Death Metal,dec (working title)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by samurai_soldier, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. samurai_soldier

    samurai_soldier New Member

    Ok, so after playing Saturday (or not playing in the tourney, actually), I playtested for a while with our core group, and learned some valuable things about my deck, and that was, the empoleon line wasn't any good in my particular deck, so far deliberating and playing a bunch of matches, this is what I've changed the deck too, for now.

    Also, I’m missing two cards, and would like Input on what too replace them with, I was thinking a 1-1 line of Blastdoise D, as too negate the disadvantage of being weak too fire, thoughts?

    Deck Name: Death Metal
    Card Total: 60
    Type(s): Metal

    Pokemon: 19
    4 Magnemite (DP)
    3 Chingling (DP: MT)
    3 Shieldon (DP: MT)
    2 Magneton (DP)
    2 Chimecho (DP: MT)
    2 Magnezone (DP)
    2 Bastiodon (DP: MT)
    1 Magneton (EX: PK)

    Trainer: 8
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Armor Fossil

    Supporter: 13
    3 Bills Mainenance
    3 Fossil Excavator
    2 Professor Rowan
    2 Steven's Advice
    2 Bebe's Search
    1 TV Reporter

    Energy: 18
    14 Metal Energy
    4 Special Metal Energy

    Ok, if you count the deck up, its only 58 cards, since I'm debating on what should be in those last two slots, any suggestions on those two?

    Deck pieces:
    4 Magnemite (DP): If there is a better Magnemite out there, I’d gladly play it, but since it’s the only one that I’ve found that’s good, it stays. That said, its not a bad card overall, if you can get his first attack off, on turn one, your pretty golden, since if they fail the attack flip, you have an almost guaranteed KO next turn, since he deals 40 along with the 30 the opposing Pokemon deal too itself. I like that

    3 Chingling (DP: MT): I’m gonna need something cleared up for me, when attacked, the opposing Pokemon doesn’t flip a coin too see if it hits, correct? If so, then that’s a boo, but this Pokemon is still really really good, since it gets you any supporter you want from your deck, which is really needed in this deck, since it runs so many different ones.

    3 Shieldon (DP: MT): At 80 HP, he’s a standard Stage 1 Evolution Pokemon, health wise, but he has some amazing attacks on him. Hard Face is really good when facing down something with a DRE on it, since that decreases damage, and if you have a metal energy on him, he just gets better, since the special metal reduces damage dealt too. His second attack, Shield Bash, has the potential too deal 60, but it deals a solid 40 no matter what. For a Stage 1, I think it good, but you guys can tell me differently.

    2 Magneton (DP): This card is sub par, and I know it, but since it’s the only other Magneton that’s legal, I’ll run it. That said, Magnetic Ray has the power too really screw around with an opponents bench, and it seems too be an ok attack.

    2 Chimecho (DP: MT): This card is absolutely amazing, 70 HP for a basic Pokemon is far above the average when I was last playing. He has a weakness that isn’t played at all in my metagame, so I don’t need to worry about that. His first attack, Call In, is the best thing I’ve seen on a basic in a long time, it basically reads: Draw 3 cards. The reason I read it like that, is because I wont be playing him on his own, but rather baby evolving him from Chingling, and first 1, that’s pretty good.

    2 Magnezone (DP): This is one of the two main lines in this deck, and he brings home the bacon, he’s a house. As soon as he’s ready too go, he deals 80, because of his attacks special effect. 80 damage without a hitch isn’t bad, and it only gets better if you hook him up with more. For damage too cost ratio, that seems really good. The main reason I run him though, is for his Poke-Body. Aptly called Magnetize, it is pretty darn good, since it allows my Pokemon too retreat for free. Something that most decks have too use Warp Points/Switches too do.

    2 Bastiodon (DP: MT): Ahh, the whole reason for this decks existence. He’s one who shores up most of the really bad Pokemon attacks, negating the powers of some of the best attacks (Lucario/Cranidos, I’m looking at you), since his Poke-Body is Protective wall, and it makes your bench immune too attacks, and that’s some good. He’s no slouch when it comes too attacking also; since he deals 60 damage solidly, and can deal 40 too benched Pokemon. Overall, he’s the reason I built this deck.

    1 Magneton (EX: PK): This is a recent Inclusion, and has served me will with his Magnetic Field Poke-Power. It retrieves energies from my discard pile at the cost of a useless card. I found that before I had him, I was running short of my energies late game, since they were spread out over a bunch of Pokemon. Now that I have him, I’m not having energy problems at all.

