Cyber's CC Report. Tualitin and Eugene!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by CyberManectric, Dec 17, 2007.

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    I had such a blast this weekend. Two CC's in one weekend! Sorry if my report is lacking in detail.

    My deck: Gardevoir/Gallade version 2.3

    That's right, version 2.3. To make a long story short, I looked at other peoples Gardevoir/Gallade decks and then built my own with a secrete tech, DF Typhlosion. I thought the Shady move power would help with Gardy X's Bring Down attack. Then I recalled the ruling on DRE only counting as 1 :fire: energy card instead of the 2 for Burining ball's effect. So I swapped it out for Absols, thus turning my deck to version 2.1. Then I swapped out a few trainers, version 2.2 was born. Then right before the tournament started, I realized I had 5 Oak's Visits in my deck and the wrong Ralts. I was using the DF Ralts. So I made some last second changes and version 2.3 was created. (OK, not such a short story, but you get the idea)

    Tualitin City's

    Round 1
    Opponent's deck: Gardevoir/Gallade
    I don't remember my opponent's name at the moment, but this match was pretty easy. I turned 3 Gallade and swept away his pokemon.

    Round 2
    Vs. Meadow
    Opponent's deck: Gardevoir/Gallade w/Absol
    Meadow's deck gave me quite a scare since it had the exact same pokemon but not the exact same trainers. She managed to take 3 prizes before I took my first one. Then I did a come back thanks to good old Time Space Distortion and my Absol discarding all of her Night Maintenances. Good-bye opposing Gardy Lv.X for good! Soon we're each down to our last prize and it's sudden death, dun-dun, duuuunnnnn. I take my last prize and win the game. GG Meadow.

    Round 3
    Vs. Lewis Trube
    Opponents deck: Electavire/Ampharos
    The irony of this match was I built that deck Lewis was using. And now the Creator must destroy his own creation. I got my Gardevoir out turn 3 and started telepassing for Lewis's Bebe's Search. Then Lewis got out his Ampharos and when I played my Celio's Network, that Gave him the 10 extra damage he needed to KO my Gardevoir on his next turn. The good news was I got out my Gallade and played my favortie game, the Weakness Game! Then Lewis comes back with his SW Electavire and KO's Gallade. Now I'm in a pinch, but Oak's Visit brings me a Rare Candy and another Gallade. I evolve, energize, and Ko electavire. The rest of the game was easy and once again, I won.

    Round 4
    Vs. Cory Cox
    Opponent's deck: Gardevoir/Gallade w/Shiftry ex
    Cory starts out with his only Seedot and I start out with Ralts. I turn 2 Gallade with one :fighting: energy and DRE. I attack, but Cory was lucky enough for Bide to save him with 10 HP remaining. Then he got Roaseanne's and the real battle began. I was soon up against a Gardevoir and Shiftry ex, so I was careful with using my won Gardevoir's powers. Everytime I sonic bladed with Gallade, he brought the Shiftry and free retreated. I eventually took out all of Cory's stage 2's and then I'm down to my last prize. I believe he concieded the match at that point.

    Round 5
    Vs. Daniel Zajic
    Opponent's deck: Banette
    the only 2 undefeated players now face off. We were both garaunteeded a spot in the finals, so there was no pressure in this match. I got a very bad start. Absol, and NO energy. It wasn't long before Daniel evolved his Shuppet into Banette and then KO'd me. GG OSP!

    Pre-Final jidders
    Chris calls me over as he checks my deck. I'm such a n00b. I somehow accidentally wrote "Night Band" instead of "Night Maintenance." Probably because one of the DS players was asking me about the Choice Band item. Not only that, but I didn't fill in what set the Ralts and Absol in my deck were. I feared disqualification, but good old Chris gave me a caution and allowed me to continue. Here's a tip for you kids out there, double check your deck list before you turn it in. Maybe have an adult (other than me) check over it for you.

