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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Professor Sycamore, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Professor Sycamore

    Professor Sycamore Active Member

    The people that now from the north texas battle roads and city championships knows me as the big guy that runs with Magnezone. Also, as the guy that is know as the "Texas's largest player" (LOL). I decided not to run Magnezone because it was running clunky and Magmartor was running around like it was going out of style. So at Midnight the night before, I made the Pidgeot/Lucario deck A.K.A 'The Griffin.'

    Round 1 Me vs Will B. (Banette Varient with latilock and Gorybass)
    This was a crazy ending. I had 1 prize left and Will had 2 left. My lucario had a DRE and C. Crystal which was active with 3 pidgeots who are able to attack on the bench. He had a Latios EX with 40HP remaining and a couple of gorybasses on the bench. He played Energy Removal 2 and got rid of the DRE. My turn started and I knew that I was out of energies in my deck. I drew a night maintence and played it for 3 fighting. I then play Rosannes to get them and retreat my lucario for a Pidegot and attacked with Whirlwind FTW.


    Round 2 Me vs David...? I forgot his last name. (Darkai/Hunchkrow/Shiftry DP)
    I had the game under controll from the start due to the fact that I had C. Crystal and he couldn't get any energy and weakness was on my side.


    Round 3 Me vs Matt (old friend from the old days of pokemon.) (Magmartor)
    this match wasn't even funny. I got over ran by magmartor (Runs in fear). It was so bad I had to scoop so we didn't waste each other's time.


    Lunch Time. I am mad at my friends for leaving me and going to Taco Bell. But they brought me back something so I forgave them.

    Round 4 Me vs Donovan S. AKA Professor Sunshine. lol (local Professor) (Darkrai/Shifty ex)
    Two Words: CESSATION CRYSTAL! He was shut down the entire match as Lucario and Pidgeot picked him apart.


    Round 5 Me vs Cory D. (Gardelade)
    It was a good game. Or it would have been if my Cessation Crystal and Castaways decided to show up. Over came by the garde tech :frown:


    Round 6 Me vs ???? sorry about not remembering. (Inferape)
    It was a one sided game due to the fact that he had a bad start and I had a good one.


    Round 7 Me vs Devondrick J. (Teammate)(Magmartor)
    I was hoping that I didn't have to play my teammate but I did and it was a long one as usual. This was the game that rose the question about Pidgeot's mirror move and being hit on the bench (Read ask the master so see the question)We where close but I had control until He got rid of my last C. Crystal and he took control as it remained close. the game ended when he attacked my Pidgeot with Magmartor lvx's 100 damage sniper. I called out Pidgeot and did Mirror Move to knock out Magmartor and he got his level X back and finished My Pidgeot for the last prize.


    I didn't make top cut, but I still think that I did well. I still haven't posted a losing record in Premier events. which is a good thing for it being my first season with my own deck building skills. (Last season I was borrowing decks.)

    Judges- really impressed on how organized it was as it being it was a lot of people and a smaller than desired area.
    Tom (Store Owner)- For making enough room for the tourney
    Teammates(The Wolfpack)- Wanye F., Devondrick J, Jarvis L., and Desmond E.
    Local people I know- Great conversations
    New People- Always great to meet new people.

    Getting left for lunch
    Not top cutting
    not having teammates top cut

    Overall It was a great experience. If I can get a ride to Regionals I would gladly take it.
    I also want people's opinion on the Griffin Deck. I showed plenty of people.
  2. Lets play Stump the Judge. tick.tick.tick. bing. I'll allow it . Good Call.
    The Judges here are great. Gotta give them the props.
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  3. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    lol i remember that wayne and desmond driving off to taco bell lol
    but gj
  4. Professor Sycamore

    Professor Sycamore Active Member

    yeah but they brought me back something so I wasn't mad anymore.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Yeah, I fell that my question is legit when two judges are needed to answer the question. But they did an excellent job on it. Thanks Judges!
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  5. GUERO51

    GUERO51 New Member

    Take the C.C. out and play Pidgeot Delta with holon energy. This will free up 2-3 cards.
  6. Professor Sycamore

    Professor Sycamore Active Member

    yeah I remember that you told me that. I will see if I can do that and how it works.

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