Detailed $200.00 Tourney report - includes Decklists

Discussion in 'Archive' started by meganium45, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    This is a detailed tourney report from the 2nd annual $200.00 cash tourney held at Dragon King in St. Peters, Missouri. In my mind, this is the first major sanctioned event with so much at stake.

    Turnout was good, and at 12:30 we were ready to go with over 12 of the best players in the Midwest vying for the top prize of $200.00. This was an intimidating event, with a $20.00 entry fee, and no guaranty of any prize, except to the top 3 (note 100% of the entry fee was given out in cash prizes!), what was even more impressive is that there were 3 10 and under players braving this field.

    Format was 4 rounds swiss, and cut to a top 8, for a single elimination tourney….

    After the Swiss Rounds, the following players were left standing…

    1. Pat K. (4-0) 15+
    2. Scott H. 15+
    3. Mike H. 11-14
    4. Anthony E. 11-14
    5. Colin M. 15+
    6. Zakary K. 10-
    7. Andrew K. 10-
    8. Neil H. 15+

    This led into the single elimination tourney, which did not go as seeded. The 7 seed Andrew K. knocked off Scott H., and the 5th Seed Colin M. knocked off Anthony E.

    This left….

    1. Pat K. 5-0
    2. Colin M.
    3. Mike H.
    4. Andrew K.

    The semi-final deck lists are all posted at the bottom of this article.

    These semi-final rounds were 2 games out of 3, no time limit

    This round found Pat and Colin pitted against one another, with both decks going down to 1 prize each! Games swayed back and forth with the Power of Shenja versus the power of Aggron EX, Colin’s Victrebell’s controlling the board, and Wailord balancing on Pat’s side. Boost energy played a HUGE part in this game, leading to the eventual win for Pat. 2 decks that are new to the scene, and both played with power. Pat found himself the winner of both matches….after over 2 hours of play…

    In the other semi-final series, Andrew dispatched of Mike H., whose Gardy decks could not deal with the speed of Andrew’s Sneasel EX/Scizor combo, which killed everything on the field. Mike had his deck stall for the only two games I saw it stall all day, keeping him from getting the quick gardys out, and having him at the mercy of Andrew, whose Sneasels would not stop bringing the heat.

    This set up the final match of the day, the winner to take $200.00, and the loser to take $40.00, still not a bad take.

    Andrew, 10- versus Pat, with his AggronEX beast. In both games, the sheer power of Aggron kept Andrew on his heels, and Pat dispatched of Andrew in 2 straight games, and took the top prize!

    All in all I would say the tourney was a screaming success! No big problems or difficult rulings, and all players played at the highest level.

    I have a feeling this could be seen as the coming out party for 2 decks that have been ignored to this point, and a rebirth of the good old fashioned haymaker!

    We all knew about Gardy walking in, he was no surprise. The surprise decks included Colin’s Shenja/Muk EX deck, proving once again that grass is not dead. The big deck story of the day was the Aggron EX! This was a deck that I had heard of, but had not paid much attention to, for I felt that it was too slow, too weak to fire, and too unstable. Pat K goes undefeated for the entire day…against the best in the Midwest.

    Without further ado, here are the 4 top decks of the day…..

    Deck – Gardevoir – creator, many, Trainer, Mike Hutson

    3 Eevee
    3 Espeon SS
    1 Wobbuffet SS
    4 Ralts
    3 Kirlia
    2 Gardevoir
    2 Gardevoir EX
    2 Switch
    2 Birch
    3 Moo-moo milk
    2 copycat
    3 TV reporter
    3 Potion
    1 Town Vol
    1 Pokemon Fan Club
    2 Rare Candy
    1 Masterball
    2 Prof Oaks Research
    2 Oracle
    2 Warp Point
    12 Psychic Energy
    4 Boost Energy

    Shedinja Nightmare – Creator Colin M., Trainer Colin M.