    Vs. Rich Armstrong
    Opponent's deck: Honchcrow
    This deck gave me a very good scare. We both start with Absol in the first match. Rich always says I'm the lucky one, and the first round proved it as I discarded most of Rich's Trainers and Rich fails to discard any of mine with his Absol. Soon he brings out the crows, which is when I start to get nervous. Then Rich does a major misplay, he puts up a Murkrow with a Cessation Crystal, and shut off the Honchrow's power, making it useless. I get an oppertunity to KO and take a prize. However, dispite my best efforts, the crows overpower me and the first match goes to Rich.
    The second match was similar to the first match, but I get my Gardevoir and Gallades out earlier than the first match. However, Rich's deck also gets up and running, but I'm able to win the match thanks to Gardy Lv.X's attack and one by one I KO's the Murkrows and Gallade takes care fo Honchcrow and Absol.
    The last game, I discard Rich's Honcrow Lv.X and he has no way of getting it back. Soo my Gallade vanquishes his pokemon. Good Games sir. Those were the hardest games I've had all day.

    Final Round
    Vs. Cory Cox
    Same deck as before
    It was time for an epic rematch. This was my first time EVER making the final round in any sanctioned event. I'm as nervous as heck, but Barbara Trube calms my nerves a bit. Then Chris shows up with food and makes me feel wosre since I was getting pretty hungry. I had to stay focused on the match and not the food, not an easy thing for me to do. Last time Cory got a lousy start. This time he got a great start. So did I. We take turns evolving, copying supporters, and taking prizes, but the first round goes to me thanks to my own Gardevoir Lv.X.
    The second round went quick. Poor Cory doesn't get any evolutions out... I think. Anyway, I get out my evos and win the match with ease. Good Games and thanks for playing. So I won this match 2-0 :clap:

    So I won the whole event. My first City's medal, yeah! Man, I felt like I won some Mr. Universe contest or something with all the cheers and hugging going around, and from the way Barbara hung my City's metal around my neck.


    Deck: Gardevoir/Gallade version 2.4
    Once again, I change my deck around before the tournament begins. I added in Warp points at the cost of antoher Oak's visit and a TSD.

    Just before I turn in my deck list, I write "Night Band" in the trainers list and cross it out. Then I have Chris Clanton take a look at it for laughs. He saw the joke in the night band being crossed out and warned me not to pull that stuff off again as he laughed.

    Round 1
    Vs. Carrie
    Opponets deck: Magmortar
    Carrie was one of the poeple who rode down to Eugene with me and Marvin. She and I didn't want to face off in the first round, but I start out strong with Absol and showed no mercy. She was only able to bring out one Magmortar since I KO's so many Magbys and Magmars with Gardy's Bring Down. Yes, I won.

    Round 2
    Vs. Ryan
    Opponents deck: Dusknoir
    At first, Ryan's Dusknoir deck gave me a scare, 'cause I was weak to him and my Absols are lacking in the damage department. I turn 3 gardevoir but he KO'd it with just a Duskull. Soon Gallade makes a comeback and Night Maintanence gaive me a second chance with Gardevoir. I then get to use one of my Absols Raid for 50 damage thanks to weaknesses. Then Dusknoir emerges and Dark Palms away Gallade. Oh no! Or at least that's what I thought at first until I Rare Candy Gallade next turn and Sonic Blade away the Dusknoir. Soon Gallade and Gardevoir vanquish the ghost pokemon of Ryan's deck and I win.

    Round 3
    Vs. Daniel Zajic
    Opponent's deck: Banette
    It's deja vu as I get my Absol start against him again, this time I got an energy to go with it. For a while I just baleful wind but nothing's helpful to me. Then I get a Multi Energy and Raid to prevent Banette's Ghost Head from OHKOing me. Daniel just switches Banettes and stil OHKO's Absol. I retaliate with Gardy Lv.X but he uses the double weakness to his advantage and Spiteful Pain for antoher OHKO. Absol and Gallade are my only hope, but Daniel plays Lake Boundary and deals with Gallade with ease. Then uses plus power with Spiteful Pain to KO absol. I lost that match but it was still a good game.

