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  1. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    So lately i've been posting more decks on the gym even though i've never actually gotten uch help, so here we go.

    Redshark 3.90 Deck List
    Date: Wed Mar 16 20:47:32 2011

    Name: Dialgachomp Good v.


    POKEMON: 20
    Level-Up: 4
    2 : Garchomp C Lv.X, SV-145
    1 : Uxie LV.X, LA-146
    1 : Dialga G Lv.X, PL-122
    Basic: 16
    1 : Ambipom G, RR-56
    2 : Uxie, LA-43
    3 : Dialga G, PL-7
    1 : Bronzong G, PL-41
    1 : Azelf, LA-19
    1 : Dragonite FB, SV-56
    1 : Unown Q, MD-49
    1 : Crobat G, PL-47
    1 : Chatot, MD-55
    2 : Garchomp C, SV-60
    1 : Skuntank G, PL-94
    1 : Toxicroak G, Promo-37

    TRAINERS: 27
    Trainers: 10
    4 : Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poke Turn, PL-118
    2 : Team Galactic's Invention G-103 Power Spray, PL-117
    2 : Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar, RR-96
    1 : Junk Arm, TM-87
    1 : VS Seeker, SV-140
    Pokemon Tools: 5
    2 : Expert Belt, AR-87
    3 : Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain, PL-116
    Supporters: 10
    1 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    1 : Twins, TM-89
    1 : Aaron's Collection, RR-88
    3 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97
    4 : Cyrus's Conspiracy, PL-105
    Stadiums: 2
    2 : Snowpoint Temple, LA-134

    ENERGY: 13
    Special Energy: 10
    4 : Metal Energy (sp), RR-100
    2 : Warp Energy, SF-95
    4 : Double Colorless Energy, GS-103
    Basic Energy: 3
    2 : Metal Energy, GS-122
    1 : Psychic Energy, GS-119

    Strategy: Err.. It's dialgachomp. Deafen, tankk, heal snipe, gg ;P
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2011
  2. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    Nice list Mama Luigi.

    I would:
    -1 Dialga G
    +1 Uxie Lv.X

    But maybe leave it just the way it is.
  3. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    I wouldn't take out a dialga, but I would take out some stuff for one or two more power spray.
  4. espy87

    espy87 New Member

    hmm. Does Uxie X actually help you in DialgaChomp? I cut my 2-1 uxie to just 1 Uxie and 1-1 Staraptor FB X personally.

    I know he is great for Machamp but I see you don't even run ToxiTank/Lucario GL

    2-1 Dialga is good. or 2-2 is you're scared. lol
  5. pjwlrs

    pjwlrs New Member

    I've been playing dialga all season and in my testing I've found VS seeker to not be much help or smeargle but here are some changes I'd do:
    -1 Twins
    -1 Smeargle
    -1 VS seeker
    +1 Bebe's Search
    +1 Power Spray
    +1 Collector/Snowpoint
    Switch dialga line to 2-2 instead of 3-1
    I added most of those cards to help your vilegar matchup, with only one bebe's it will be really hard just to get out your dialga X and with only two spray you have alot of a lower chance to spray their level down, 2-2 line also helps the vile matchup more so you have an extra DGX to level up to instead of having to spray level down. Then the extra snowpoint so its easier to draw into or another collector for consistensy, preference spot.
  6. himynameisrobson

    himynameisrobson New Member

    I used Shyamin UL in Dialga and it was quite successful. Keep the tank without the necessity of waste your warps and healing breaths. I ran 2 Energy Exchanger and they were very helpful, assuming that you get trainer-locked hardly ever. I also played 2-1 Dialga and never regretted about it.
  7. Silvion

    Silvion New Member

    I once ran a 2-1 line of DG, and hardly ever got it first hand, so I would say to have a 3-1 line of Dialga G rather than 2-2( you want to start with the basic DG, as that is how DC is played (first turn deafen and all that)). Secondly, I doubt you need 2 twins, as with DC, you will be in the green most of the game (belted Remove lost will OKO most opposition easily). I also run 1 energy exchanger... You know how it is with those pesky DCEs when you don't need them. I don't run an Uxie X (mainly because I don't have $60...). I think it could damage consistacy, but maybe good for champ.

    - 1 Twins
    - 1 Smeargle ( I've had it in my deck for weeks now, and haven't needed it)
    - 1 Vs Seeker
    - 1 Skuntank G ( I understand why it's there, to get around rescue energy, but I think it takes up too much bench space)

    + 1 basic metal (I find it frustrating using Cyrus's conspiracy, only to find I have no more metal energy...)
    + 1 Energy Exchanger
    + 1 Bebe's Search ( For cutting down trainers under an enemy lock)
    + 1 Looker's Investigation ( Everybody need a little more disruption in their life...)
  8. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    I [DEL]crossed out[/DEL] what not to do

    Twins for getting cards you need if you are falling behind.

    Skuntank is fine

    Don't take out the Smeargle.

    VS Seeker is good for this deck.
  9. Silvion

    Silvion New Member

    Okay, I see you are trying to be funny with that, but seriously now.

    1) Twins - for getting cards you need if you are falling behind... Isn't that basically what the card says? But you ae failling to actually say why it is needed so badly in DC. I'm sorry but what happens if you don't fall behind? Then you will have dead twins in you hands until you SP radar them away, which takes me nicely to my point...

    2) Skuntank - I see why you have skuntank, to poison structure your opponents non SP pokémon... That's a nice plan, but what do you if skuntank is active under a trainer lock and you need to retreat? Yeh, let's throw away our DCE's... No...
  10. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    1) If your not falling behind, that doesn't matter. It is always good to have the backups ready at anytime if the opponent pull of a good turn to pull ahead.

    2) You can use Warp Energy to retreat!
  11. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    ^And blow a Warp Energy on it. no thank you, those are for Dialga switching to Gaarchomp to heal SOLEY!
  12. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^then use a Poketurn on it and get back the Warp Energy
  13. fabulousTaz

    fabulousTaz New Member

    play twins.......staraptor and uxie x were both in my list, Combo driven deck, u play stadiums anyways raptor great chomp counter. Pretty solid list i would just like to see raptor in it. I personally would take out ambipom and 1 of your 2 twins for it. Would consider taking out vs seeker for a lookers as i feel its a must in the deck. Also debating snowpoint vs contest hall but thats a metagame call
  14. rokman

    rokman <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Chatot MD is infinitely better than Smeargle.

    other than that, solid list

    Might want to think about 1 premier ball
  15. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^What are you talking about!

    Smeargle is better

    no Premier Ball
  16. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Actually, I realized that in my meta, chatot is infinetly better.
    also, to everyone else, i'm trying out the twins engine someone showed me.
    and, IMO you either run 1 uxie and straptroll fb, or 2-1 uxie no straptor.
  17. rokman

    rokman <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    I run 1 twins 1 VS seeker 1 junk arm.

    You can do cool stuff like twins for a DCE and VS seeker (in case they can respond to your KO, next turn u can VS seeker the twins and do it again for junk arm and a DCE, then junk arm vs seeker, get twins)
  18. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    That's actually a really cool idea.
    I think I'll try that.
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