    4 Wurmple
    3 Bellsprout
    3 Weepin bell
    3 Victreebel AQ
    2 Grimer
    2 Muk EX
    3 Nincada
    3 Shedinja
    4 Prof Birch
    3 Oracle
    3 Elm’s Training Method
    3 Oak’s Research
    3 Oran Berry
    2 Low Pressure System
    2 Town Vol
    10 Grass Energy
    2 Rainbow Energy
    3 Warp Energy

    2nd Place Deck – Death on 2 legs, Creator Mega Murkrow, Trainer, Andrew K.

    3 Scyther
    2 Scizor AQ
    3 Carvanha
    2 Sharpedo
    2 Sentret
    2 Furret
    2 Sneasel EX
    2 Marrill
    1 Azurill
    3 Oracle
    1 Elm’s Training Method
    1 Town Vol
    2 Lanette’s Net Search
    2 Prof Birch
    2 Strength Charm
    3 Moo Moo Milk
    2 Potion
    3 Switch
    3 Copycat
    2 Energy Charge
    4 Metal
    4 Rainbow
    3 Dark
    2 Cyclone
    4 Water

    1st Place Dcck – Full Metal Aggron, Creator Pat K, Trainer Pat K.

    3 Aron
    3 Lairon SS
    2 Aggron EX
    3 Sentret
    2 Furret
    3 Wailmer R/S
    2 Wailord
    4 Prof Birch
    4 Prof Oak’s Research
    2 Desert Shaman
    4 Elms Training Method
    4 Oran berry
    3 Potion
    2 Power Charge
    3 Lanette’s Net Search
    4 Metal
    3 Boost
    1 Rainbow
    8 Water

    There it is, enjoy!
  2. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

    Very nice!

    I wish I could have been there with Blaziken/Rayquaza ex. ;)
  3. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Wish you could have been there too, would have been happy to see a more diverse group.

    Watch for my next event coming up. I am planning on trying to run a cash tourney as a part of my Gym Challenge Weekend, which will all be TBA.

    I hope to see you all there! You know I will be at your tourneys!

  4. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Ok. Yesterday was definitly one of the most fun Pokemon days I have had. Even though it did not have a large turnout, the people who were there were DEFINITLY the best the area had to offer.

    Here are the decks..
    4 gardevoir, 1 blaze eggs, 1 jumpluff/arcanine, 1 kingdra ex/scizor, 1 scizor/furret/sharpedo, 1 gengar, 1 random manectric deck, 1 raichu ex/arcanine, 1 Victreebel/Shedinja/Muk Ex, and 1 Aggron Ex/Wailord/Furret.

    None of the Gardevoir decks were straight Gardevoir, one played Azurmarril to get the energy in play, 1 played Absol to help against Weakness, one played SS Espeon to abuse Boost Energy in the deck even more, and one played Blaziken to get more energy into the field.

    I went 2-1-1 in the 4 Round Swiss. Here is my match by match thing.

    1st Round: Me(Colin) V.S. Mason with Blaze/Gardevoir
    I vaguely remember this match, but I got my Pokemon out before him and just gusted up any threats and killing them. This match didn't last long. Mason is a very good 10- player he won the SS Prereleasue and maybe the Dragon Prerelease if he had entered it. Hes also won 1 or 2 league tournaments which is a pretty hard thing to do.

    2nd Round: Me(Colin) V.S. Andrew K with Scizor/Furret/Sharpedo
    I think I had a slow start here and he got a quick one. But he kept piling energy on his Scizor but he failed to realize that the Metals would not stop Shedinja. So he began Snatching my Pokemon because he couldnt do anything else. Eventually there was damage on everything so he couldnt Snatch anything and I started to kill the Scizor with Shedinja. He eventually started powering up Marrils to try and kill the Shedinja but the Marrils couldnt take me out because i had 2 Warps in my hand to get around status. I gusted up a Sneasel Ex and KOed that, he was having an energy drought so he could not retreat. Then I KOed the Scizor, and he started powering up a Scyther that did 40 to evos, and I forgot that Shedinja was indeed an evo. He got 2 energy on it and i gusted it up to do 30 to it with Shedinja, but he retreated to the bench and started to attack with Marril again. I tryed to gust up Scyther with VBell( i had 2 in play now) but I couldnt do it for 2 turns. It is down to 1-1 in prizes currently and almost everyone is huddled around our game because time is almost up and all the other games are done. He gets 2 energy on the Scyther and its my turn, I have to gust up the Scyther or I lose because I have no energy on anything else except Shedinjas. So i flip to gust it up, first was a tails, then a Heads. So i gust it up for the last prize. Very Very good game this was. Andrew is a 7 year old who started playing when he was 4 i believe, he got top 100 at the FAT at gencon, 1st at an SBZ, and I'm sure hes won some local league tourneys.

