Deck Spotlight: SABELOCK - what is it?

Discussion in 'Guru Deck Challenge & Strategy Topic Discussions' started by Rogue Archetype, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    Haunter_FanBoy & Darkmot

    Discuss the cards. Do not discuss each other. You're killing the thread with the arguments.

    Teach us HOW you play the deck YOUR way. Other guys accept that's HIS way and explain YOUR way.

    Then, at that point, we have two good options to try out.

    It's not a matter of who's deck is better.

    Respect... then... discuss.


    Focus on explaining the deck and let's just FORGET about arguing about what decks it can and cannot defeat. *sigh*
  2. Darkmot

    Darkmot Active Member

    That's very true.
    And it is alittle bit harder, but not much...
    @ R_A: Ok, will do that....
  3. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    This thread is SO derailed. I can't delete enough posts to get it back on track.

    This is so rediculous :mad:
  4. Haunter_FanBoy

    Haunter_FanBoy New Member

    Gyarados has soooo many 'outs' off the lock. How are you going to disrupt AND kill Sableye at the start of the game? How are you going to grab prizes when Gyarados is up and running? Gdos has like a 60-40 IN FAVOR OF GDOS matchup. The same for LuxChomp 60-40 for LuxChomp.

    Darkmot, we could do a testing sesion of 20 games over Redshark and decide this once and for all. Gdos or LuxChomp, pick one to play against.
  5. Darkmot

    Darkmot Active Member

    That's the problem with the Pokegym, there will always be something like this....
    Just don't delete them, the people deserve to see what's going on.
  6. jjkkl

    jjkkl Front Page Article Editor

    o hai darkness restore
  7. jumpluff82

    jumpluff82 New Member

    Gyarados is a bad matchup for Sablelock, but I think that Gyarados will be played MUCH less now that Lost World is coming out...
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    SMART Gyarados players will fill up the bench and prevent Darkness Restore from happening.
  9. Darkmot

    Darkmot Active Member

    Read the MU in my article, then you'll understand it....

    I don't have the time for something like that, there are better thing sto do....
    Anyways my results are based out off much playtesting and really good Tournament results, so why should I do that all again?!
  10. Haunter_FanBoy

    Haunter_FanBoy New Member

    People deserve the truth after all.
  11. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    We were SUPPOSED to be discussion the deck and HOW it WORKS. Not whether or not it can beat a particular deck.
    That should've been a mere mention - not a 2 page focused discussion.
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