DA RULES ... And How to Become A Verified Seller, All SALES MUST LIST PRICE!!!

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by Big Daddy Snorlax, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    :pokeball:Pokegym's Auction/Selling Forum:pokeball:

    1) The only auctions/sales on the Gym’s forums will be in the Auction/Selling Sub-Forum. No one will be allowed to auction or sell in the trade portion of the gym’s forum. Occasionally a Moderator or Administrator may move an auction from one part of the forum to another, but this will be a rare occasion. Those not complying will find their auctions locked and/or deleted.

    2) Users will be allowed to place auctions or sales if they are a 'Gym Staff Member, PTO, or have 20 or more unique and verifiable references, or have contributed to the gym in the way of being a reporter of 10 news items, or a gallery contributor of 20 or more high res scans, or an avatar creator. To have "verifiable" references, you must have a post on "Da Gym's Rules and Good/Bad Trader List" thread here outlining all of the people you have traded with, and your trading partners have to have one too, OR you must have 20 unique iTrader references.

    3) To earn this privilege, you must be a PokeGym member for at least 1 year, and maintain their good references for at least a full year prior to requesting to become a seller. Also, infractions on the gym, in any part of the gym (not just here in the trading/auction/selling forums), will nullify your privilege to use this part of the forums. In other words, be a good citizen, and you will be rewarded.

    4) This auction/sales sub-forum is for Pokemon themed merchandise only. Absolutely no selling of deck lists & grab bags.

    5) If you plan on holding an auction for any items on another website you are not allowed to sell it here, Anything sold or auctioned on this site must be sold here only.

    6) You can only have two (2) active topics in this forum. If you already have 2 and wish to start another for some strange reason, you can edit one and change the title of it to "Please Close". You can also email a Mod to have it closed. Hint: instead of starting a new topic, you can save time by just editing your original post to reflect your new Haves and/or Wants. Those who have more than 2 topics open in the selling/auction forum may find all their selling/auction threads closed for a period of time.

    If you already have 2 and wish to start another for some strange reason, you can edit one and change the title of it to "Please Close". Here’s how you do that:

    -First of all, go up to your earliest post in the thread that you no longer need – post #1. Head to the bottom of that post and click on the link that says, “edit”.
    -When the screen opens back up, you can go down to the bottom of the box and click on the link called, “go advanced”.
    -When it opens a second time, you can edit the title of your thread to, “Please Close,” “Mods, Please Close,” or “Please Lock,” or any appropriate combo of the above. then hit "submit reply"

    - We’d like to ask you to not edit your first post’s contents – just the title – when you want to close out a topic. This is for your own protection in the case that something happens. If you don’t edit the contents, the mods can look at the original contents to help you whenever trade disputes happen.

    7) If you reply to your own topic excessively, you can find it being locked. Back to back posts are considered spam and should be avoided if possible. Also you may find your topic locked because you kept 'bumping' it within a short amount of time. If no one replies to your topic, chances are you currently do not have anything that people currently need. Don't despair, someone new might be interested later on.

    8) Only list Cards and Items currently for sale as this is the auction/selling forum not the Pokegym Gallery for displaying cards.

    9) If you post an auction, or list an item for sale--it must be in your possession at the time of listing.

    10) There will be no "reserve" prices. If you need to get a certain amount (an absolute must $ amount for the item auctioned) you should consider a set starting price, Otherwise the starting price will be $0.01. All auctions are to have a starting price in which the verified seller will take as a bare minimum and once the auction is over the seller "must" sell the item for the highest price posted on their auction thread. Please include what your shipping charges will be (an estimate at the least).

    11) If you post it here, and you get bids here, you must sell it here. If there are no offers for an AUCTIONED item, then you are free to take the item out and dispose of it elsewhere. However if you get bids - even if the price isn't as much as you would like, you are under obligation to send the item to the highest bidder. If there is anyone who doesn't follow through with sending to the highest bidder, their sales privileges will be revoked.

    12) Please post if you are holding an auction or if you are selling the items for "X" amount. All Auctions are to have an end date no longer than 2 weeks of the start date of the first thread.