    3rd Round: Me(Colin) V.S. Scott(Bigpoppabeatdown) with Jumpluff/Arcanine
    He gets a poor start while I get a pretty decent one, getting a Muk 2nd turn. I have him in the beginning but he knocks out my Muk and im left with not much except 2 Shedinjas, so the Shedinjas slow him down while I get more stuff up. I think i get up 2 VBell. I get a lot of damage on his Jumpluffs and I ko 2 Arcanines. I think we get down to 2-1 in prizes and almost everyone against is huddled around us and I have to start attacking with VBell. So i send it up and knock something out. Then he brings up his Growlithe, evolves to Arcanine and OHKOs my VBell for the last prize. Very good, nerve racking game.

    4th Round: Draw with Anthony
    We play a fun game and I win, he basically could not do anything to my Shedinjas and I gusted up all threats KOing them.

    So we take a few minutes break and top 8 is posted.

    1. Pat K. (4-0) 15+ Aggron Ex/Wailord/Furret
    2. Scott H. 15+ Arcanine/Jumpluff
    3. Mike H. 11-14 Gardevoir/Espeon
    4. Anthony E. 11-14 Gengar
    5. Colin M. 15+ Victreebel/Shedinja/Muk Ex
    6. Zakary K. 10- Raichu Ex/Arcanine
    7. Andrew K. 10- Scizor/Furret/Sharpedo
    8. Neil H. 15+ Blaze/Eggs

    So i play Anthony.

    He starts with Gastly and I with Wurmple. I get my basics and I eventually KO the gastly, he has drawn no basics in the 6 turns he had before Gastly died. He is a very good player, i believe restarting to play about a month ago. Already he has gotten top 4 in the 2 league tourneys, and gotten top 2 in one.

    The rest of the top 8 is like this
    Pat Beats Neil
    Andrew Beats Scott(very very close game, came down to a burn flip and it went in favor of Andrew)
    Mike Beats Zak

    So we decide not to split it like we did last time and to play it out. So I have to play pat(he is nikepk if you havent figured it out) So we both know each others decks. And I know this will be a tough game. Remember top 4 is 2 out of 3.

    1st Game:
    I get a Muk Ex 2nd turn against a Wailmer and i get some damge on it and he doesnt get anything for a couple of turns but he uses 5 healing cards on it to keep it a live. He eventually evolves to Wailord and kills me. I then bring up a Shedinja and kill his Wailord leaving him with nothing. 1st game of the other top 4 is over, Andrew wins. I vaguely remember the middle part of this game, he gets Aggron out and grabs 2 prizes, I kill his Aggron and so i have 2 prizes and he has 2. The 2nd game of the other top 4 match ended, Andrew wins. That only took 30 minutes and we still have a while to go. So people start watching our game. He seems to have nothing left, but he lands 2 heads on 2 Power Charges so he gets 2 Boost and 2 Metal back. And he starts to power up a Lairon. He eventually gets Aggron up and I know i cant win because he can get 3 prizes for Metal Surging against my bench. So i ko a furret and he KOs me. This game is much longer then it seems, I forgot most of it but this took an hour to play. This game was hard, but the next one was harder and even more close.