    4 Rare Candy (EX: HP): This card, after testing, is absolutely freaking amazing. I forgot just how good Pokemon Breeder was when I was playing in the tourney scene, and this card is as good as it, if not better. Nothing else is needed too say, just that this card is very good.
    Rare Candy

    4 Armor Fossil (DP: MT): The starting point of the Bastiodon line. That said, its marginally good on its own, if you can ever manage too reduce the damage with the flips. (WHICH I FLIPPIN CAN’T)
    Armor Fossil

    3 Bill’s Maintenance (EX: CG): This supporter is so good; it’s not even funny. It’s basically a Bill from the Base Set, and if you know me, I loves me some free card draw, beautiful, nothing more.
    Bill’s Maintenance

    3 Fossil Excavator (DP: MT): Fossil Excavator is essentially Armor Fossil’s 5-7, since it’s a tutor for it. The reason I say that is because this card serves no other purpose than too tutor up an Armor Fossil, so its an apt consideration for it.
    Fossil Excavator

    2 Bebe’s Search (DP: MT): If I had Celio’s Network, I’d be running it, but since I don’t I’m running Bebe’s Search instead, since it does the same thing, only with a small cost attached too it. Now, that being said, tutoring up a Pokemon is good, and I wont deny running this card.
    Bebe’s Search

    2 Steven’s Advice (EX: PK): Steven’s Advice will eventually be removed for either more TV Reporter’s or Scott/Castaway. That being said, each time I’ve played Steven’s Advice, its netted me at least 1 card over what I spent too play it. I’ve had it get me up too 5 cards. So it’s not bad.
    Steven’s Advice

    2 Professor Rowan (DP): I totally don’t like this card, but, since it draws cards, for now it will stay.
    Professor Rowan

    1 TV Reporter (EX: DF): This card, like Bill’s Maintenance, draws 3 cards, netting you two, but unlike Bill’s Maintenance, you discard the card, not shuffle it back in, but that’s fine, since its still a net of 2 cards.
    TV Reporter

    Detailed Deck Analysis:

    Bastiodon.dec (or Death Metal.dec as it is known in the local meta) was designed by Gary Lawson (that’s me); too counter the mostly popular strategy in the Meta, sniping at the benched Pokemon. This strategy became so prevalent in my metagame that I even dropped my cheese unlimited deck since far too many people said I was being “unfair” with my “cheese strategy of removing our energy and preventing us from doing anything at all.” So I set out too prove that I can win with a deck that doesn’t remove energy at all. So, I started looking over the setlists that are legal in the modified format, I looked at all the popular decks, and discarded each of them after testing them for about 3 days straight. Now, I’ll be the first too admit that I didn’t test all the ideas, but I did test a majority, and every last one of them lost too being “benched” or whatever the term is.

    I set out too make a deck that would be virtually invincible against that kind of loss. The decklist you see up at the top of this is V.0.2.5 of the actual deck, it has some kinks in it, but it does what I want too, and it does it well. That’s not too say that there isn’t room for improvement, there is room for tons of improvement, heck Magnezone might not be right for this deck, something else maybe. I’ve been seeing more and more water decks pop up at my Meta, and am planning on tuning my deck accordingly.

    Main analysis:
    At its core, Death Metal.dec is a deck that protects the bench while having an expendable Pokemon in the battle zone while charging. The best start for this deck is either Chingling into Baby Evolution Chimecho, or just Chingling. The reason these two series of plays are considered best by me is because you don’t lose card advantage off of them, in fact, if you do you baby evolution into Chimecho, you don’t lose any card investment into that series, which is why I consider it the best of all the possible T1 attacks that this deck has. Typically, you want both an Armor Fossil and Magnemite on the bench on T1 also, since it lets you start too get your deck online as fast as possible.

    That brings me too my next point, being what your early game looks like. By turn 2, you should’ve set up shop and evolved at least 1 of your 2 main lines (be it by Rare Candy or just normally evolving too stage 1), this is most commonly done by searching out an evolution card from your deck with either Fossil Excavator (the Bastiodon line) or Bebe’s Search (the Magnezone line). Now, you may be wondering “How do you do that” well, normally you want a turn 1 Chingling, too search out one of those two, or a Chimecho, too draw 3, and hopefully Mise one off of your deck. Normally, if you don’t get the Chimecho start, you just hookup a Magnemite, cause that guy brings home the bacon, but, if you don’t have him, you put one on your Armor Fossil, and evolve too make sure you don’t lose.

