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  1. Dom

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  2. Zegnarfol

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    For reasons known only to eBay, what sometimes is publicly listed almost immediately, sometimes can take up to 24 hours to pass through the filters. LiveHelp will confirm this, and if it goes over 24 hours (possible) you could ask for a re-listing at no extra cost since over a day of bidding is lost to you.
  3. Zegnarfol

    Zegnarfol New Member

    If you inadvertently logged into eBay from a different site other than your own country (it happens), then you are not recognized. You can get to Live Help by googling it or starting off the sell an item process where LiveHelp appears on the top right of the page.
  4. Mew*

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    I tried a search for it and found no results :(

    I recommend contacting eBay once 24 hours hits. I once had to wait a few minutes for my listing to appear but not this long.

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