I realize now I said some things that I didn’t think about and could’ve been taken as insults. You’re a great player, and I was referring to the matchup, not you as a player.
    Game 1: Honestly I’m not too sure what happened this game. I know he started uxie all three games (which isn’t too bad when you’re taking prizes and leveling up/retreating.) But I believe I got a quick Vileplume, but then played too conservatively. Really am not sure what happened here. He made some smooth plays causing me to hold back, when if I had gone all in I would’ve had a better shot.
    Game 2: Again this whole top cut match is a blur, but he doesn’t draw into a supporter for a long time. Still makes it close as I don’t go aggressive enough.
    Game 3: We still had 10 minutes left for game 3, but it didn’t matter. He starts with uxie, and I Spiritomb. He elects to go first (again had a really poor opening hand.) Turn two he level’d up, and played cyrus, then KO’d my Spiritomb. I simply evolve into Machamp, attach a fighting and take out for the game.

    Top 4 ? (Machamp)
    Game 1: Portrait turn one shows me a collector, but also a cyclone energy. So I opt for the double Spiritomb and oddish, since I have two collectors in my hand for machop. I meticulously set up Machamp prime, while he can’t do anything through trainer lock. He gets out an uxie lv x, but just puts it under, rather than hitting my Machamp prime for 120. From here I just take prizes, and two shot the single Machamp he throws out.
    Game 2: Eerily similar to game one, but I win even easier since I draw into more energies.

    Top 2: Robbie Price (Steelix)
    “I don’t even play this game!”
    Game 1: I wish I could remember more of these games. The most memorable play was him discarding dialga lv x with sage’s, then later in the game seeing the fire energy (a proxy for his bent dialga.) He took a ton of early prizes, he was even up 6-3 at one point. I sage’d early game and was forced to discard a Machamp prime AND Regirock, pretty disappointing.. But I took down two steelix’s, and his third was his last prize. If he had it, it would’ve been closer, but I had a seeker in my hand to pick up a Machamp with 110 on it, which most likely would’ve been able to kill a steelix.
    Game 2: Again I don’t remember much, but I sage and have to discard Machoke this game. Sage’s just isn’t doing it for me, it’s too bipolar. This game I get two prime/Vileplume out, and he can’t heal his steelix’s , so I three shot the first, letting him do 60 to the Machamp with energy stream twice. After I kill his second steelix, he can’t recover, and I take a prize off an uxie or something. The next turn I seeker and take out his dialga for the game!

    19-2 States run
    Seeing all my friendsss/Meeting new friendsss
    The lights in VA

    T1’s in general
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    Grats man!!! i'll see you at VA
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    Nice job man. I like your deck, a lot lol. :p
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    Hey Curran this is Guy from the NC tournament. Awesome report and great job at both states!
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    dude, i don't even PLAY this game.
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    Hey Curran this is Eric from NC. You wrote Will for top 8 at NC but it was definitely me. Anyways good game we had.
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    I'm sooo sorry, I did the same thing on the other thread too..
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    Excellent Performance!
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    Ha its cool man, the other sablelock player was named will so it was an easy mistake.
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    Great job, Curran! I hope you can repeat your excellent performance at Regionals.

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    Good job curran two thumbs up. Your deck is cool.

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    #nice...!!! #bro...!!!
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    Wow, you're causing a real stir haha. A lot of people have sparked ChampPlume debates because of you. Good job... I'm sorry for failing so hard after we spent all that time figuring out how many 5-2's would make it... which you didn't need either!

    You coming to VA again or going south?
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    Yo, Curran, nicely done with something different! It was nice to see something new wreck it up.
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    Sick job bro nice deck too

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