Deoxys problems.....from Emerald to XD

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by tyranitar42, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. tyranitar42

    tyranitar42 New Member

    Hi guys, I traded over my mew and my deoxys speed forme from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon XD. I couldn't help but notice Deoxys changed to Normal forme, and lost about 50 or 60 points in Defense and Special Defense!! He's only at level 69, but his stats should be alot higher than that on those attributes!!! Did I do something wrong? Any helpful hints? Mew had no problem at all.

    In case anyone is wondering, I don't have a Wii or DS yet, otherwise, all my choice pokies woulda went in there.

    Anyway, any clues and help would be much appreciated! Thanx in advance. :)
  2. AwesomeLatios

    AwesomeLatios New Member

    Its defenses dropped because it changed to normal form, that's all. Normal has lower base defenses than speed.
  3. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    Deoxys is in Speed in Emerald, Attack in Fire Red, Defence in Leaf Green, and Normal in Ruby, Saphire, Colosseum and XD.
  4. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Yeah, that sums it up. While on GBA or GC Deoxys's form changes along with it's stats.

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