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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by taberlong, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    Okay so I just recently started back so this is my first attempt at making a "decent" deck lol

    2xShaymin lv. X
    Total 24

    4xTeam Rocket's Trickery
    4xBebe's Research
    3xPokemon Collector
    3xExpert Belt
    3xInterviewer's Questions
    2xEnergy Exchanger
    3xPokemon Communication
    Total 22

    4xDarkness Energy
    8xGrass Energy
    2xRescue Energy
    Total 14

    Leafeon-for quick low energy damage
    Umbreon-blocks attacks and effects from any pokemon with pokebodies/pokepowers
    Shaymin-does 10 damage and heals self so good for starter pokemon that wont be easy prize
    Shaymin lv x-increases all grass pokemon hp by 40 which helps keep pokemon active longer
    Combee-allows me to draw a card also needed for vespiquen
    Vespiquen-prevents bench sniping
    Jirachi-starter and also poke decent pokepower/ability
    Uxie-usual reasons lol

    Team rockets trickery-draw cards and force discard
    Bebe's research-can get evolved/lv x pokemon
    Pokemon collector-get basic pokemon
    Expert belt-increase damage and hp
    Interviewers question-get energy
    Energy exchanger-exchange basic energy to get special energy
    Pokemon Communication-can get evolved/lv x pokemon

    Darkness energy-to increase damage for umbreon
    Grass energy-typical reasons :p
    Rescue energy-typical reasons :p

    Again this is my first time making a deck so could use any advice :) if you think I could use different trainers/pokemon that would improve the deck let me know :D I had this set up mostly with keeping bench sniping to a minimal, increasing health and getting quick damage in with leafeon or preventing effects/damage if umbreon was set up first.
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