    2nd Game: I got first and Wurmple to get basics. He only has a wailmer again. I get Muk Ex again 2nd turn(very similar start to the first one) and basically the same thing happens. He kills muk after using 2 Boost, and I kill Wailord with Shedinja. He gets up an Aggron and grabs 1 prize or so but gets damage on everything. I KO the Aggron. So its like 3-3 in prizes. Now he has a Wailmer i have to deal with. He gets 20 damage on all of my Shedinjas and he has used all of his healing and so have I. So I eventually kill a Wailmer..i dont remember how but I did. And he killed a Shedinja. He gets an Aggron Ex up with 2 metals and boosts to metal surge he KOs a wurmple I think getting him down to 1 prize and i have 1 prize. Now I dont remember how this exactly happened but I will try my best. So he has used all of his Boosts but he still has Furret. He has played 1 power charge, so I gust up Furret and ko it in 2 turns. SOOO this is at like the 50 minute point for this game. I get like 100 damage on the Aggron. Then he plays Power Charge, this is definitly the flip of the game, he gets heads. So he puts 2 boost back in his deck, my deck is 6 cards and all grass energy and his is like 12 cards with i dunno what, but barely any energy. He then lays down a Sentret and birches for 4 cards or so. He gets the boost and kills my benched Victreebel with 80 damage on it to grab the last prize. Yes so after 2 hours he has won 2 times. But getting down to 1-1 in prizes both games. I am VERY pleased with my deck I thought i would totally crumble under his deck, but I definitly did not crumble.

    I am very suprised to see people who made top 8 and lost and people who did not play top 8 working on decks. ALL of them are working on decks. For the 2 hours that we have been playing they have been working on improving this deck. I thought they would be so disenchanted by losing that they would be tired of pokemon, but they weren't.

    SOO Top 2 match.
    1st Game: Pat(AggronEx/Wailord/Furret V.S. Scizor/Sharpedo/Furret/SneaselEx)
    Pat gets a Aggron Ex sorda quick, and clobbers Andrews stuff, this takes 10 minutes.

    2nd Game:
    Its a match between Sneasel Ex and Sentrets double scartch for like 6 turns because neither could get anything. Eventually Pat plays desert shaman and they each get some basics. I vaguely remember this but Pat gets up Aggron and kills everything. This also takes 10 minutes.

    So it was a quick top 2. Pat and I agreed that if one of us would get first that we would give $25 to the one of us who did not get first..we sorda knew that one of us would get first. So he gives me $25 and I split the $20 with Mike so i end up making a $15 profit ^_^.

    SO i go 3-3-1 in the tourney. And pat goes 9-0 in the tourney. My ranking goes down, so now im still first in the state but 10th globally for Constructed.

    Afterwards we do a Gym Heroes/Challenge Rochester draft, we have 2 pods of 6. We take 1 hour to draft and make decks. I got a 4-2 Misty's Starmie and some good basics. I first play Neil i win, 2nd i play Chad and lose. Then Pat and I go to the Chinesse place to get food. We come back and eat then play each other in 3rd round, he wins. So i got 1-2 in draft..My ranking goes down in draft still first in state but now 6th globally.

    SOOOOO Overall i had a great day and I think everyone else did too. I think I have proved that my Shedinja deck truly is good and I have made a fix to it so here is the deck currently..

    Pokemon: 22
    3x Bellsprout
    3x Weepingbell
    3x Victreebel
    3x Nincada
    2x Grimer(DR)
    2x Muk EX
    2x Exeggutor
    3x Shedinja
    3x Wurmple

    Trainers: 22
    4x Professor Birch
    3x Oracle
    3x Professor Oak’s Research
    3x Professor Elm’s Training Method
    4x Oran Berry
    2x Strength Charm
    2x Low Pressure System
    1x Town Volunteers

    Energy: 16
    3x Rainbow Energy
    3x Warp Energy
    10x Grass Energy

    I dropped a Wurmple for another Oran Berry, Oran Berry is sooo important to this deck. I may drop the Strength Charms, they aren't as important as I thought they were. But I will definitly still test with this.

    Thanks Vince, such a fun tourney as always.

  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    I have to bump this so PUSA can take a look!

  6. psycodad

    psycodad New Member

    Hey Vince
    Thanx for posting the results. It helps us all. BTW, Agron has won up here @ the shack more than once.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2004
  7. RainbowRichards

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    Megs - disregard my email if this is the same as what is posted at pojo (except that the other links don't work for me at all)...

  8. nikePK

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    Thanks for the tourney Vince, it was awesome. I'm looking forward to all the st. louis stuff coming up like City champs, next prerelease, and state. Its gonna be awesome!

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