Darkness Approaching(Dark Deck)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Carvanha, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

    Eevee (Rising Rivals) x3
    Umbreon (Undaunted) x3
    Carvanha (Rising Rivals) x3
    Sharpedo (Rising Rivals) x3
    Spiritomb(Arceus) x4
    Jirachi(Rising Rivals)x3

    x2 TR trickery
    x2 Judge
    x2 Bebes Search
    x2 Pokemon collector
    x3 Profeser Oak's new theory
    x2 Profeser Elms training method
    x2 Vs Seeker
    x2 Palmers Contribution
    x2 Interviewers questions
    x2 Ruins of Alph
    x3 Poke Comms
    x2 Expert Belt

    x12 Darkness Energy(4 Special)
    x4 DCE

    Strategy: Use Dark Pokemon to disrupt the opponents strategies, such as preventing retreat or discarding from their hand while dealing damage to take 6 prize cards.
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  2. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

    What are some other disruptive pokemon/ trainers?
  3. Scrumpet

    Scrumpet New Member

    I actually ran a deck just like this when I first started out. It is effective, but for tournaments it will be a bit difficult to use. What I would do if I were you is supplement the Carvanha and Ambipom with either Absol, Darkrai, or some other heavy hitter. Not only are Absol and Darkrai pretty good with their attacks, they can put Pokemon to sleep and Absol (Galactic) can knock them out next turn instantly with its attack. Even though you'll be disrupting your opponent a lot, you'll need to output more damage than Umbreon can deal.

    As for trainers, take out 2 Professor Elm's, 1 Interviews; then add in stuff like Luxury Ball, Expert Belt (try to use 2 of those), and Twins. I know this isn't exactly what you were asking for, but the faster you can get your Pokemon out and make them do more damage (with the Expert Belt attached), the faster you can win. And with running Umbreon, you can completely shut down your opponent's active Pokemon since people in tournaments love to get out their final evolutions in like the 2nd turn.
  4. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

    Absol is slow and Darkrai doesn't really fit with the theme.
    Luxury Is getting rotated out.
    -2 Elms
    -4 Basic Darkness
    +4 DCE
    + 2 Expert Belt
  5. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    Hmm... I like this deck. Can I ask, Why Aipom/Ambipom? My suggestions:

    -1 Spiritomb
    -2 Aipom
    -2 Ambipom
    +2 Uxie LA
    +3 Jirachi RR

    Uxie for Draws and Jirachi will help you get more out of the supporters cards. Plus Final Wish if its knocked out. Just a thought.
  6. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

    This is for next format...
  7. ShiftingDarkness

    ShiftingDarkness New Member

    Have they announced the next format? Just guessing they'll drop the next 3 sets at least, i'm assuming RR will still be legal, then maybe drop the Aipom - Ambipom for 3 jirachi and then put in an extra Professor Elm? I'd Suggest Sableye from SF but I'm betting its going to be dropped. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the Eevee advice. I actually had some of those laying around. Can't believe I missed that.
  8. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

    Yeah, no problem. I'll try it out when I get the chance.(I have redshark but It doesn't really work, and I don't really care about Online simulators anymore. )

    You know what they need to make? Pokemon TCG the game 3 for (3)DS. And update it every rotation.
  9. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    That they do!
    I agree with the DS game :D
  10. Carvanha

    Carvanha New Member

    Hooray, Someone else that thinks that!
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