    13) - All sales/auctions are to be done in the selling forum and NOT through PM. PM's are for the exchanging of addresses . We will not be responsible if anything goes wrong and you will not be eligible to give each other feedback if you do deal through PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

    14) - All Sales threads MUST have prices listed, no more "make offers". It will make for a more enjoyable selling experience for both members.

    15) All increased bids on auctions must be made on a new post, editing your original will not count and will result in all of your bids being void.

    16) Pokegym staff are never required to send first under any circumstances, We are trusted to uphold the site then we are trusted traders, buyers and sellers.

    17) - No selling of personal art work. No selling of fake cards.

    18)-No pre selling of cards that have yet to be released.

    19- You must have the cards/items in your possession to post them on the site or to even offer them in a deal. (save on grief and aggrevation when the card you thought you were going to get never arrives)

    20-The use have a middle man is not allowed as it causes to many problems. Each member is responsible to send their own side of a deal.

    21-Bumping more then three times in a row is excessive and against gym rules.

    Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or concerns please contact a moderator, we will definitely reply with an answer for you.

    Thanks, Pokegym Staff

    To request to become a verified seller you must do the following:

    - Go to Profile page and locate the
    "Join Groups" on the bottom left hand side

    - Scroll down to Miscellaneous and click on the "Group Memberships".

    - For reason put "Verified seller request" or something along those lines.

    - Submit and wait for a mod of the forum to accept or deny you request once they see if you qualify.

    - Once you are accepted as a verified seller, you can then place threads on this sub-forum to sell.
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  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    So i can't start an auction if i haven't been on the 'Gym for a year or more?
  3. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    That's correct. I've deleted one already for that same reason.
  4. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    So i can't start an auction for like ~7 months?
    Sorry, but that's a ** bad idea. (For me at least)
  5. Finally ! Yes I like this. Auctions are for ebay but at least this gets them out of the trade section. Who knows this may even be good here. Now I don't have to get anymore warnings with my low $3 protest bids. Now back into the trade section I go.
  6. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    I think this is actually an excellent idea and will bring more safety to the people who are bidding. Great requirements all around. This will help prevent unsuspecting newer members from getting ripped off.
  7. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Thx. Although I dont trade much, when I do, I like to know I am dealing with "good peeps" (to borrow a phrase from my paison, the_sniper). This will be an asset to the community. I was getting tired of leafing thru "auctions" from folks who just joined the 'Gym and wanted everyone to follow "their rules". Nope....not gonna bid, not gonna do that.

  8. manicgiraffe

    manicgiraffe New Member

    I guess I timed it badly to list an auction for worlds cards then. I certainly don't have 20 refs, I gave up on online trading when I got fed up with shoddy traders.

    Will my thread be deleted then? I started it about 10 minutes ago :/
  9. EternalFire

    EternalFire New Member

    Yay! I was hoping this would come around. It's like a small slice of heaven in... forum... form? :confused:
    I'm broke 80% of the time I'm looking for cards, so this'll be a sub-forum I'll avoid often. :p

    About rule #4; What about Auctions with like 85% pokemon stuff and 15% other games' stuff?
    Ex #1: When whole multi-game card collections are being sold.
    Ex #2: 1 or 2 other game items thrown in with the 20+ poke cards.

    Is this ok or would it be a total "X" on non-poke items?
  10. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Actually, now I have a question regarding this. Does an auction thread posted here still use up one of our two allowed open topics, or since it is a new forum section, does this mean we can now have 2 active trade threads and 1 active auction thread? :):hopes for this option::)

    EDIT: Ahh, and one more. Does this mean we are no longer allowed a straight selling (non-auction style) thread in the trade forums? Would it need to be moved here? Just wanted to check as I've had my current one up for a month and I don't want to lose all of my information in it.

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2007
  11. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Ok, here's some answers: The trading rules still apply. The auction rules apply. You can have an auction/sale thread here (and only here) if you fit the terms involved stated above. However this does not use up your 2 trading threads. As of yet, we haven't discussed about multiple auction/sales threads amongst ourselves, but for now, they are allowed, since those who can auction/sell are those we trust to fill the conditions. If there comes to be some over-usage by some people (or perhaps we should say if we as mods feel that someone has selfishly gone too far with multiple threads), we may end up scaling back some of that person's sales/auctions, or maybe go as far as removing the priviledge. As of yet, there is no particular thing set in stone. Again - like it says in the rules, "Be a good citizen ..... and you will be rewarded."