    Round 4
    Vs. Vance
    Opponents's deck: Weavile
    I found Vance's deck somewhat random. In fact, I don't recall anything in his deck that stands out other than him using both Weaviles. I baleful wind away Celio's and Roseanne's turn one. Then I Ralts, Rare candy, Gardevoir and copy his Celio's for my Gallade. Then I finish the game with Gardy's Bring Down and Gallade's Psychic Cut for 120.

    Tourney aftermath.
    With me only losing to Daniel, I figured I made top cut. Then I learned that there were 4 other people who went 3 and 1. I don't make top cut and end up in fifth place since the damn computer paired me against 3 n00bs. (no offense to Carrie, Vance, and Ryan). I hate it when the computer does that to me, and this isn't the first time that's happened. oh well, there are more tournies for me to conquer.

    Anyway, I decide to goof around for a bit since Marvin was driving and he was in finals. Clint ticked me off for saying that a Christmas team for DS tournament was a dumb idea, so I decided to get back at him. I bought a few Dragon Frontier packs. I opened one of them and took out the rare and replaced with a Charizard star I've already had in my collection. I walk over to him and pretend to open it for the first time. Clint's reaction when I pull the Charizard star was priceless. I know, I'm so mean. :rolleyes:

    I chat with Chris Clanton. He knows I have good luck with obtaining shiny pokemon in the DS games and asked me for get him a Shiny Rayquaza. I'll do it, but this means that the Clanton's have 2 wishes left now. :biggrin: (I've been playing Sonic and the Secrete Rings for too long now)
    >_>, <_<, -_-
    "And I played on the Arabian Nights
    Ay o ay o, ay o ay o
    And I played on the Arabian Nights"
    Sorry, felt like goofing off there. I think too much of Marvin's aura has rubbed off onto me.

    Barbara Trube for the ride to Tualitin and supporting me in the finals
    Chris, June, Barbara, and Nanette for all their emotional support.
    Steve Weatherbee for trading me the Gardy Lv.X I used in my deck.
    Meadow for showing me her and her finance's deck so I could create my own.
    Marvin for the ride to Eugene and the awesome fun we had. Ay o ay o.
    Clint for the advice on my deck.
    Don for making me part of the Eugene DS team. Glad to help anytime.
    Clint for freaking out when I pretended to pull a Charizard Star out of a pack. :biggrin:
    Sega and Sonic Team for creating the game Sonic and the Secrete Rings. I was playing that each night before each CC. :thumb:

    Chris Clanton for eating next to me during the final round and making it harder for me to concentrate on my match
    Clint for saying that using a Chrismas team for a DS tourney was a stupid idea.
    The computer used at the Eugene Tourney for pairing me against n00bs!
    Myself for writng "night band" on my Deck list on accident for Tualitin.
    Daniel for not going 4 and 0 and ruining my opponents win %. He was my tie breaker.

    Thank you all for reading. Friends, if I left anything out or messed up on match report, feel free to correct me.
    Final Score:
    Tualitin: I won!
    Eugene: 3 and 1 making 5th place.

    Back to posts merged, the following information has been added
    Thanks to those two tourney's I'm now ranked 60th in the Nation. A personal best for myself. I'm also ranked 3rd in Oregon. Again, a personal best for me. w00t! :clap:
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    GJ dude. Can't wait to meet you at regionals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    at least u got all the way to the finals and won
  4. Phazon Elite

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    lollercopters. GJ, man

    I Played Puzzle Quest all day and forgot to work on mine.

    *works on mine*
  5. ilikegengar

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    Nice report. photo coming soon as I figure out how to download it from Cyber's cell phone.

    here is the photo link. It's in the gallery so look there. I'm so computer illiterate at times.

    <img src="" alt="Oregon CC players winners" />
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    Thanks for trying ilikegengar, but maybe you should learn more about url web links. Here's an actual link.
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    Congrats but to bad that your medal is facing the wrong way. =/ lol

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