Dark Rainbow

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by CHRNO, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. CHRNO

    CHRNO New Member

    I think Ho-Oh is really good so I tried this deck out and it worked relly well. So feel free to give your ideas and comments on the deck. :biggrin:

    Pokemon: 13
    4 Absol
    2 Ho-Oh
    3 Togekiss
    1 Togetic
    3 Togepi

    Energy: 17
    3 Dark Energy
    2 Fire Energy
    2 Lightning Energy
    2 Grass Energy
    2 Fighting Energy
    2 Metal Energy
    2 Psychic Energy
    2 Water Energy

    Trainers: 30
    4 Team Galactic's Mars
    3 Rosseane's Research
    1 Mr Stone's Proyect
    2 Celios Network
    1 Castaway
    3 Rare Candy
    4 Night Maintenece
    2 Pokenav
    2 Pokedex
    2 Windstorm
    3 Crystal Beach
    3 Buffer Piece

    Like all decks with Absol in it the main idea is to start with Baeful Wind and TGM to mess up your opponents game. Meanwhile I set up a Togekiss and get a fast charge on Ho-Oh. For max of 160 damage on any of your opponents pokemon. Whats so sweet of Ho-Oh is his power wich helps alot when talking about the enrgies you just wasted on him but incase it fails well you do have 4 Night Maintenance and the Mr Stones Proyect.
    3 Togekiss is enough because Ho- Oh doesnt go that easily and well there are only 2 Ho-Oh anyways.
  2. kristi

    kristi New Member

    i would play this as a turn 2 deck- no absol
  3. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    take out 1 togekiss and 1 togepi for 2 SSU
  4. CHRNO

    CHRNO New Member

    I really dont see the need to add in some SSU since well I really dont like the idea of relying more on the coin flip for my strategy and well I guess I play it this way to be on the safe.

    A T2 deck on this looks good, obviously I'd need to change alot of the trainer line but I'll try it out.
  5. DoctorBLACK

    DoctorBLACK New Member

    ya id play 4 ho ohs
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