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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by nekorion, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. nekorion

    nekorion New Member

    Pokemon Total = 18
    Pokemon Basics = 13
    4 - Corsola (SW)
    2 - Stantler (SW)
    2/2 - Porygon2 (GE) *
    3/3 - Houndoom (GE) *
    2 Sableye (Ex Holon Phantoms) *

    4 - Scott
    2 - Crystal Beach
    4 - Celio's Network
    4 - Castaway
    4 - Cessation Crystal
    4 - Team Galatic's Mars *
    4 - Team Galatic's Wager *
    2 - Fluffy Berry

    4 - Special Dark Energy
    9 - Dark Energy

    I asterik'd the main cards behind the point of this deck, and its pretty much theory craft until I actually have the cards to pull this off. I'm not one for a normal deck, so I'd wager this is pretty different from what most are used to. Also, Just out of ease sake, sableye is just a crappier houndoom.

    The idea with this is fairly simple, hopefully pull out a corsola, so it can search a stantler, a porygon and houndour.
    Retreat corsola so stantler can work its magic and pull a scott. From then on its a matter of evolving porygon into porygon 2 using the vast wealth of supporters, and general finding cards to get the galatic's wager.

    The second wagers come into play, you use porygon2 to abuse it until they lose. Then they'll have a hand of 3 cards. From then on houndoom and galatic mars go into play keeping the oppents hand at a rediculous one or two card a turn, until it becomes simply only topdrawing for them.

    I know adjustments can be made and I'd like any thoughts on how it could be improved. I'd also like to be told if any of this is illegal or anything.

    It's a "just for fun" deck if anything really.

    (btw first post after my own "hi im new post". Don't chew me out too badly guys :D)
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