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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by ranmasaotomes, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    Ok, for anyone out there who would like to fix my deck. Here it is.

    Unlimited format... (Actually used in an unlimited tournament)

    2 X Base Charizard
    4 X Base Charmeleon
    4 X Neo Genesis Elekid
    2 X Expedition Charmander (Tail Wrap)
    2 X Expedition Charmander (Gnaw)
    2 X Expedition Bulbasaur (40 HP Version)
    2 X Expedition Ivysaur
    2 X Expedition Venusaur (Pokemon Power)

    3 X Base Computer Search
    3 X Expedition Copycat
    4 X Expedition Elms Training Method
    2 X Expedition Moo Moo Milk
    2 X Expedition Energy Search
    4 X Aquaopolis Boost Energy
    4 X Aquaopolis Rainbow Energy
    3 X Aquaopolis Pokemon Fan Club
    3 X Aquaopolus Memory Berry
    3 X Skyridge Oracle

    7 Fire Energy
    2 Grass Energy

    The main idea is to get Venusaur on the bench as quickly as possible in order to charge up my active pokemon by putting 2 energies on it at a time. The elekids are for stalling and I try and get the base charizard as my active pokemon as soon as possible. This way I can put an energy card on Charizard and a Boost energy card in one turn to have Base Charizard, fully charged in one turn.
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  2. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    I keep coming up with only 58 cards. Add 2 EcoGyms as your final 2 cards (Unlimited is ER/SER heavy (or at least it should be)).
  3. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    Oops. My Bad. I have edited my first message and put in the 2 Grass energies that are in the deck at present.

    Sorry Guys.

    I thought I copied it correctly. :p
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    It's an interesting deck idea, but the thing is that you have two different Stage 2 lines in a format where few people play Stage 2's at all. That spells trouble, even though these guys do have good synergy. There is a link in my signature to an article I posted here which may help. I encourage you to take a look. Also, I would ask that, next time, you list Special Energies with your Energy cards, instead of your Trainer cards. This is just to make it easier to see how many of each card type you have, since Special Energy cards are not Trainers. Actually, with a few edits, this could easily become a good E-on deck.

    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Use recycle energy and get rid of boost or else you will have to get rid of all your energy for it say dicard two energy cards
  6. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    Recycle energy? Doesn't that only provide one energy? Usually Charizard (Even base Charizard) uses 4 energy. The boost is in there to quickly give energy to charizard.
  7. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    The recycle is meant for you to firespin every turn. If you can get two on, well it's going to look painful. The problem is that this is an incredibly hard combo to set up. Trust me I tried it once. For tournament play, it's too slow
  8. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    Thinking of ditching the Venusaur for Light Dragonite. Maybe use the new rare candy so that I can level it up quicker and also using Light Draginites Pokemon power so that Boost never comes off. :p
  9. Umbreonking

    Umbreonking New Member

    I would try playing pokemon breeders to get out venusaur fatser so you can attach more energies so you can attack faster.Also try playing recycle energies so you can attach two of those every turn and wont have to discard anything
  10. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    Fair enough, *I see where people are going as base charizard only needs to discard 2 energy cards* Fro what I have heard, Rare Cany has the same function as the old Pokemon Breeder. I havn't read the cards (We havn't got them yet) But i'll see what happens. I would prefer not to use the breeder card as they were of so used in the old boring Blastoise deck.
  11. Epyon

    Epyon New Member

    I'm a friend of this guy and I'll tell you this, it could beet the pants off alot of good decks out there. About the only thing it couldn't beet is a Base Blastoise deck. It may not seem to do very well with what it has in it but believe you me I've been beaten by this deck many times over and my deck is no pushover.
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