Deciding who goes first...options and priveleges.

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by bulbasnore, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Hi MTs,

    It has been explained to by some experts that Pokemon-e goes like this for set up:

    1. Flip
    2. Flip winner draws, looks at hand, and chooses if they'll go first or second.

    But the basic rules say:

    Flip a coin to decide who goes first. You can use your special Pokémon coin, if you have one.
    Shuffle your deck and draw a starting hand of seven cards. Put the rest of your deck face down in front of you.
    You and your opponent each choose a Basic Pokémon card from your hands and put them face down. These will be your starting Active Pokémon.

    This seems counter to the expert opinion above, namely, decide who goes first, then draw, not decide who won the flip, draw, then decide who goes first. Can't find anything in the Expert rules to settle this difference.

    Is it: Flip, winner draws, decides who goes first?
    Is it: Flip, winner decides who goes first, then draw??
    Is it: Flip, winner goes first, then draw???

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