Delcatty Mania(Unlimited)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by surfingpika, Jan 1, 2004.

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  1. surfingpika

    surfingpika New Member

    This is just a little fun deck I made up after seeing the uncommon Delcatty.
    Energies x15
    water x8
    psychic x7

    Pokemon x22
    Skitty (R/S #70) x2
    Skitty (R/S #71) x1
    Delcatty (R/S #29) x2
    Pichu (Promo #35) x1
    Tyrogue (Smash Punch attack) x1
    Magby (Sputter) x1
    Azurill x2
    Marril (Sandstorm Free Retreat) x2
    Staryu (Tackle/Bubblebeam) x1
    Staryu (base) x1
    Starmie (Confuse Ray/Core Stream) x1
    Eevee (Rocket) x1
    Eevee (AQ) x1
    Vaporeon (skyridge) x1
    Porygon (AQ) x1
    Tentacool (fossil) x2
    Tentacruel (Southern Islands) x1

    Trainers x23
    ER x4
    SER x1
    ER2 x2
    Pokeball x2
    NGR x1
    Recycle x3
    Trash Exchange x2
    Gambler x1
    Sabrina's Gaze x1
    Gust of Wind x2
    Energy Restore x1
    Item Finder x1
    Lady Outing x1
    Prof. birch x1

    The simple idea of this deck is to build up a Delcatty to unleash an overpowering Cannonball. I know that this deck needs DCE or Boost Energy, but I don't have either of those. I put in the Starmie and Tentacruel as support once I need to get Delcatty back in my deck with one of my Trash Excahnges. I've included multiple ER, so I have more time to get Delcatty together. I'm only using ER2, because I only have the one SER. Azurill and Porygon are there to help along the trainer control, and once I have that, I can evolve Azurill into Marril to cause even more chaos. I know that this deck needs help, and that's why I put it here.
  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    I would use SS Delcatty. Does basically 10 less damge from your side, but adds 10 damage for each energy on opponent, so it will generally do more damage anyways....
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