    There will be no more sales/auction threads in the trading forum. PERIOD. As for those interested in transfering a current sales/auction/trade thread over to here, if you get in touch with an admin/mod we can see if it's possible to accomodate your request.

    As for other games and materials, I guess I should point out this is the POKEgym. However you can mention that you have some other material you would like to sell (without getting into specifics I'm sure) which people can get in touch with you for prices.

    Any more questions?
  12. manicgiraffe

    manicgiraffe New Member

    I have one!

    The gallery contributor: is it image scans only that count, or event photos as well?

    Also, where it says "hi-res", I don't know what happens to an image after its uploaded, would you rather contributors didn't compress them at all (ie, does a mod download them, apply the watermark, resave and reupload them)?

    I've been saying I'm going to upload stuff, I guess this has got me off my posterior!
  13. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Thank you!

    So I take it I'm fine leaving the video games listed in my thread because there is such a small section of my thread devoted to it?

    And...I'd like to make one last suggestion/comment.

    This is actually the only part of the new rules I'm having a problem with. I'd like to explain my position though, because perhaps other members in good standing, and maybe even the mods/admins will take the same opinion.

    I don't feel that this rule should be in place. As a member of over 3 years and having done as many trades/sales as I have, and also watching other new and even some veteran members get ripped, I feel that there is nothing better than having references from selling/buying. In all honesty, If I feel I can trust someone with my money, I would feel I could trust them with anything. And vice versa - If I can trust someone to send me money for a sale, I would be pretty positive that if we were to do a trade, they would also send what is needed then. My first thought on this restriction was because, obviously, the buyer would be sending first and some would argue that there is little trust/risk involved in that. However, many trades done now are run in the same way where one user sends first, rather than both sending same time. There would be the same amount of trust/risk involved in the equation, though a trader would still be able to gain a reference.

    Just something to maybe reconsider?
  14. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    manicgiraffe: Event photos should be fine (in my opinion, but not necessarily in the eyes of the rest of the mods/admins), and what we mean by high-res is this: scanned at 300dpi. Too high and it takes too long to load, too low and you miss a lot of the fine detail.

    butterfly719: Actually to be honest, I wouldn't want to set a precident of letting someone continue doing something when others are not allowed. Even if you are a good trader and friend, it's probably not a good idea.

    As for the other idea, ..... it's hard to say what may be decided in the future, but we'll look at this for now and see how it turns out. It'll take time to evaluate.
  15. manicgiraffe

    manicgiraffe New Member

    Just MHO of the above,

    Its much easier to paypal 10$ to somebody than it is to find a sleeve, toploader, and a padded mailer, go to the PO, use the agreed form of postage and get something sent off securely and on time.
  16. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Remember you can list your Good Buyers and Good Sellers after your Good Traders.

    Oh and i hope you are enjoying the Trivia about Pokemon that the Contest is about....
  17. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    May, I suggest if not a too big of a deal or anything to make a list of people on the gym who are indeed allowed to place auctions in this forum,
    Just a thought,
  18. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Perhaps it might be a good idea Drew, but very time consuming. For now, those who wish to auction/sell are asked to read the rules to confirm if they are conforming to the rules regarding the use of this part of the forum. If they feel they are doing so, they can post a thread. At that point, a mod or admin will check to see if they are indeed capable of doing so. If they don't feel the user can have a thread, they'll let them know, and then delete the thread. There has been some discussion regarding streamlining this process some, and making it more automatic, but for the moment the mods are willing to put a little more work into it to make it work for the interim. Aren't you glad you have such dedicated mods here? ;)
  19. TcgPlayer2006

    TcgPlayer2006 New Member

    I think that is a good idea! I hope we have a lot of bids. Seeya!
  20. Poliwag92

    Poliwag92 New Member

    Thank you pokegym.

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