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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by NoTime4LoveDrJ, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. NoTime4LoveDrJ

    NoTime4LoveDrJ New Member

    Hello, I'm new, obviously. I just wanted to know if anyone could help with suggestions on what to do to these decks. Without further ado...

    Pokemon ~ 18

    2x Aron (RS, Teary Eyes)
    1x Aron (RS, Gnaw)
    3x Lairon (SS)
    2x Aggron ex (SS)
    1x Aggron (RS)
    1x Mewtwo ex (RS)
    4x Cleffa (NG, I'm sure you're all familiar with it :))
    2x Eevee (Promo, Chain Reaction)
    2x Espeon (E2)

    Energy ~ 20

    4x Metal Energy (NG)
    4x Rainbow Energy (TR)
    4x Double Colorless Energy (BS)
    4x Psychic energy
    2x Full Heal Energy (TR)
    2x Warp Energy (E2)

    Trainers ~ 22

    4x Professor Elm (NG)
    4x Item Finder (BS)
    4x Computer Search (BS)
    4x Gust Of Wind (BS)
    4x Strength Charm (E1)
    2x Pokemon Fan Club (E2)

    Aggron ex is a monster, plain and simple. Strength Charms and Metal Surge make him a baby killer for all those benched Cleffas and Tyrogues out there. Metal Surge also complements Espeon's Damage Blast attack. Espeon's power makes for a perpetual Full Heal, Warp or any other "come into play" energy. Solid set of trainers, which is pretty consistent with all of my decks, as you shall see with the next one I post. Looking over this right now, I already see the stupidity of doing two Full Heals and two Warps, when I could just as easily use four Warps, if anything, since I almost always have a Cleffa benched. Espeon's power has me seriously considering Potion Energy. (Yes, I realize that everyone reading this just laughed,,,) But hey, the healing adds up if you do it every turn. I dunno. Suggestions are appreciated.

    On to the next one...

    Pokemon ~ 19

    3x Torchic (RS, Fireworks)
    3x Combusken (RS, Flare)
    2x Blaziken (RS, Firestarter)
    1x Blaziken (RS, Clutch)
    3x Skitty (RS, Minor Errand-Running)
    3x Delcatty (RS, Energy Draw)
    4x Cleffa (NG)

    Energy ~ 14

    14x Fire Energy

    Trainers ~ 27

    4x Professor Elm (NG)
    4x Item Finder (BS)
    4x Gust Of Wind (BS)
    4x Switch (BS)
    4x Oracle (E3)
    2x Pokemon Fan Club (E2)
    2x Strength Charm (E1)
    2x Computer Search (BS)
    1x Fisherman (E3)

    This deck is so consistent in its victories, if played correctly. Everyone knows this deck, I can see, however I have yet to see anyone toss in a Strength Charm for Fire Stream. More bench damage, plus it's usually unanticipated. I'm trying to think of what to take out for two more Strength Charms, but I don't know what. Oracle & Energy Draw is awesome, as if you didn't know.

    But, in closing, I'd love to see some suggestions on what to do with these things... So far, they've worked extremely well, and still I know they can be better. Any input, positive or negative, is appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Just an FYI,Strength Charm doesn`t add damage done to benched Pokemon.Just the defending Pokemon(and self damage too).

  3. NoTime4LoveDrJ

    NoTime4LoveDrJ New Member

    "Whenever the Pokemon Strength Charm is attached to damages a Pokemon, the attack does ten more damage."

    So bench damage is doing damage to a Pokemon, and Strength Charm, unlike PlusPower, does not specify the Defending Pokemon. I fail to see how this doesn't work.
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    A literal reading would yield that conclusion, but unfortunately, one of the rules of the game is that nothing increases bench damage.

    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Yes I know I learned that and I was also disheartened
    "When you thing your past everything watch out the shadows still leark"
  6. NoTime4LoveDrJ

    NoTime4LoveDrJ New Member

    There's a vicious circle of contradictions within this game, and it's really annoying. There's no consistency to it, and it's even worse to imagine someone of the age this game was designed for trying to grasp these concepts.

    When did they drop the policy of playing a card as it reads? That's how everyone around here handles it.
  7. Captain Obviousx1

    Captain Obviousx1 New Member

    Pokemon has to be the only game that doesn't follow the "golden rule", which is that whenever a card contradicts a rule, the card is always right...

    Anyway, I always like to play 4 of the main Basic in a deck...maybe space can be made. Also, two Evo chains is difficult to run, IMO. Plus, you're using E-on concepts in Unlimited, where they're usually slow. Good ideas, but they just seem much more useful in an E-on environment.
  8. NoTime4LoveDrJ

    NoTime4LoveDrJ New Member

    I prefer the space for trainers, and the spare Skitty/Delcatty usually end up as Item Finder/Computer Search fodder... Although I always get out all of the Blazikens. And I usually play slow decks, though this one is actually the fastest deck I've played. Nobody bothers with any format but Unlimited where we play, so tweaking the deck for Modified is unnecessary. The only tournament I've attended was the Orlando Sandstorm Prerelease, and naturally that didn't involve this deck. :)

    Without a doubt, though, I'll replace the non holo Blaziken with the ex when it comes out here.
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