Darkrai Cresselia Legend, Giratina, Absol, Mew (DCL,GAM) for States/Regionals

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Setstage, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    Pokemon: 20

    2-2 Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND
    2-2 Giratina Lv.X (PL-10,PL-124)
    2-2 Honchkrow (UD-58, UD-15)
    2 Absol Prime
    2 Mew Prime
    1-1 Azelf LV.X
    1-1 Mewtwo LV.X (MD-9, LA-144)

    T/S/S: 23

    1 Premier Ball, SF-91
    2 Warp Point, MD-88
    1 Luxury Ball, SF-86
    2 Expert Belt, AR-87

    2 Bebe's Search, RR-89
    2 Judge, UL-78
    2 Twins, TM-89
    2 Volkner's Philosophy, RR-98
    4 Professor Oak's New Theory, GS-101
    3 Cynthia's Feelings, LA-131

    2 Indigo Plateau, TM-86

    ENERGY: 17h
    4 Darkness Energy
    6 Psychic Energy
    4 Special Darkness Energy
    3 Double Colorless Energy

    The basic strategy is spread damage and bring in Darkrai & Cresselia Legend for final 2-4 prizes with Moon's Invite. I will agree that this deck seems scatterbrained but it has great synergy and can beat a MD-on LuxChomp deck almost 50% of the time.

    Depending on what you start with the early game strategy varries,

    Absol to lost zone cards for mew to hit big early game. You will generally lost zone either Absol, Honchkrow, Giratina LV.X if needed to set a mew up and using your supporters to set up mew. Absol OHKOs Gengar Prime and a belted one OHKOs Garchomp C and Luxray GL if they haven't leveled up. With two special dark you can OHKO their LV.X. Oh yea and 20 auto to every poke they bench while its active.

    Giratina is your main way to spread damage and if you start with Absol, Mew, or Murkrow you should only invest two energy and be set up to attack on turn 2 with any of those and should be setting up your Giratina next. Level him up upon making him active and take advantage of his Body while your hit all of your oponents pokes for 30 along with lost zoning the ones you KO.

    By now you should have your LEGEND ready to bat cleanup although the game should be almost done when they manage to KO Giratina LV.X DCL will make sure that it is over. All remaining damage should be moved to the biggest threat and hopefully you have some energy on DCL to start swinging for 110-140 which can OHKO most threats in the metagame, even at the cost of two energy to the lost zone, but like I said at this point the game is almost over.

    Mewtwo, is the only way to beat SP decks, and if you play right you should be able to handle Dialga G LV.X and once you do you have no threats, and have won the game. This is the key to beating LuxChomp and DialgaChomp aside from lostzoning their key pokes.

    Azelf LV.X on the DCL, Mewtwo, Giratina, and Mew the weakness are a huge problem, especially DCL with 2x:fighting::dark: But this tech provides a surprisingly viable solution.

    Cards and things I have tested and will probably be suggested but don't work with this build,

    This deck runs a lot of energy but I can assure you that it is just the right amount I like to always be drawing into it. My draw engine is to refresh my hand mainly through Prof. Oak, Or Cynthia, Judge and Volkner as a secondary. Because the deck is designed to be highly adaptable you dont do the same EXACT thing every game you create consistancy through always being able to draw what is needed when it is.

    I am open to sugguestions and would really like to hear any and all comments, as this is my first competetive deck and post I've made here, I owe everything to you guys. Thanks pokegym
  2. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    While Mewtwo Lv. X can be a good SP counter, there are so many SP decks that run Dialga G as a tech or DialgaChomp the deck that I don't think Mewtwo will do you much good.

    I also think that Pokemon Communication would do you some good in here- you can exchange Legend pieces for each other or get a Pokemon you need.

    And with you running Absol and Mew Prime as primary attackers, I really think that your deck could benefit from Pokemon Collector.
  3. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    Ok I did test communicator and that didn't work too well. But I think collector could work ok but what should I take out for some.

    I know mewtwo isn't the best but it has been the only way to get reliable wins against SP, could you recomend any techs that work well dependably as lux and dialga chomp are my worst matchups generally losing just over 50% while this deck does pretty well against other popular metagame decks.
  4. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    Bump it's been three days and I'm on the third page now. Come on, just because it isn't another thread about vilegar Boone can offer any help.

    This archetype may be rogue but it works and that is proven, as it goes toe to toe with luxchomp and only really strugles with a heavy dialga gx line.

    Any help please.
  5. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    Haha I hate to say it, but I don't really think there is a single tech that could swing an entire LuxChomp/DialgaChomp matchup in your favor. But boosting your consistency would help, I think.
  6. Lt. Boomer

    Lt. Boomer New Member

    im a bit lost at what your Lost Zoning to deal massive damage with mew. and have you played this vs a Lostgar deck because im not sure this deck will far well against it.
  7. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    Went 3-4 in states IN.
    Beat vilegar pretty good
    got a win against dialgachomp, mewtwo x pretty much won the entire match
    Lost to 2 luxchomp got donked by another, but played the person who donked me and beat him in a fun match right after so I could have won, beat a really crappy rogue, and got utterly destroyed by Sabelock.

    So to Nekizalb I actually went 2-5 against lux/dialga/chomp all day. Pretty happy for an original rogue and my first tournament and OP function ever.
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