    In the mid/late game, you generally want a fully charged Magnezone and Bastiodon, with two more Pokemon being charged at the same time. The way this deck wins is through abusing the free retreat effect of Magnezone, and the Bench Protecting Bastiodon, which makes sure you can have a new Pokemon out each turn, and that your Pokemon that have been hurt already don’t die while a new one is fighting.

    Empoleon: 50/50.
    This match really depends on who can get there stage one/two Pokemon online first, and your generally faster, since you have a full set of rare candy’s and ways too find your evolutions, and your main lines too. Generally you want too start with Chingling/Chimecho too regain lost CA on your turn. Then you begin your evolving time, in which they set up Prinplups too try and bench you, but if you can get either of your large Pokemon online, you’ve pretty much won, since they work more slowly than you do.

    This section will be added too once large testing results come in. Stay Tuned.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2007
  2. larllt

    larllt New Member

    Pokemon: 22
    3-2-3 magnezone (ton pk)
    3-1 chime
    3-2-3 bastiodon
    1-0-1 blasty d

    4 Rare Candy
    4 tvr
    3 Fossil Excavator
    2 Professor Rowan
    3 castaway
    4 celio's
    3 windstorm
    1 strength charm

    Energy: 14
    10 Metal Energy
    4 Special Metal Energy
  3. samurai_soldier

    samurai_soldier New Member

    Large update first post, check it out!
  4. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    In all seriousness, would Potion perhaps be a good idea? Perhaps my Bastiodon builds have been odd, but I've always felt it frustrating to play against something such as Blissey or Kricketune who can deal decent damage to Bastiodon and two shot it (even with Special Metals attached). Certainly only Infernape can get the 1 shot kill, but 2 shots kills can be DEVASTATING against you considering how many special metals it usually takes up.

    [del]Technically, since you play a card and either shuffle a card back into the deck or discard it, aren't both TV Reporter and Bill's Maintenance both a net gain of 1 card?[/del] *SHOT for mathematics abuse*

    Definately play only Magneton PK over the DP one, as you should not ever have anything beyond Bastiodon active. With use of that, TV Reporter has almost no disadvantages over Bill's Maintenance due to you being able to retrieve energy cards.

    Due to Battle Frontier and Cessation Crystal BOTH working to counter your bench protection power (and free retreat power), Windstorm is a must.

    And finally... Though this DOES lower your consistancy, I've been intrigued by a 2-1-2 line of Swampert EX (CG) being able to return even special metal energy cards from the discard, and it sort of covers your Infernape Weakness AND spreads damage. Even the turn of no attack is not too bad, as it gives your opponent a chance to attack you (...What an oxymoron :/) and thus trigger Anger Revenge. Maybe. If you could find a way to fit the pokemon in.
  5. samurai_soldier

    samurai_soldier New Member

    Rai: I currently have 2 Windstorm worked into the deck over the Blastdoise D line, and my meta isn't know for Cessation Crystal and or Battle Frontier, so it might be a permenant change, or could be thrown out if I find out my meta wont be using Cessation Crystal.

    Your swampert Idea can be wholly replaced by a single Mew Star, which is what I've been thinking about, but I have some questions about his first attack, would I need the Fire Energies too do it? Or just two energies?

    Also, with the Kricetune/Blissey decks, I keep cycling pokemon out, so that I don't as much damage out of a single attack. I've found I've had little issue with those decks.
  6. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Mew*? You mean to copy Infernape's Flare Blitz?

    To use an attack with Mimicry, you have to cover the energy cost (Which means you'd have to somehow have 2 fire energy on Mew*. This could be 2 delta rainbows or a Holon's Castform, but you still have to properly pay for the energy cost)

    And about Kricketune and Blissey: If switching ~4 attackers works well for you, then go for it. I just don't know how well you recover from surprisingly high amounts of damage, and there certainly are decks out there that will take advantage of being behind (Electivire comes to mind, as he can do 120 out of nowhere and render a Bastiodon either knockout next turn, or condemn the poor Triceratops to bench warming if you have little ways to recover from such an attack)
  7. samurai_soldier

    samurai_soldier New Member

    I didn't about the Electivire, if it comes up, wow, I'd be screwed, but, could you suggest a pkmn line including the Swampert line?
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