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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by casautter, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. casautter

    casautter New Member

    This is a deck that I made up for a local tournament.
    Name Set # in deck
    Golduck Holon Phantom 2
    Psyduck Secret Wonders 3
    Shelgon Dragon Frontiers 4
    Bagon Dragon Frontiers 4
    Charmeleon POP 5 3
    Charmander POP 5 4
    Stantler Secret Wonders 2

    Trainers Supporters Stadiums and Tools
    Mr. Stone's Project Dragon Frontiers 3
    Quick Ball Secret Wonders 1
    TV Reporter Dragon Frontiers 3
    Celio's Network Crystal Guardians 2
    Copycat Dragon Frontiers 3
    Holon Mentor Dragon Frontiers 3
    Buffer Piece Dragon Frontiers 2
    Holon Legacy Dragon Frontiers 2

    Electric 9
    Water 10

    The strategy is use either Charmeleon or Shelgon as main and to use Golduck when I think I can possibly get my opponent holding some trainer cards. Do any of you out there have a suggestions on how I can make this run better. There is one rule that needs to be brought forth about this deck.
    No rares allowed unless it was remade as a common or uncommon. So as an example Charizrd would not be ok, but the special darkness energy would be ok. Thanks for all your help
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