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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Pajamas, Jun 5, 2008.

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    I was skimming through these scans from Japan's DP5, which will presumably be our Legends Awakened, and noticed something interesting. On all of the Deoxys cards, there is some smaller text next to the name that I can only assume says Normal Form, Attack Form, etc. This is not something that we've seen on previous Deoxys cards. Similar to the rulings on Shellos/Gastrodon and Burmy/Wormadam, I expect that you'll be allowed to run four copies of each form in a deck, making it a much more reasonable proposition than in past sets to play a deck focused on Deoxys. Being able to switch back and forth between Attack and Defense form seems like a formidable strategy, and being able to pull out Normal for a big hit, or Speed for sniping or free retreat are useful little tricks. Other than the obvious problems with the 2x psychic weakness and the autoloss to Mewtwo Lv.X, is a deck with 16 Deoxys potentially viable? What else would go in that deck to make it competitive? Doing a deck search on every single turn is likely to take forever, so I'd think you could win a lot of Swiss rounds on time if you could guarantee yourself an early lead on prizes. Seems like a fun deck to play, if nothing else.
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    ...Good point, it DOES seem like Normal Form and the like are part of the name. Exact same style as the Shelloses and the like, so yes, I'd think 16 Deoxys (new ones only, of course) is legal.

    Feasible though... It seems so easy to counter, that I'd be scared to run a deck with only Deoxys. I wouldn't touch Attack form for instance, since Normal Form racks up damage with less energy (and with Tentacruel and the like, isn't hard to use except against Beedrill, which already beats you). Defence Form's attack takes too much energy, especially compared to VASTLY superior blocking skills of cards like Meganium d. If the guard thing took less energy to use, or blocked more then 20 damage (30 would have been right around perfect, as that stops Empoleon from Dual Splashing it), then it might be okay, but.... Meh.
    I could definately see even 2 Deoxys Normal and 2 Deoxys Speed teched into decks to give a boost against Blissey, Leafeon, and Magmortar decks. Maybe we won't even need the ability to have 4 of each. Hm.

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